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Brother Daniel wants you
There's a Hell, Michigan. Which is kind of redundant, considering they also have Detroit. --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

Speaking of Prewett's "theory" didn't the last pope who was assassinated get a head wound, too? If so, wouldn't he (or any other pope who suffered a head wound) be a more likely candidate for being "the beast"? After all, more people around the world know and care about popes than they do about American presidents of the past, and would also be more likely to be impressed/to follow a resurrected Pope than a returning JFK. Of course, I

And Brave Sir AL ran away, screaming "ASKING SILLY QUESTION"! Sounds intresting. Haven't seen the book, but I'll be sure to keep an eyeball open for it. And I've been to Greece, so the details might bring back a memory or two. Hm. Could have been; I was thinking Apollo probably because of his association with a wolf-cult (caused out of confusion between the similarity in English script between the words for "light" and "wolf" in Greek.

It'd be right up there with the cameleopard, the griffin and the glatisant. That would have gotten me flamed over on alt.wolves, but hey. The problem is usually with the people who raise such animals, rather than the animal itself; and way back then, dogs weren't much more than hunting or guard tools, just as pit bulls and whatnot are treated by scumbags today. It's possible; especially since if one recounts a ghost story to a group of people,

Sympathetic Magic. Very common and widespread amongst animists and whatnot it's probably the earliest form of magic/religion there is. And, it's echoes persist who hasn't accused someone of making it rain because they washed their car or watered their lawn? --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

in I don't see what the difference is, especially when one considers tribal ceremonies. In those, you have an entire tribe (or at least all the men in the tribe) gathered, and all would agree that the masked dancers (including the dancers themselves) transformed into whatever they were trying to imitate. They certainly would have claimed to SEE it, all at the same time and likely more than once. As for being persecuted, well, tribes were persecuted in general

Well, the BookMark (the second-hand place) has about the biggest sf section I've seen in the city. We don't even have a place that has a decent selection of RPG materials, either the closest would be the Sci-Fi Shop (which doesn't generally sell books they mostly sell movie and Star Trek paraphenalia), and there you have to ORDER stuff if you don't mind waiting a few months. There are apparently places in/around Detroit where such can be

Hehehehehe. No, I suppose not. Sort of like an old Hudson's Christmas window display, eh? Well, just remember, the cuteness is the hook and your money the fish. Because French men are generally 'orrible looking? <g,d,r> --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

An interesting situation
I've started getting calls for the lady who used to have my number, too. It's only been a couple of months, so maybe it'll settle down eventually. I hope. My mom left her phone line in my grandfather's name even after he died (20 some odd years and a number change later, it's STILL under his name) and a few years ago, we got a call from a bank, the bank which, in fact, my mom deals with. The voice

A Day In The Life...
it a Since the inception of the shareware concept. Because it's part of the licensing agreement, twit. Whether a shareware proggy comes with extra features or not, you're expected to pay for it if you wish to continue using it past a certain time period, or wish to keep it, depending on the nature of the file. The extra features are only there to ENCOURAGE compliance with the licensing agreement. A great many shareware products come fully functional, and involve

Absurdities 2 of 4
Hey, look an early make-work project. While I'm all for government jobs (to help take up the slack where private enterprise leaves off) even I find that a tad ridiculous for ONE lousy project. And that there is government waste at its grossest (pun intended). :P Lotsa Commies in that there bible --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

Absurdities 3 of 4
Heh. Sounds like something you'd find in a medieval bestiary, along with the information that lion cubs are born dead and are awakened on the third day by their father's roar, and bear cubs are born formless, and must be "licked into shape" literally. At the very least, I get a huge kick out of primitive natural history. Now that sounds like something out of an AD&D game. "OK, you go up to the table where the Ork skeletons

Chicken Sacrifices!
Which would be, AFAIC, yet another reason to find YHWH rather disgusting. Gods that truck with that sort of thing are the last gods I would have truck with. Why would ANY god need burnt offerings of anything, plant, human, or animal, unless it somehow got off on the death involved? --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

Hs web page update
a He didn't chop down that dollar coin, either! Mm. I'd have to agree there. We're getting old, I guess. Thought so. Actually, I think her music was featured in more than one episode, but I'm not quite sure. The use of music in that show is very good, and fits in well with the mood of the episode and what the characters are doing while the music's playing. The tunes are noticable, but not usually overpowering or distracting

Hm. I thought there was a pope who died of a gun wound back in the 70s or early 80s. I guess my memory's just gotten muddled due to youth at the time, and the passage of time itself. Did, perhaps, the last pope merely get shot, and then died of old age, to be replaced by the current one? (And it's not like I know much about popes themselves, either. I couldn't care less about 'em. I can't even

Been offline
Gee, can I borrow Lou for a while? I could use an upgrade, too. --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson

five gospels nonsense
I think it's still with us. I don't see where "sexually transmitted" is less "dirty" or more clinical than "veneral", but perhaps the reason is more subtle than that? The root of "venereal" is Venus, after the goddess of love. Perhaps the realisation that one need not be in love with someone to have sex with them sunk in. Hmm. It could also be that "veneral disease" has always been associated with primarily heterosexual diseases or, at least,

An interesting situation
I'm just glad I don't have to field calls for Brentwood any more; the old number we had was _very_ close to theirs. I think it was also close to Hiatus House's, too I remember getting a couple of calls for them. Got a call for a church once, as well. Mm. Well, you can keep numbers, depending on how far you move. If you stay in the core area, you can probably keep it; we kept ours moving

A Day In The Life...
Ah, but neither you nor I are Christians, who try to browbeat others into some sort of narrow moral code, are we? It's sort of amusing when you have some fundy who rants and raves about what gays do in their private homes, who then turns around and steals software (thus breaking some commandment or another.) Plus, Miller also tried to justify his software piracy by claiming that "Satan gives all his little followers money, therefore Christians have to work

A Day In The Life...
Nifty. Since I accept the writings of Lao Tzu (which can be considered "good news" ie, "gospel"), therefore any Christian who preaches to me the bible is condemned. Har. --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson