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Pseudo Science (b)
Just thought that you might find the following extract from a Zone 3 only echo interesting. I asked L*rie a series of questions about his beliefs, here's the first one: A simple, qualified version of "Do you believe the Bible to be true?" And his reply was: [quote elided] As you can see, he is clearly indicating that he doesn't believe that the whole of the Bible is true and that all he is prepared to say about the truth

Fact or Fiction.
I would guess that he is basing this on the fact that the less contact that indigenous Australians have with 'White Australia' the less disgruntled they are but I would have thought that this had more to do the treatment that they receive rather than their bloodlines. I know that I would be mighty pissed-off if my people had been treated as fauna for nigh on 200 years and if the 'special treatment' required to provide the basic rights that

I'm back! :)
How could anyone believe that Mary was a perpetual virgin when the Gospels clearly state (Matthew 13:55-56) that she had four more sons (James, Joses, Simon and Judas) and an undisclosed number of daughters after Yeshu with no mention of any special significance concerning their birth? Not when you consider that until fairly recent times the word 'virgin' simply meant an unmarried girl (it was just assumed that an unmarried girl didn't have sexual intercourse which resulted in, after a

Hello Richard! Tuesday July 28 1998 22:28, Richard Smith wrote to FAQ Meister!: The NAMBLA Bitch Ken Young wrote in a message to Preston Simpson Everything in this world had to be created. We are in a very limited world, after all. God didn't have to be created, because he is the Creator. All things needed a beginning. And God is that beginning. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and

For the Kiddies [2/2]
What do you mean by this? Surely you can't be trying to say that human beings don't adapt to the environmental influences acting upon them? Steph

Hello! 1/2
That God's the world champion of Hide and Seek? Steph

Pseudo Science (b)
I am well aware that L*rrie used my question as an excuse to post one of his quotes but, if you look carefully, he also provided an answer to the question in his introduction to the quote and his choice of quote was also related to the question. If L*rrie had simply responded with something of the like of "here's a bit of Newsweek..." then I would agree with your comments above but he didn't, also when I asked him,

Rev. 1:1
Hello Jim! I've just read a few of your messages and you appear to be a good Bible believing person who might be able to help me. Could you please explain Revelations Chapter 1 Verse 1 to me please as I am having a bit of trouble with it? Steph

PA Murders 01/
Bravo! Steph

Hitler, Good Christian
I have a rather interesting book that uses linguistic and geographic arguments to provide a radical reinterpretation of the Old Testament; it's title is "The Bible Came From Arabia" by Kamal Salibi. The write-up on the back of the book goes as follows: Kamal Salibi, professor of history at the American University of Beirut, reveals startling linguistic evidence which controversially suggests that Judaism originated not in Palestine but in West Arabia. Whilst looking at a gazeteer of Saudi place names,

PA Murders
I don't see the cause of offense in someone praying in public. I finished my schooling in England where I was forced, by law, to attend an Aglican Church service most days I was at school and was not offended by it (I was bored by it until the threatened to expell me for not singing the hyms, then I started to sing the hyms so badly that it was disruptive when they again threatened to expell me though a

Genesis: The Real Thing
Shouldn't that be: Christianity: 30,000 different flavours of the One True Way. Steph

I'm back! :)
I thought that that concept was unique to Indigenous Australian societies, where your father's brothers are also considered to also considered to be your fathers, your mother's sister are also considered to be your mothers and cousins are considered to be brothers and sisters. I didn't know that the greeks had a similar concept. I agree. I was not aware of that, knowing very little Greek, but I had heard that the original meant the same as the Latin 'virgin'

Flooding Problem
Ms. Benazir Bhutto, who was elected twice and ousted both times by the Islamic Opposition's claims of corruption. I notice that you miss out the UK from that list of female leaders in recent times. Steph

Narrator or Translator.
Because it requires L*rie to think? Because L*rie doesn't want to admit the answer? Because L*rie doesn't have a quote that even his monomania can relate to the question? [considering that I have seen him relate a discussion on Night Court to his quote book I doubt that this is the correct answer.] Because L*rie doesn't understand it? Because...? Because L*rie said so? Sorry, can't think of any more at the moment but it was fun coming up with those.

*CR* Food Spoilage Test
BTW did you know that the word 'cretin' derives from a Swiss French word for 'Christian'? Steph

Fact or Fiction.
Thththththththpppppppppppppppt! Biologically speaking yes but the Law is a law unto itself. Steph

PA Murders
Especially considering that the wiccan didn't even exist until after the NT was written. Mind you, if the original had actually referred to witches then it would have been an easy order to obey for a long while. Steph

Can you please tell me where this is as I can't find this reference? Thanks Steph

Hello! 1/2
Obviously you play(ed) by different rules to us. We never had a home base the object was to find the person hiding was to say "I can see so-and-so" with adding the place if it wasn't obvious that you could see them and the first person found was "it" for the next round after all people were found. Steph