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I hope you wrote and told them about it. They deserve to know about the idiots they hire. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Wonderful! "What did you do after you gave them 'permission' to be human beings, Daddy?" KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

I've been there and know what you are going through. Believe me, all will take much longer to get back to normal than you can imagine but all will be well eventually and, if your insurance is as good as mine, you will at least come out even. Unfortunately, you get nothing for pain and suffering. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Considering that there WAS no church at the time that this was said, I doubt if he'll be able to come up with anything meaningful. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Are you willing to share? Sounds fantastic. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Thumb-sucking Fundy
Well said. The ego behind the "there must be a God because there is a me" is not obvious to everyone. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

An employee of Puns 'R' We. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

"Long before he went to the White House, the president was involved in curious land deals. His first lady, a power behind the scenes, insisted that a White House official be fired. A crucial document mysteriously disappeared for years while frustrated investigators fumed. You know the stories, but perhaps not the administration. Those were the Reagan-Bush years. It does not spare the Clintons misdeeds, should any that matter ever be found, to note that the search of their lives has

I would say that both arose from a deep need for "answers." We humans really hate it when we don't know the whys and wherefores and there are always people who are more than happy to make something up and then become the "person who knows the answer." If they can make a buck from becoming a self-styled "expert," all the better. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

one more time
--snip-- Beautifully stated, Judith. Those who claim to hate the sin but love the sinner must have difficulty in other parts of life too. Do they hate the murder but love the murderer? If so, they never seem to find it necessary to mention it. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

As in the old joke: "Daddy, where did I come from?" Daddy goes through the whole routine only to hear, "Charlie is from Toledo." KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Happily there have always been such people. The loons get the press but the logical press on. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Come Together
Ha. You DID like _Pale Fire_. I knew it. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

My take on the death penalty exactly. If killing is wrong then it is wrong. Since I believe it to be wrong I resent being forced to be part of the "gang" that claims to be killing righteously (as I am when the state kills someone in my name as a citizen of the state). KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Come Together
I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read it though it sits on my shelf shaming me as I type. Is it as funny as _Pale Fire_? You might force me to stay out of the library for a week and read what I have. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

You have to pick and choose your era carefully. As a generalization Al's idea doesn't make it. "He who begins by loving Christianity better than Truth will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end by loving himself better than all." --Samuel Taylor Coleridge KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

False Prophets
I wouldn't give up my apartment or my day job. One looks so silly with nowhere to live and no way to eat when the world doesn't come to an end. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

The animal, remaining alive and roaming free, provides the fuel to cook the vegetables. Without the cows, subsistance level Indians would have no fuel at all. (What breathing the smoke does for them is another story.) KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

Our Daily Alien
ROTFL! It's screen cleaning time. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves

You're too quick to panic. The Family History Centers are run by volunteers, most of whom are hobbiests not Mormons. I have been visiting mine for years. They don't even ask for your name and they certainly don't visit. KMail 3.10m Knight Moves