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Hi! He really would not be in that much trouble. AB neg people can get any Rh negative blood in an does not have to be just AB neg to be ok (though AB neg is proferred). In fact, if he ever develops any antibodies other than ABO or Rh antibodies, there is a good chance that he would have to get another ABO type just to make sure it is negative for the other stuff. Sue

she At 11, there is a fair chance that she only recently started having periods, if she even had one before becoming pregnant. It would have been very hard, even if she knew to look, to have recognized a "missed" period. There is also the fact that at age 11, many states would have required notification of the parents before doing an abortion (if she would have chosen that option). Considering that her parents threw her out of the house

Fundy Follies!
What YOU fail to realize is that the requests for evidence and pointing out obvious discrepancies does serve a purpose. If you actually stopped to think about the requests (vs what you are doing with them at the moment) you might just see the loopholes in your religious viewpoint. If you see the holes, you might actually drop your mantle of belief and look at the situation objectively. At that stage, you may or may not be convinced about the

Homosexian Christuals
Actually, I think the word for it is "fascinating". <G> Sue

Fundy Follies!
Were you raised in a household that believed in God? When you started thinking, had you just acquired a new friend or 2? Had you just had an arguement with your best friend of that time? There are many deities that people worship out there, Christian. Even if you discard the evidence around you that evolution occurs and that life can come from "pond scum" when in the correct environment, how do you *REALLY* know that it is your God

Actually, the pope who got shot IS the current pope. He was shot in the early 80's, close to the time of the assasination attempt on Reagan. If I remember correctly, he came very close to death from that, and that is the reason that he now rides in the "popemobile". Sue

Farewell To Holysmoke
Hey, have been at this longer than I have. What WOULD be the best cheese to go with that whine? <G> (I haven't figured out if that would be a red, white, or blush whine yet) Sue

Mr. Miller...problem?
Yeah, but Jim has said that he got rid of his milkcrates. Who is going to provide one for him and his...hmmmmmmm....friend. <G> Sue

Women priests
I am not saying that I EXPECT that this will happen in the near future, or willingly even. The fact is that there are way too few priests for the work these days, and I would not be surprised if they had to import them from out of the country. Even a situation like with the Greek and/or Eastern Orthodox (or are they the same) church would help alot in attracting males to the priesthood. It is not even unprecedented...from

rites of passage
the Hi Gwenny- That would be rather easy. If you go back to sleep (or at least to bed <EG>) it is still night. If you stay up and do things afterward, it's morning. Hey, it works for me...;) Sue

I have been seeing your posts fairly regularly through your apparent problems, but not in as great of numbers as I might expect from your past (fairly prolific) record...;) Sue

a That cuts the types of blood he can get in half, and limits it to 15% of the population being able to donate for him. Also, if he has never had blood before, he could get Rh+ blood during an emergency for the 1st time, though it could cause problems in the future. There have been studies, however, that Rh neg people that get large amounts of Rh+ blood in an emergency are less likely to make a Rh

The real question is how much of it do you have to eat before you don't care WHAT it tastes like??? <G> Sue

Jesus said "EAT ME!"
And what did your husband say when he found out? <G> Sue

They can (up to 3-4 units) and it is being done at many hospitals and through the American Red Cross. You would have to be under the care of a Dr, as the process involves giving blood once per week for the few weeks before the surgery and there can be problems with anemia. in Remotely possible, but prohibitively expensive. Blood is good for 42 days refrigerated, and 1 year frozen. Freezing blood is expensive, and many hospitals do not

Fun-dee in Church...where else???
We would also have no evidence that your particular church is merciful enough to let you stay if you do not pay them... Sue

Staal shows his colon...
Yo, Jimmy...which "woman" would this be? Would this be your wife that you vowed to respect, or your mother that you are commanded to honor? Or something...;( Sue

But how does this relate to what you know women can and do learn on bible manners? Do YOU (not the bible) think that it is fair for a less well trained man to be teaching when a better trained woman cannot because of a single chromosome? So why can you not question the role of women in the church? Sue on my side...yes, it is...
So what else takes up time in your life that you cannot spend time to learn? Methinks it is that you have no desire to be shown wrong... Sue

behind a monitor?
People here are free to treat other people here with the level of respect that is earned, not that enforced by external society's rules or fear for personal safety. This echo is a society onto itself, following the moderators rules. You just so happen to espouse a view that is NOT respected and use tactics that show you to be a coward, so in THIS society you are treated without respect. There are many places that a non-theist viewpoint is