Three Messages From Sean Mccullough

Hello, Ruby!! On (12 Jul 94) Ruby Tuesday wrote to Sean Mccullough... think to Much as I genuinely loathe to bust your bubble, this is NOT true. Any religion or cult which REQUIRES its followers to proselytize it is INHERENTLY dangerous and evil! This means that THE MERE ACT OF EMBRACING SUCH A SET OF BELIEFS INFLICTS DIRECT HARM ON OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. The mere act of embracing Biblical Christian beliefs DOES inflict such harm on one's family, neighbors,

Hello, Nathan!! On (14 Jul 94) Nathan Dutton wrote to Sean Mccullough... Pardonnez-moi, but I asked for "DIRECT EVIDENCE", not a bunch of sentimental claptrap based on a combination of superstition and overactive imagination. Let's try this again: Do you have any DIRECT EVIDENCE that your Jesus is alive, or even any that he currently exists in any way, shape, or form outside your over-active imagination?? They say that the third time is often the charm: can you beat

Hello, It's Me...
Hello, Marty!! On (11 Jul 94) Marty Leipzig wrote to All... I trust you enjoyed yourself <<g>> Slightly edited (to eliminate the first reference to the un-interested)....but I LOVE it anyway!! You must have helped someone in "da awl bidness" make a big enough discovery of light sweet bourbon, er, crude, that BA can afford to stock its in-flight bars with it as well as the aircraft's fuel tanks..... Future petroleum rather than present-day "awl" the only