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Can't appear to be sucking up to Mike, now can I? Or was it the posible happening to someone other then Mike himself that grab your chain. ie:his wife. I've watch Mike in action for approx three years or so now and watch his great Christian love display to others. I've not passed his line of careing, that he has displayed as a Christian or I don't think so. If I've step over the line, I'm quit sure

At least the straight line, wasn't wasted. <g> The porkers didn't object to a treat of fresh meat.

40 authors
From: NATE COOKSON To: MARTIN GOLDBERG Subj: Bible Names of the 40 authors, would be a start.

Eat that Christ
Just tossing out ideas Curtis, you don't need to waste your time answering. I got a bit carry away in my nattering. <bg> Ok, we found bits and pieces of your idea. I see why i missed it, you were chatting to Al.<bg> With the famous Al line, Jews would never go for actual cannibalism, one has to admit it's a debateable point. Since it seems that the bible backs every thing else, Other then That. On 2'nd thought, it

Kind of like, what i was hopeing to hear. Agree.

Bacteria and Evolution.
wh Agree again. Quit doing that! <bg>

Holysmoke convention
decent go ou to What a silly question. Wouldn't it be a better question to ask who needs clothing of any type on, to sleep, and who doesn't want to sleep in the same room as two pagen women, who sleep in the clothing that mother nature gave everyone I would think that list would be the shorter of the two. <bg>

It's got to be a good 20 years or so now<seems like anyhow>. There are only few ideas i can remember of the foundation series. I can't remember that the christ idea was drag in. That science was at one end and those of the mental idea were at the other. Other then that and some misc bits, it's about all i can remember. Seems it was those of the science that went looking for the other, mental shields and

Pick on poor mike 2/2
A person, call it Mr.T. I see his acts of what i think are lies, i see him twist his tales of his life/actions.<it's never his fault> I see him cheat people of money or their ego/feelings. One day he comes to me and says, WHY don't you trust me, I've Change, I know i've done things wrong, I'm makeing amends. etc..etc... Now through liveing in this world, I've seen Mr.T. action in others before, sometimes it real, sometimes it's

Pick on poor mike 1/2
tune, this Lets wait for his next 'life crisis' and see if he still follows his current path/idea. a turn can is God is As i said to you before Al. I have no position to win anyone too. As too a poor way, no doult at all. Then to in my defence, i can also say i saw no hurt in what message Mike did post, no rage, no anger. To me it was a safe statement, if not,

in a pa is an will see <snip> an Nope, can't say that i have. acting hell I was going for that. think That was a "worldview" Make me a god, and you will see a worldview. go I know Al. You want God to clean the shit off. Don't buy the idea, i still buy this It did answer some questions but didn't answer the question of long term pain or a baby dieing in pain. It

What a picture
on a Which word Harp Missile three Just trying to see how deep of a hole we can dig here. <g> us of th EXCEPT the But Good. It's still open then. Actually with the east_Wick, tied to the Fags and a witch at the start of the action,with the body upside down. And this day and age of useing the word 'fags', well, i thought it made a good straingt line. Dam! It wasn't

Isaiah 7:17 / Matthew 01/
Sorry, no e-mail address here. No, i do have the material you had posted, i just thought i would notify you that it was saying continue next and there is no next message on that subject. You had it fix once, now it's doing it to you again. Perhaps it's had too much of that pie, your trying to hand out. Next is down the drain. <bg>

the all. the Va Reading between the lines <dealing with science/those who want a god> it appears to me, that most seem on the pagen idea of a god. We think there is more but don't really want to class it as a God or the current standard of what is taken as a God by society. ie: western belief of god Even Al's most quoted authors, don't or won't come out and claim god is the god of the


I think he's got you here. like 10%3=3.33333333etcetc You can have a pattern without a final answer. He could also say in case of math, that the answer is never ending<it's pattern>, or appears that way and that a pattern hasn't showen up, likely that is the pattern ie: a none repeating answer. Then too, i know shit about math. I will have to see what he say's now. paraphrase....junk to junk.......

My Wife ? Evidence of
He may have you by the short hairs again.............. To do that, you would have to show that a soul doesn't get reincarnate again <another human>, to do so, then you would also have to provide EVIDENCE that there is a soul. Just to show that another women of earth or soul, hasn't been your wife at sometime or the other. I will await with baited breath, for the evidence of a soul. Testable by humans please, then we can

'Bible Prophesy'
very true of As Al, ate of the Harpy pie............ So ......Rapture happen, and your really just a fake Al Schroeder placed here by Satan, to con the heathens. We just KNOW <smirk>... the real Al, would of answer some of them, if not them all. Giveing various authors to agree with what ever point Al was trying to make. Plus at least 10 pages of post for every point given. It's an Al thing. You slip up again. Give

xstians v sinners = g
BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 01-01-97 (16:20) Number: 34961 From: CURTIS JOHNSON Refer#: NONE To: BRETT JOHNSON Recvd: NO Subj: xstians v sinners g Conf: (29) HOLYSMOKE_ deep Dam. You caught on to it. Then you say to Richard, your pot has a crack in it. If so, it must be a very minor one.

Learn Your Lesson 2/2
every He had to. You surely didn't want to REMOVE Al's FreeWill.<bg> Hell, if he wants all those darts. Why not. The grinding ability of the new machine, does need an acid test. Besides, they were kicking the shit out of the old paper targets. The real question they stick in? Is the point still sharp or snap off. <D&R> Here..have a harpy pie... One day, he may understand the difference. Pain is punish, where as sometimes the lesson