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Fred Hoyle.
Well, a Canadian citizen is still considered a British subject. That doesn't mean very much beyond the fact that we can take refuge in British embassies if there's no Canadian one available in a foreign country in upheaval and that the queen (via our governor-general) still "requests and requires" that we be allowed to pass borders freely on our passports. <g> Dunno whether a British subject (of any Commonwealth nation) can be considered a candidate for knighthood, though. --Wolfie

Fred's Three Sons.
Eurgh. That brings a rather disconcerting image to mind. :P I'm glad I haven't eaten yet. --Wolfie

How did Judas die?
And the only "shame" Judas could have suffered was in following Jesus' own orders. Jesus TOLD Judas to do what he subsequently did. Judas didn't WANT to, but Jesus told him to go do it, anyway. --Wolfie

Mm. I think I saw it recently in a bookstore, a new edition all in one book (as opposed to how the library has it, split up into several). <Drool, drool>. I can't afford it at the moment myself, though, which is too bad. (Should be hearing about a new job tomorrow that pays twice what I was making before. Crossing my fingers.) --Wolfie

What did happen to Lynda, anyway? Mine's #8145751. Accept no substitutes. --Wolfie

Jesus wasn't hung omn a c
My, calm down. I'll come make all those damn cherubs for you. I'll make 'em with big, big bottoms and put really ugly shorts on them. --Wolfie

Well, of course; who ever said that stupidity and ignorance was a barrier to shooting one's mouth off? Ack. That sure would explain a LOT. --Wolfie

[2/2] The Word
<g> Well Ok, great. Wasn't too sure there for a moment. I remember seeing it as a kid on the weekend "Creature Features" and the like. Damn, I miss those. I'm just waiting for the new Godzilla flick to come out even if he doesn't look so cool as he once did. You know, all rubbery and shit. <g> --Wolfie

Why Creationists Are Wro [1/2]
Making a good dice roll, Richard Smith cast Why Creationists Are Wro at Sue Armstrong and all hell broke loose. Why anyone would put any credibility in what that guy has to say, though, is beyond me. I keep seeing references to speech he made in which he muddled something he saw in a John Wayne movie as something that happened to him. :P Heh. I oughta throw that out over on _Evolution_. The library here's pretty shitty wrt

Why Creationists Are Wro [2/2]
helpful. Problem. Werewolf has written for it a book of poetry. The first one in it is my personal favourite. It tells the story of one named Klaital, who fell into a deep depression and wandered to the end of the Earth looking for enlightenment. He asked various folk along the way a panther, a monkey-king, and some ice daemons he found at the end. No one knew of anything helpful; the monkey couldn't touch his burden, the panther

Pick _ONE_ story and
And it seems to me to be easier to do it right the first time, rather than trying to sort through what a grammar-checker is coming up with. Assuming that grammar-checkers pick up such things as non-capitalisation in the first place, of course. I don't have one, so I wouldn't really know. --Wolfie

Pick _ONE_ story and
Really. Well, that answers my question. :P I don't have Word (nor do I want it), so I guess I'm SOL wrt the wonders of sloppy typing. Aye. One would think an English major would have developed more diligent habits. If Ethan caught me typing like that, he'd drop my contract like a hot potato and I wouldn't blame him one bit. --Wolfie

I have pickles. But I'm not going to show them to you. You'll just have to accept that I have a jar on faith. :P --Wolfie

Satan in the old testamen
Isn't it, tho? Amazing how fundies can double-think themselves into believing that an obviously dark and evil god construct can be the source of goodness and light. No wonder the Gnostics got beaten on so bad; they seem to have twigged onto to the truth of the matter. In every other mythology that features such a story, the promethean figure who brings "fire" (light and knowledge) is acknowledged as a hero (despite punishments recieved by the selfish gods who were

Shag's sick nightmare
<snicker> I'm still trying to figger out how you "see" invisible light. --Wolfie

Shut them all up once and for all
Shaggy's really a howl, isn't he? ((SEND ME MONEY)) Accusing you, of all people, of inserting subliminal messages. ((SENDS LOTS!)) But on the other hand ((NOW, NOW, NOW!!)) I don't think he really knows what "subliminal" means. ((YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!)) Frankly, I think you're FAR above reproach. ((DO IT OR THE DEAD FERRET GETS IT!!)) I've never seen any thing "subliminal" on this echo. --Wolfie

ROFL! --Wolfie

What about this?
Ah. I see. He's mistaken this for Detroit, the place where people are polite because they don't dare be otherwise. --Wolfie

What the cat saw
Actually, yes, they are. At least here, they are. And I lost my last job for reporting a problem with the machine three times. Oh, the foreman came over to fix it, but seemed awfully irritated that I kept reporting the same thing. What was wrong? It was taking the thing 5 minutes to complete one shot (one set of plastic parts). Since the machine was set to a 1 minute cycle, that shouldn't have happened. I got sent

Wrong Messiah 'foretold.'
Haven't seen that one. But Slim in "Dr Strangelove" still rules. <g> But well, hell; that whole movie rules. --Wolfie