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that She aborted a christ child

BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 12-21-96 (12:19) Number: 32205 From: CHRIS GREEN Refer#: NONE To: RONALD VASS Recvd: YES Subj: RE: PROBLEM OF PAIN SUMMA Conf: (29) HOLYSMOKE_ Took about 3 messages and then i started to thinking about the baiting of the bears. Only then did i tie the tag to the quote. <bg>

Date: 12-23-96 (23:56) From: SEAN MCCULLOUGH To: DAVE HAMILTON Subj: Anti-Abortion Mania <snip> IS t Don't know about the big city's but in this piss_ant town. The local cell-phone owners like playing make-a-cop. Tag a drunk or a fight, trace the car/or follow it... and keep a running comment to the local cop HQ. Local cops make a few collars via cell phones callers as the caller keeps track of the crook or what ever. Canadia One of my

The pitter-patter of litt
mine, hers Day me they Rabbits, minks and goats these i raised will do that little thing. If they can't leave the area of birth, then they will remove the birth the only way they can. ie: to eat it. Goats will eat the afterbirth, it helps trigger the milk and returns nutrients back to her body. Goats like rabbits are none-meat eaters, it surprise the hell out of me to find myself wrong, when it comes

Boring moron
Is that a mass_less particle, from Al's 'Sample Space' <D&R>

Rant Wars with "Commie Su
<snip> sur Hell you do that, then OLD Folks like myself, would forget the warning. <bg> What for stateing your thoughts. Hold up a finger and tell the piss off bunch, to spin on it.


2 Corinthians 9:13
have than welcom By those standards of 'The One Real God', they weren't real martyrs. Satan <some unevidence spook>, had control of their freewill another unevidence belief But you can keep trying to convince those of 'The True God' how wrong they maybe are. You can also drive your head against the Canadian Shield for the same effect ie: no effect does unbaptized Ok, give with info. This sounds like it could be

Xstians v Sinners = Guns
He gets to debate Al on Sample Space and why He-2 and He II are the same thing. Even a god, can only handel an infinite Al spindoctoring, so long. Music being provided by the, Staal_ing Singing Group of One. Afer a month or two of this entertainment, a spear in the side begings to look like fun, so Yahveh returns to hell to find out why a good idea got so twisted around so

2 corinthians 9:13
Balling, in the wrong court? <g>

Al, Thought that might get a, <gentle smile>, from you. Surprise you kept it up as long as you did. Well, You did try. A lost cause is a lost cause. You must be in Heaven, we aren't that luckie in this area. I'm sure they start that crap in October, then it just gets worst and worst_Ter. <BG>

2 corinthians 9:13
Hello O'Goddess of the Tit fame. bear I will believe that, about the same time as i will believe in a Christian God of love. Not a chance, dear lady. One must try harder to create a tale of the benign disposition with the tales of your life as you have laid them out at various times. One time, perhaps but no longer, is that quit true. You would of done better to stop at the, "A polar bear!?" Then

The Best Of Al & His God.
The boy is sick. FUCKING SICK. God Al and rapeing of children. It's for their betterment, let not the axehead get a spot of rust, but fuck the human. Mental torment for life of a child, then it can have hell <more torment> or heaven <more torment>. God Al.......A Real True Christian Test........He Passed. Poor fucker. F U C K I N G S I C K B E L I E F. __View of Christian Love__ The work

Archived HolySmoke
What is the Christian belief if not discipline thats to keep you happy. <g>

never him denied W H Y Why should you care, what anyone thinks

Bacteria and Evolution.
who So, which god

a You just had to spike that, didn't you <lol>

God Al and Rape a Child
run, Rape of kids, has much evidence to support the fact it happens, the floating of an Axe Head is very vage. God, Your God supports the axe Head bit going by the book of lies>, Your God wants kids to be rape, again going by the <book of lies>. You also have varify that you support Your God, therefor you <to believe> have to support the rapeing of the kids. It's Your God, It's Your Book, It's Your

As a guess, those who expanded their minds.

Glen and a question ?
Vass was folk so It would appear from his way of writeing, mother earth, led to the form of the animal, the creator was the cause of mother earth. The spirt/soul of the animal return/made it's way, to the creator of all. Didn't, persay, say it was a one shot deal.