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Offensive ASCII
'Twould have been forthcoming if Steve Q. hadn't gotten it. I believe, however, that I recall seeing evidence that Steve had gotten your original one. Thus, I took no further action........ slack s.

You think it's good?? Good enough for Dobbs, even [[snicker]] Et cum spiritu tuo....... slack s.

More outright lies from a lying, publically dangerous cult's willing, lying sheep. Do you EVER question or, Hastur forbid, DEFY what your masters tell you?? Ever?? The African nomads were nomads precisely to AVOID exhausting the lands they lived in. The Saharan nomadic trailways are the better part of 10,000 years old. Among other things, they were instrumental in the spread of Islam. Year after year, the Bedouin would return to the same haunts, at the same time

more authority
for you Better still, I have __business__ documentation and experience of it. Have you ever sold professionally, Maria?? I have. Successfully. Those who never defy their orders don't succeed. ONLY the occasionally defiant EVER sell worth a damn. Much the same is true on the industrial level. Again, the companies who rule with an iron hand create mediocre shit. Example: General Motors products made after 1975. Companies whose workers are self-determining create RELIABLE high quality. Example: Ford Motor products made

I don't use credit, Maria. I pay for what I consume up front, and in cash. Debt is subjection to the control of another. I don't do that, remember?? No one. I pay them because I choose to drive. My __choice__, Maria. No one. He has no reason to "cometh", Maria. He has been paid, and well. Ever hear of tax limitation, Maria?? America's great tax limitation architect, Douglas Bruce, lives less than 100 miles from me. My home County

a high You ASS U ME that simply because I know what LSD __is__, that I'm stoned out of my mind on it. Does that mean that Dr. Goldberg, who doubtless could invent an entirely new synthesis for the compound (or any other he was interested in) in his sleep, is tripping his balls off as well?? In the erudite words of Marty Leipzig, "Please immolate your strawmen elsewhere." You are resorting to red herrings and strawmen because

as me Whacka whacka whacka. More semantic masturbation in order to avoid the point. The ONLY claim that needs to be evidenced here is YOURS: that your "God" exists and exercises authority over human beings. Please cease evading the issue. Provide direct evidence that your God so much as exists, NOW, or publically confess that your God does not exist and that Christianity is an outright lie, NOW. Until you do one of the two, I will not discuss any

Hello, Maria!! One last remark on the authority issue: You might want to read the following book: AUTHOR: Browne, Harry, 1933- TITLE: How I found freedom in an unfree world Harry Browne. New York Macmillan, c1973. viii, 374 p. 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 365-368) and index. Mr. Browne makes the same case as I do: that one need not obey ANYTHING or ANYONE, and that disobedience doesn't necessarily require punishment or harm to

Unless one is Rastafarian, in which case "God-breathed" refers to the sacred Ganja........ slack s.

Keep their ignorance to
Australia. They currently rank equal to us in all areas save social supports (theirs is better managed and produces more benefits for less money), taxation (theirs is no more than ours yet it directly benefits the taxpayer far more), and freedom (the UN considered the Aussies freer than we were, based on how large a proportion of the people were incarcerated the US has more of its people in prison than any other nation on Earth). The fact that

PROOF Cane and Able
about for How about sending them all to *me* slack s.

Farewell To Holysmoke
[scripture spouted like a busted shitpipe mercifully deleted] CHEESE FOR SALE!! slack s.

zfnx bgGld pah!
Fucking monosexuals can't ever agree on anything!!!! slack s.

Gods, not god
The key word here is BELIEVE. The Jews have no more evidence than the NO evidence YOU have. Paul's lies in Hebrews NOTwithstanding, faith is NOT evidence. Now: Got any EVIDENCE that your God exists outside your imagination, and the imaginations of your fellow self-delusionists?? slack s.

they are You got it....... slack s.

John Paul II, by assassin Mehmet Ali Agca. Remember, one needn't die to have been assassinated. ANY attack from an assassin suffices. slack s.

"A man goes to his lawyer, having been indicted by the County Grand Jury for having sex with a Goat. His lawyer tells him: 'Look, I normally stick to_business_ law; I don't do criminal. How much can you afford to spend??' '$1000' came the reply from the accused man. '$1000, eh??' asked the lawyer. 'Well, I've got this friend who'll take the case. He's not the best in the world at cross-examination or issues, but he's the best lawyer in

Thumb-sucking Fundy
Biblically, even!! love me

Actually, more like ANSI C....... slack s.

in Some modern Jews believe that Saul was one of Gamaliel's _flunks_. He studied under Gamaliel, all right and got El Booto!! It's on my list of "Things To Ask A Rabbi The Next Time I See One". slack s.