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Shed some speed of light on the subject
Blah blah blah... You spent this entire post sidestepping any point, and instead developing an `argument' regarding my `agenda'. It would be entertaining to examine the quality of `evidence' that you use to decide what that is, and your competence to do so, but that would detract from the main objection to this irrationality. This is a skeptic echo. When you make a claim, you will be asked for evidence. Failure to produce such evidence will lead to your claim,

The original bet
There are two other problems Viewing whats passing outside so they knew where to stop, and, mor eimportant, stopping. Our `physics student' has solve the energy requirements by assuming a transmission system that will work over interstallar distances, but hasn't comented yet on the need for a set of brakes. The ship, even if one were to accept George's dodge of `from the point of view of the passengers', needs to accelerate and decelerate without smearing the passengers over

Altering people's text
No, his BBS feed does it. Not everyone is a node-listed sysop or a point, Fred. Terry

CAUS Newsflash re Vatican
No, Ivy. *You* are the one claiming they aren't UFOs Skeptics point out that there are UFO's, whereas you are claiming they are IFOs. It is dishonesty, intended or not, that attracts a lot of the flak you are experiencing. Terry

Sheppard and his actions
do I can imagine the response of your creditors when, after you had failed to pay a bill for some months, you declared the bill void as `the money has long gone'. I've got some bad news for you George *None* of your posts are `long gone'. The days of 10 Meg HD's and C64s are long gone. Terry

CAUS Newsflash re Vatican
Ivy Iverson wrote in a message to Terry Smith: Ivy Iverson wrote in a message to Richard Smith: What has that to do with *UFOs*? You are claiming that they *are* identified, so that makes them identified flying objects, or IFOs. FIne. What isn't acceptable is to claim that such suppositions have been proven, or to claim that such `proof' is being covered up by a vast international conspiracy (containing regimes that have, at times, been actively hostile to

The safest IUD's are those that provide a safe handle for the foetus to grab so it doesn't scratch on the way out. Oral contraceptive Works generally by mimicing the hormonal state of early pregnancy. Disadvantages slight increased risk of thrombosis [insignificant when compared with the risk _due_ to pregnancy], Missed doses due to gastroenteritis or forgetfulness. Condom: Barrier. Disadvantages allergies to rubber\lubricant, breakages, leakages due to need for withdrawal after ejeculation, failure to use as it

George's touched
There are. You are posting in an echo. Mail in an echo, ispo facto, is to *ALL*. By third year, you should have comprehended the difference between `calculation' and `guess'. You are claiming Klass is a liar because his comments don't match your guess. Who are you trying to impress here, George? Terry

Occultism vs. evolution
Easily fixed Take the particles produce at the event horizon of a black hole. The plant could stay on station using the same propulsion system and fule as your theoretical starship. Terry

Flight Maintenance Crew
The explanation Klass provides is a neccessary and sufficient condition to regard the original claim as `unproven'. Your misrepresentaion of this and inabilty to address any of the points made by Klass, other than to reiterate a second-habd claim that `Klass is a liar' based on claims that have been shown to be (at best) suspect is the topic now, George. For those who came in late: George claimed that `evidence' of Alien piloted craft could be found in a

What you do not comment on in your advertising for the IUD is that many women were not told of these infections. I accept your claim that you are a highly trained technician, [though it is worth remembering that you are in a _scientific_ conference you know, those people who do the research for your trade] but have reservations about your capacity to *objectively* assess scientific papers. One possible confounding factor to consider in this assessment is that the

---------8<---------- Really? Peer-reviewed web-pages now? Your later comment attempting to lay the blame for the infections on the victims is noted. Is this a `rebuttal' of `very low risk'? Ah... Big Dic's at high noon? I speak English where are you from? I was tempted to paste your `multi-filament or braided tail...' line, but decided the picture of women poking around with a pair of pinking shears provided enough amusement. Again, a `media relations division' paper hardly offers assurance

Gee, I guess George lied
Is it just me, or do others find this parses like a John Warner incoherency? Terry

UFOs r real A
Your implication that a negative can be proven, forming, as it does, a basis for your supposition that any onus of proof lies on those who reject a claim rather than those who propose it, goes a long way to explaining your apparent delusional belief that you have, or ever will have, any authority in this conference. This message was brought to you by the Subordinate Clause Preservation Society. Terry

No Answers hay!
I take it you think an inability to describe the bowel motions of flying green pigs constitutes proof of their existance. Terry

Gee, I guess George lied
What a shame You'll have to tell us how you rode into Jerusalem on a moped. Terry

There was plenty of evidence to lead people to believe the sun went around the earth, but the proof wasn't forthcoming. Terry

UFOs r real B
Kim Forwood wrote in a message to Richard Smith Thank you. Most here have no problem with people guessing, merely with strident individuals who claim that their guesses must be taken as evidence. Terry

UFO's in general
UFOs, ispo facto, are unidentified arial phenomena. No eveidence has been tendered which would lead to the identification of any sighting as a vehicle under intelligent control. Many lies have been told to persuade people that such evidence does exist, and astounding conspiracies are proposed to explain why examination of such claims inevitably exposes them as hearsay, rumour or outright fantasies. Terry

UFOs r real A
Pointing out that a request to do something impossible is a request to do something that cannot be done is a `cop-out'? I guess you regularly breakfast at Milliway's. The request directed to you overcomes the first hurdle to an informed debate One cannot debate a `sighting without first establishing that such an event occured. Amuse us some more John. Tell us about it. Terry