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show on Sunday
to the time. but o I was right, they used the Paluxy "man tracks" as "evidence." In fact, the whole show was warmed-over creationist and Von Daniken bullshit. BTW, it's spelled "dinosaur." Just thought you'd want to know.

Re: [1/2] WATER, WATER, E
and THIS gives him the qualifications to make judgements on evolution?? Boy, is he out of his field! (And out of his tree too!)

new "therapy"
Jay Leno mentioned there's a conference going on (he didn't say where) that is called "Auto Urine" or something like that. According to this group, they get health benefits from drinking their own urine. BLAGHHHHH! (sound of barfing) If that's what they drink, I wonder what they eat? <grin> It seems any yo-yo makes a claim about some "therapy" or health gadget or vitamin combination, and the sheep follow him or her.

I just said a real doozy to my next door neighbor, who's a UFO "true believer." Here it is: She was saying comparing channelers to UFO buffs is like comparing apples to oranges. I said you're right, by the time they get to someone, they're both out of their tree! <VBG> She needed a transfusion after that cutting remark! :D

show on Sunday
writes: fact, me abo the Don't waste your time watching it, just tape over it. Like I said, the whole thing was just warmed over creationist and Von Daniken bullshit.

show on Sunday
BLAGHHHHHH! (sound of puking) Sorry, I do that whenever that, UGHHHHH! thing! gets mentioned. If I was Noah and saw him on the ark, I would used an elephant to throw him overboard and as FAR as POSSIBLE!

new "therapy"
it's Watch it, I enjoy listening to Wyndham Hill CD's. As to the mushroom, why do you think I DETEST mushrooms? I can't eat anything grown in the dark and raised in shit. piss this Maybe she needs professional help.

(remaining crap deleted) David, I've seen Morris' writings, and the guy has blinders made out of bibles glued to his head. In other words, he's an UNscientific crapola spreader. I've seen some of your own posts, and I guess you must have been frightened by a test tube when little, what else explains your anti-science attitude? Even people with higher degrees can get in over their head, the late Linus Pauling was a brilliant nuclear scientist, but when he stuck

show on Sunday
to the but Actually, they're minds are stuck in Genesis, and anything that contradicts Usher's "calculations" is SATANIC!

your answer
Hey Laurie, I'm still waiting...... Or are you unable or unwilling to answer? I tend to think the latter.

Evolution in Tenn
shou Yup, same old routine, same old BS from the creationists, and the same thing will happen as what happened to creationist "equal time" (HAH!) bills in Arkansas, Louisiana, etc.

New Therapy
After eating those magic mushrooms, I'd believe they'd eat or drink anything.

1 creationist 1 creationist 2 idiots.

Problem with UFO Kooks
write this abducti occur. I'd be willing to bet that the idiots from Sun Pictures are now operating under a different name, and are probably the same guys who put out that show on NBC couple of Sundays ago. They both use the same M. O.

Then why do you believe that paranoid nonsense called "Revelations?" That stuff was written by either someone who was stoned out of his mind on mushrooms, or a guy who fell out of his tree! in It i the But i be will do bit The only "New World Order" will be one run by the US. Anything else is just the old Illuminati/Jews/Masons/whatever conspiracy bullcookies.

Hey Laurie, (and any other creationist here) I noticed you've been posting quite a few out-of-context quotes by Stephen J. Gould so I decided to post this quote by him, taken DIRECTLY from his latest book, "Dinosaur In A Haystack." "Still, our creationist incubi, who would never let facts spoil a favorite argument, refuse to yield, and continue to assert the absence of ALL transitional forms by ignoring those that have been found, and continuing to taunt us with admittedly

Evolution in Tenn
same know, The idiot pushing this "equal time" (HAH!) bill is TN state senator Tommy Burks. I guess you're right, some "humans" forgot to evolve past the superstitious savage stage. Most funnymentalists fit in there.

Evolution in Tenn
writes: This even What do you expect from a guy who wrote most of the inflammatory speeches for Nixon and Agnew, and is willing to kiss the funnymentalist fascists (christian coalition)'s butt anywhere and everywhere?

And now for something com
What if the whole thing is just a load of horse pucky? So far, that's what the facts say. is do "Overwhelming evidence?" WHERE??!!?? So far almost ALL the "evidence" is a load of BS. BTW, the UFO you saw, was it a flying saucer? If so, how drunk were you when you saw it? Last year I saw a UFO out over Lake Michigan, for a brief moment I saw a silver cigar shape. For all I know, it

FTP site
Ah yes! Puthoff, who when he did "experiments" with a guy named Targ, was caught red-handed, cheating. Remote viewing has YET to be shown to have ANY validity, in fact so far it's all horse pucky. Yeah, it was so "top secret" every science journal was able to expose what a load of BS it is. The only "controlling" I see is the way you've been pulled in, hook, line and sinker into this BS.