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morals, need for religion
Mm. Well, that's what slavishly edvoting oneself to dogma does, I suppose. Give the man a bone wasn't sure if anyone would really pick up on that little point, so I didn't mention it. Because they were so set in their ways, and determined to see "x" as "always evil", they butt-fucked themselves. Sound familiar, anyone? I always did like that story. I'll have to hunt up the full version, complete with details of the increasing offers. --Wolfie

[1/2] Why
And Brave Sir Steve ran away, screaming "Why"! Uh, I searched for your god with "all my heart" on several occasions and was disappointed every single time. Several others on this echo can recount similar experiences. I can't speak for Mark, but I assure you your god DOES let folks down routinely. Learn how to spell "maybe", doofus. Then perhaps you might begin to evidence a modicum of intelligence. Not likely, since your god can't be shown

[2/2] Why
<Yawn> I can counter with my own scripture, too, you know. "When the superior man hears of the Tao, He immediately begins to embody it. When the average man hears of the Tao, He half believes it and half doubts it. When the foolish man hears of the Tao, He laughs out loud. If he didn't laugh, it wouldn't be the Tao." According to Lao Tzu, then, you're the fool, and the Tao (however one might define it but

Yeh. I got mine from the C of E. Doh! It _must_ have been late when I was typing that. Not only did I misread the street name, but I remember mistyping "modesto" three times and apparently, still wound up with a typo. Bleah. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

So -shoot- me!
I You'll likely hear the same thing from Mark, but here goes It's changing. For the worse. The Ouellette and Elliot area has gotten really popular the past couple of years, and shows no sign of abatement. I'm not sure how much of the geography of downtown Windsor you might remember, but if you recall the area where a bar that's gone through several names is (Elliot's on the Avenue, Rumours, Dirty Rascals, and now Joker's it was

Heh. I was proud of myself yesterday I finally found soemthing that can sort of multitask on this doddering old machine. I was a little iffy about the thing, since you have to allocate memory usage for each "instance" of DOS yourself. Wasn't sure if I'd crash anything or not by fiddling about with it. I've been a bit gun-shy, as it were, since the fiasco with trying a DOS 6.0 upgrade and Stacker. (Lost everything in that

ARK nut
I'll say. The only fossils we have around here are the folks in the nursing homes. Otherwise, the oldest stuff in the ground are pre-Columbian Indian artifacts. Thanks to the glaciers, there isn't anything dating from before about 10,000 years ago except for the salt deposits, which apparently date back 600 million years or so, if I rember right. I don't think they've managed to find any fossils from that time, though. It'd be great if they did, and

Ignorance and immaturity continues
That's an odd way of spelling "most", isn't it? --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

Snake handlers
I sat reading in my living room once, when my mom still owned the house. I heard a buzzing noise, very loud, coming from who-knows-where. A look around the room revealed only the elder cat sitting in the middle of the floor with a content look on her face. Looked outside nothing. Then I homed in on the sound, and started following it sure enough, the buzzing was coming of all places from the cat. Seems

Or having people being "accused" of being gay simply because they're creative. It's bad enough that the small-minded accuse men who dare to be sensitive of being gay, or women who're a little more independent than the traditional view of being lesbians. Stuff like that just becomes another tag, and hurts everyone all 'round. I managed to pick up a discounted copy of "The Lion King" at the local bargain bin I was borrowing a copy off the kids,

When jfk walks among
Phooey. I had ulcers at 16. I had my first kid at 20. I apparently don't have any grey hairs yet, but I'm working on them. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

Working on Sabbath
on I had a job interview with KFC recently, and the assistant manager who interviewed me was lamenting on some of the workers they had seems they were hiring for part-time, because several of their workers, when hired, assured them they could and would work on Sundays (workers here have the government-given right to refuse to work on holy days). But, once they got hired, they turned around and said they couldn't work Sundays because of church. More of

Which likely means it does have a bioligical basis, rather than a theological one, whatever the basis may be. Of course, someone who expects to be reincarnated can probably explain it away by "well, I was about to be born as someone/something else, but got pulled back here", and the body he was supposed to be reincarnated as was simply still-born. <shrug> --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure

A Visit 4/4
I find it interesting that "Christians Corner" claims to be a "family oriented BBS" and warns that HolySmoke "isn't moderated well", yet he has SEVERAL sex echoes listed here. Most interesting is the "Married, Will Cheat" echo. He also claims to prohibit "foul language" in his logon screen, yet replies freely with "buttmuch" and "bite me". I guess it's a case of "do what

An interesting situation 1
And Brave Sir Mark ran away, screaming "An interesting situation 1"! Because everything's closed. Except the Casino. to Well, a one-way service might help, too but some folks DO still visit Greektown, from here I, myself, have been caught busless after leaving the restaurant I like there (assuming it's still there haven't been for a couple of years.) Fortunately, I had $20 for the cab ride home. :P I'm just sort of torn downtown was quite

Hs web page update
I know and I comfort myself in thinking that, someday, they'll have "all-80s" stations like they have had "Classic Rock" and "All 60s 70s" or "All 50s 60s" stations in the past. Hell, they've already got an "All 70s" station that I tune into once in a while, when I get the inclination. And, from trips in the car, I've noticed that 99.5 is getting more and more to be an 80s-oriented place, and it's getting more interesting to

Come to think of it, if I _did_ have $10 million dollars, it'd be actually a tie between whether I'd want to spend it sailing around the world for the rest of my life, or just buying books. Hm. 500K? Gasp. I have only about 1.5 megs free at the moment. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

An interesting situation
Whatever. I'll probably have to do another take, anyway, since I did stutter a bit, too, while doing it. The last message took five or six takes, after all. I just didn't feel like sitting there all night doing it over and over again. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

a of The statue I _saw_ had red skin. Dunno why. Anyway, the Pan I envisage is at least nice-looking in the face, and youthful (though not TOO youthful maybe late 20ish, or early 30ish). And thin, because I can't imagine a fat guy hopping around while playing the pipes. Besides, I always envisioned Dionysus/Bacchus as being fat instead. Average human trunk, yeah but not fat. Actually, somewhat muscular as well, but not overly so. Just basically

The Hebrews probably didn't LOOK. What did THEY care? It's obvious, from their OTHER zoological errors, that they couldn't care less about anything that didn't directly relate to human or religious affairs, and percieved nature as simply a backdrop for the human drama. They didn't even understand their own _herds_ why should they take close notice of insects that weren't a concern of theirs? Only agrarian societies would have given a shit about grasshoppers, and Hebrews were nomadic herders.