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Really? In which Australian state is this form of theft legal or are you an entertainer? Terry Smith

Skeptical of skeptics
Depends on whether you prefer penicillin, or getting a beating to drive the sp irits out I guess. Still, if you prefer the latter, it seems to be making a co me back after all, burning all HIV positive people at the stake will slow th e spread of the disease. It would have worked then too, they just didn't catch the diseases early enoug h. Terry Smith

Subliminal Messages on Songs
I have a simple request to make Adrian. Where were they sued, when, and how mu ch was the award? As you're the one who profered this information, I'm sure yo u can back this claim up. Yours in eager anticipation; Terry Smith

Superconductivity info! 2/3
I see! Evolution isn't the danger in schools, the real enemies are spelling an d grammar. Then again, can we believe him? He's evidently a scientist. Terry Smith

Debating Fundos
Science doesn't 'reveal' facts, it takes hypotheses as disproven, or not dispr oven. For those hypotheses that are not disproven, if testable arguments can b e sustained as to how they may explain observed phenomea, the are accepted as working hypotheses. The 'likelyhood' of a creatorless origin of life is not ad dressed by science, unless you take an assumption of the possibility of explai ning lifes physical origins as being a product of the natural processes observ ered in

Bull dust. Only a lame brained new-ager with no idea of the underlying princip les governing this phenomenon would argue this. Where is your proof? Please don't take this as a flame, I offer it merely in the spirit of open and rational discussion. Terry Smith

Jack Back to Old Self
--8<------------- But no-one doubted it. Terry

Koresh and Davidians
They are Handfuls are bigger in Texas. Terry

This echo
This seems to be a U.S. thing that the moderator has some `rights' to the messages in a Fido echo. I'm skeptical about that. A moderator can certainly request that people be prevented from _posting_ in the echo, but any rights, if any, to this message are mine. This is an international echo. I signed no contract to participate, and my copyright is not an interest that can be assumed by fiat. Given that, were such a mechanism to

Hillbilly: Ark Dinosa
A little bird answered that the other day. Terry

This echo
Quite rightly A moderator controls the echo. The messages posted are their concern. Who _reads_ the echo isn't. You can do what you like with your system. You cannot do what you like with Fido's. If you don't like being barred from an echo, we should drop this _now_. Terry

Logic Against Creation (b)
ObHint: When Laurie claims science has a `problem', you can usually assume that the CSF is the one with it. In the local `Quantum' program on Pilmer's exposure of an Ark-hustler, a scientist of the CSF admitted that all the indicators for the date of the Earth were their biggest problem One they see as something to be `explained away'. All the attempts so far [e.g. speed of light decreasing] have foundered on the wide range of methods used,

Doing what's right instea
Cites, please. With luck, your attempt to find some might just alert you as to why the Puritans would cross the Atlantic in creaky wooden boats. [Looks at headers... Ah well, I guess that's expecting a bit much.] Terry

Lions and tigers. Lesser and greater black-backed gulls freely in one part of the arctic circle [180 degrees around, they are reproductively isolated], sheep and goats, mallards and brown teal, dogs and foxes... Next! Terry

Frank M. Fred R.
It's probably either a Usenet group or a Zone 1 echo. Ask your sysop. 668, the Neighbour of the Beast. Terry

The end is near! Send us your dough NOW!
For those who missed this... Forwarded (from: sci.skeptic) by Terry Smith using timEd/2 1.10. Originally from (6:800/846.23) to All. Original dated: Mon Sep 29, 12:36 From: (Kurt Foster) Date: 30 Sep 1997 18:36:48 GMT Heh-heh. Watch for it. Having recently heard that, according to Bishop Ussher's calculation the 6000-year span of Earth will end on October 23 this year (to be followed by the Millennium described in the Revelation to St. John), I figured that

Jack's back
Thank you for confirming that the ban wasn't for a breach of any rules, but merely because you didn't like the poster. As most in the World distributed Skeptic echo know, such claims, coming from you, have in the past been shown, by *your* actions, to be lies. Terry

Snowden Case 1/2
I would imagine the purpose was obvious. This is a skeptics group for the discussion of crackpot claims, fringe science, and the abuse and misuse of the scientific process for personal gain or status. In recent years there have been a spate of child-abuse `experts' claiming competance at identifying `sexually abused' children, wreaking havok in communities in Scotland, Australia and the USA, claiming scientific credibility for their `reports' that, on objective analysis' were nothing more than wish-fulfillment, and destroying the

Lack of any evidence for
Keep on trucking. Terry

Plutonium Death
And three in the preceding paragraph. It wasn't `a chunk' of `lithium, sodium and potassium'. It was the metal that was burning. Terry