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Xstians v Sinners = Guns
That was rather nasty, wasn't it <g> You bake up a fine dish like that, then you turn it down.For Shame. Shit, didn't see that one. <bg> A mess like that only a god could handle.....<bg> That's another for you. Well, it appears to drive a human to distraction. For Staal_ing Singing <picture--- 100 bag pipes--- playing different tunes> For the Al bit, change tunes to 'Al beliefs'. It amounts to the same thing, much noise that means nothing,

It's that crown of thorns, yer wearing, just trying to drive the point home. Lash me another one, brother. <g>

I forget
Isn't that really chipping the point? or perhaps, swinging the rod? <d&r>

God misses victims . . .
A strike at nine, may get you one. O'brother, cross another one and watch the sparks fly.

Thats a little 'rancid', of you.

"Atheists who do no good"
Sucking up to the TIT, are You Really milking it, what a way to be a_breast of the world affairs. A broadside/broadsword of getting in a lick. Leeching like that makes a lecher of a man, one who may balance on the ledge of such a breastwork.I better quit, since i've milked this all too well and now only lapping at the seams. <d&r>

cheese whiz
Depends on how it's Ad_dress, doesn't it

You play with the nib of their fancy, they leak at the seams, and yet!, they proclaim to the world. Their 'pots' not crack! Women a fracture article slightly capable of holding a creation for a limited time till it runs out. Ducking and Running from the Holy_Mackerels of Holy_Smoke. I know... .I know why run from such wily women, when we hid all the rocks. It's just to be

Rice Brothers
But if it works on women, he will make megabucks from the 'Rice Curry' crowd.

My Summer Weekend
Picking on poor Staal like this has to be very wearing. <D&R>

Warring christanic factio
Well, you could needle 'it', in a box to find the location you don't want to go to, depends how needy you are.

warring christanic fa
Due to liveing too long, I have come to a few True Test of Love. One is moveing,another is loseing a job, the other is a close friend or family who dies.If some where along the line you don't kill each other or fight, then ,likely you have true love. Then too, thats me and Mistress J. I've moved 6 times, she move 3 times, since we have knowen each other. I've had friends and family die, she has had

Not here
Hasn't made it here yet. Assumeing you send it before this notice. *_______________________* Forgery In Christianity Author _Joseph Wheiless SFEMB 0.41 Satan's Son The nice guy of the bible Myth. BBS TCode: -Devil-

Date: 12-29-96 (22:06) From: DAVID WORRELL To: JUDITH BANDSMA Subj: feed was al That was me.<bg> I didn't buy the story either.

Depends on the point, your driveing home.

It Was A JOKE!, only A Joke. Christ that Fucking Hurts,Now pull that Fucking Nail Out!, you've made your point. <lol>

Nope, typical creation junkie. If there isn't a answer, then some god creature did it. From the 1'st till now, persay granting a god creator, he's yet to show it was his god. The mistakes in the book of lies, for sure, shows it to, NOT be His God. He, who must be perfect, will never understand, a could be answer. Assumeing if life keeps going like it has this passed 50 years for another 1600 years and the answer

have He thought interes With his bright mind, it would be very interesting to see/understand just what the real Al thoughts are. Perhaps he thinks once the bushel basket is removed, he has to toss all the fruits out.

That is normal
sad Without extreme measures, skin will rot. Sometimes in rare cases the bones may fossilize and all liveing hearts will stop beating. This is normal, nothing sad about it at all. It is normal to know that this will happen and the animal, might as well, get on with the liveing in the here and now. Even rock will break down into it's component parts why should a human be any different __View of Christian Love__ The work

Why do you NEED to be sav
Date: 12-31-96 (09:31) From: NATE COOKSON To: MARTIN GOLDBERG Subj: Why do you NEED to be sav The bible also tells/shows, thats it's OK to rape women who haven't knowen of man.