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Deep hole?
That must be where the singularity core from the Roswell warp-drive has been stashed. Terry

Martinez 2/9
Oh dear. Number two is a little tricky, as is the use of the term `microbe'. Number three is a little recursive in the sense that this fruitloop wants to use it. Is he planning a `Free the Smallpox' movement that's as dead as a dodo on pure agar, too. Terry

Need for evidence for all claims
That, at least, is a pleasant change from promising to supply such data, then dissapearing for several months after complete and utter failure to do so. Terry

It looks like fun. I am suprised that the rarest of beasts, a mostly rational Fundamentalist, is unfamiliar with the principle of rhetoric, but still, it might fly in here. I'll admit now that my assessment of your sometime rationality is an opinion I cannot offer peer-reviewed cites for;-0 Terry

Need for evidence for all claims
Nice try. The discussion has also focused on the merits of your interpretation of this report Not the same thing at all. It has since progressed to your inability to provide support for many of your claims The present topic. You misplet `which I have never used in this echo'. I agree that A$40 a month [premium price] is a bit steep on Austudy, but I'm suprised you are unfamiliar with the concept of UUENCODE and file importation.

Magnetic Accessories
Pardon? The `placebo' effect is a recognition that the range of effect of any dependant variable may reasonably be expected to follow the `normal curve'. Given treatment involving the waving of coloured hankies, dangling astrological symbols over photos of the subject, or even assessing the number of vowels in the given names of all `2nd degree' relatives, one will expect a number of subjects to show a response to the `treatment'. Studies to `show the cause of the pacebo effect'

I doubt that this has anything to do with scientifically testable claims. Given that every moderator I have read in this echo -and I have witnessed posts from every one it has had had something to contribute other than self-referential hubris, I suspect that this is an attempt at humour. As a tribute to your efforts: Snigger. ps: The <caps lock> key may be found between your left shift and tab keys. Terry

Dem Rulez
It's not quite science, but from Richards message, it appears he *may* have taken over the name. He hasn't taken over the echo. If need be, we can start a new one [With all deference to DB, I suggest `sceptic' Terry

Magnetic Accessories
I am being recursively pedantic IF `physiological mechanism' THEN `not placebo' Terry

Today's Pogrom
He had many warnings and quite a few bannings. From memory, his lifetime banning came during yet another period when he was posting in defiance of a ban. Terry

Echo Piracy
What is denigrated, and always will be, is the hubristic and derisable inference that `Revealed Truth' is a basis for rational argument, or in any way constitues some form of evidence in this forum. You appear to object to this. There is plenty of evidence that some of the infamous `fundamentalist' preachers, mainly of the right-wing southern U.S. variety, do exactly this, utilising lies, threats, scare tactics and similar behaviours for the express purpose of massing large amounts of money

Magnetic Washball 1/
I can offer anecdotal evidence that it reduces once chances of contracting STDs. Terry