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Hwaet, Chris! 13 Nov 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Chris Shubert: But you will NOT be asked to leave HOLYSMOKE, where your comments are certainly topical. We'll see you there.

some new claims of subliminals
Hwaet, Christopher! 22 Nov 93, dixit Christopher Baker ad All: Oh, brother. It looks like Saturday Night Live's Mr. Subliminal is in for some competition. The catch is, however, that HE is funny.

Subliminal advertising
Hwaet, Rick! 22 Nov 93, dixit Rick Moen 916/1008 ad Steve Quarrell [Appreciate the info.] This has been one of my assertions in the past. However, with regard to the issue of backward subliminals, well, we never seem to get beyond my question "And can you furnish me with some evidence that the human brain can process reversed speech?" One nut in particular started up with "Well, we can read in reverse, can't we?", which is easily shot

"In God We Trust" slogan
Hwaet, Jeff! 22 Nov 93, dixit Jeff Jones ad All: I suspect someone else will have beaten me to this by now, so I'll hold off, but I DO have WHYCOINS.GOD available here on my system for file request/download.

INTL 0:0/0 1:124/9005 With: Dr. Pepper l Aha! Once again, funny speaking Americans pee in your Wheaties! <grin> QMPro 1.50 41-8727 "He has a wife, you know..."

Subliminal advertising
Hwaet, James! 24 Nov 93, dixit James Bryant ad Steve Quarrella: Well, I'm not "into" subliminal advertising so much as backwards masking. The latter was just a curiosity interest of mine when I was in high school and listening to all dem rock and roll records, and of course, when I studied linguistics in college, I found the "guts" of the issue to be rather intriguing. Unfortunately, there really isn't much to be found other than a collection of

Re: vouchers schools
Original: FROM..... Christopher Baker (1:124/9015) Original: TO....... Chad Reichle (1:124/9005) Original: FORUM.... A_THEIST Forwarded by Silver Xpress Additional Comments by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) hostility is in the mind of the beholder often enough. do not equate intoleran ce for having ones government usurped as intolerance for religion. religion is protected in this country. TTFN. Chris Steve Quarrella Has Additional Comments I think that this fits rather well, doesn't it? David Rice, how

Hwaet, Chris! 26 Nov 93, dixit Chris Shubert ad All: See you in HOLYSMOKE, Chris. You're always welcome in there, and we await you with open arms.

Brainwashing by the Feds and Media
Hwaet, David! 25 Nov 93, dixit David Bloomberg ad Christopher Baker: Say WHAT?!

Occult ritual and the Boy Scouts
Hwaet, Fredric! 20 Nov 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Steve Quarrella: Of course, we've been over this. I never saw it myself, although I could list on two hands the names of people who molested boys while using their position of authority as scout leader to do so. Never ONCE did I see a statement from Irving about these atrocities, and shit, I had close encounters (No, not sex with three of them. As I mentioned previously, I

Morals in Russia (preUSSR)
Hwaet, Neal! 29 Nov 93, dixit Neal Feldman ad All: This is a hot subject over in HOLYSMOKE right now...come on over and throw on a log!

God and the Boy Scout
Hwaet, Derek! 1 Dec 93, dixit Derek Maddox ad Fredric Rice: For instance? [Honest question.] But as you are aware, "traditional" doesn't always go hand-in-hand with "right" in many cases. Double entendre here? I certainly agree with that. I take it, then, that you've been thinking about the non-Christian POV WRT the Scout Oath? [Hmmm...I wonder how the Scout Law and "Reverent" fits in here as well...] Complete agreement.

Subliminal advertising
Salue, Charlie! Dies solis December 05 1993, Dixit Charlie Wilson ad Steve Quarrella: Sure, here's two: Electric Light Orchestra, "Fire on High". "The record is reversible, but time Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!" J. Geils Band, "No Anchovies, Please." "It doesn't take a genius to figure ou t the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad." Both examples are very easy to find, and have nothing to do with "evil". Only conspiracy-seeking imbeciles claim otherwise. Which two?

Catholic Atheism
Hwaet, Kevan! 3 Dec 93, dixit Kevan Coleman ad Tommy Sugrue: Although I was never faced with a situation like yours, Kevan has a good point. I used the above on two occasions against a power-hungry mayor-principal who decided he was going to play dirty. In both cases, threats from a "punk" to go the media made him back down. Both cases had to do with drugs in the school bathrooms.

Brainwashing by the Feds and Media
Hwaet, David! 3 Dec 93, dixit David Bloomberg ad Steve Quarrella: Yes, but what's the theory, man?!

You're all going to hell.
Hwaet, Fredric! 3 Dec 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Steve Quarrella: Not many, although I have to give Jesse SOME credit (although I still think he's a Manson waiting to happen if his Bible is the only thing that makes him behave). And although you don't like to talk about it, there's that GOD$LOVE.GIF peering over their shoulders, asking to be heard. -Important point-. Naturally. It would be a crime in any church to lift the curtain on the

Back to school with you
Hwaet, Fredric! 4 Dec 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Steve Quarrella: Further proof of Barnum's Law. It's hilarious, isn't it?

previous discuss on evolution
Hwaet, Fredric! 4 Dec 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Steve Quarrella: Again, when he feels like it.

Shut Up
Forwarded by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) Area ECHO_REQ (ECHO_REQ) From Rick Kingcade, 1:280/22 (Martis dies December 07 1993 01:28) To John Passaniti Subj Shut Up Hello John: 03 Dec 93, John Passaniti writes to all: for Why is it that we have to continue to put up with his B.S. in an echo that is supposed to be reserved for announcements of new echos? If _anybody_ other th an

Waste of Time
do no t who Hear ye the word of Shakespeare, which applies to many of these rants of yours "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." --Macbeth