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Since the Great God Be_LIE_v_ER Hardy, has so called change his tune, with out a reason given. It's a toss up as to bait or fishing. At this point it's, still at that fishing stage. With no bait on the hook. As far as any in the modem land knows, his wife, may have taken a turn for the worst and he's pissed off at his god. Many things in life can change, and do. How that change is taken

Al debunks Apple Sauce
all or part And what does that show. other then there was a house/thought/idea lead by some person by the name of David. How does this idea, show or give any E V I D E N C E of a god or better still, the God You Believe in One may think that the answer is, N O N E, or if there was, you would of presented it. Sure Al, change the debate, Ok. So

more babbling email
on was for <snip> you it. So now you can post a picture of a skunk and tag it, Al. The stinker or is that sinker, of an upcomeing event. <g> By it's odium, it will disgrace a privilge granted to few. Do post the reviews after the page is open to the general public.


but other One of the local shops that sale/recharge fire extinguishers, has a great market in the small hand held jobs. Use it like a shot gun, and cover the whole room. I've used a CO2 on a factory fire, I don't think, I would want to be in a confine area when one is let go. Not as good as a gun, more effect then a knife and less blood on your hands. I've got a Halon agent job,

It Sure Katherine, just the pie. How about i bring my own chocolate tibbits to feed the goddess. The way the various HolySmoke Ladies? have devise various ways of hidding their little tricks from the males here. It would have to be tested on a Marty of the rockhound fame, to test for the toxicology effects, first. Perhaps then, just perhaps, it may be safe to consume. <bg>

The pitter-patter of litt
I like my organ meat products cooked at a higher temperature.

life 1/2
of True. <g> Then too as an animal, we are desperate for a reason to be here. Handing out advice, ask for or not, gives humans a reason to -be-. Trick to learn, is when to batten down the hatchs. it Guess it's a reason i get so pissed off at some people <anti-abort>, I've not met any women that hasn't given it some thought. Yet they act or posible believe it's like she wakes up today and thinks

life 2/2
I know my gf does depent 'to a point' on me and how i react to her. If we are close to a person, then in some fashion we do depend on them, for the reflection of what we are as a person, good or bad. If we acknowledge that reflection, then yes, we are dependent on them. In a lesser fashion, we are dependent of the reflection of the general socity as to what type of person we are

Learn Your Lesson
you <snip> past an Understand, what she is saying. If you wish the term 'punished' see the word 'lesson' see the words 'you choose'. You pick your own punishment and the time to learn/understand the lesson. If it takes a 1000 reliveing to learn the lesson, then it will take a 1000. There isn't a punishment giveing creator, between lives, you have your knowledge and understanding from the pass. plus the spiritual help of those with whom you you

What a picture
a <snip> Or I may get attack by a Harp Missile or three <bg> use the could be upside down like the Christians of yor, with the Witchs of Eastwick, setting fire to the fags. Perhaps a dart board in black face, stove blacking does a good job there. Drive them spikes in harder this crown of thorns is giveing me a headach. Christ Al, the resurrecting target. <lol> One day, you may learn to NEVER

Sola Scriptura
Wait till the female hits the so called, change of life. It makes PMS look like childs play. Mistress J, claims i must love her, since i haven't killed her yet. <bg> Poor lass, it's really shakeing her up.

Warring Christanic Factio
<snip> to, for Agree. Though you may have to stand in line, along with others.

"Flat Earth" Town
of that So, those in WV finally got the TRS-80 computer. Wonders will never cease.Isn't that 8080 chip fast! <d&r> Tape backup, 4K memory, 180k floppy <single sided> Such power, such speed. <bg>

Square danceing jeep <g>
when Trying to confuse him <bg> She must of got the jeep, from Needful Things ]-{Stephen King} <D&R>

more Al trust...........
<snip> This time it's a 70/30 split. She did say, a time ago. She wouldn't get taken in again. Due to Judith trusting nature, she did it to herself, again. Trusted a Christian Al. Poor Judith, got taken in again. As to chatter Al, well, Al was just being Al. To hell with a respect of a confidence. Typical, Christian Al outlook, Just got to be 1'st on the inside track. By the by, track doesn't matter. Score at

You can't pull that stunt. Don't you know, a 'Real True Christian'<TM> can't be sorry. Now bad to the book of lies, and learn the proper way of doing it. IOW......Back on that cross....BOY. <lol> We got a bunch of harp's down here, and the points have been baked. Target lad, we need a target. The Trouble with liveing sacrifices is they keep crawing off the altar. SFEMB 0.41 John Brawley Quantum but

Pizza Warrior!
Your trying to get that Staaling milkcrate, going again by the way, I like that "=REAL=" bit. <BG>

U never learn
to Couldn't you just say, Thank You. Did you have to go into who to, and how long. I believe you were trying a funny, BUT with the past, it's just a guess. Beware the control aspect of your beliefs, for thats how it appears at this end of the table. paraphrase....junk to junk.......

warring christanic fa
Date: 12-28-96 (19:33) From: DAN CEPPA To: CURTIS JOHNSON Subj: warring christanic i took it as Quid quibble trifling or one part of me me or mean<start point> part of one or one An_x_ius anx_ious worried or -ane- part of 1 or 1 Sum as a math total summary of -me=1of1=sum then played around with it, till it sounded right.Giveing preference to the 1 idea and the me,