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Star goat - go figure
tingl The radiant engery produced by your oscillateing crystal, is enought to span the universe via this, you, titilate all. truth entered brain. Truthfilter circle 0 fault. Creationist halted. Please call the ICR. C. J. Henshaw

Re: 2 Corinthians 9: 1/2
al in is just "hostile", not I. Sounds more like a Christian Fundy, projection. Actually, it was a spir of the moment thought. We have no real idea who this, so called Jesus was. What it looked like or just what it really was. I have as much evidence that Jesus was a women, as any Christian has that Jesus was a God of the Christian, nature. In other words. none, at all. So it was a funny,

Re: 2 Corinthians 9: 2/2
die f of it. I did say, humans dieing for what they beLIEve, it doesn't have to be real or factual. Humans are stupid and will believe is all kinds of silly things. ie: spooks <holy or otherwise>,souls, god and gods goddess,angels,spirts,demons,devils,sin,evil, you know. shit like that. It doesn't need to be a lie, if they believe in getting pick up in a UFO and talked with a LGM, to them. It's a real fact

BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 12-13-96 (17:55) Number: 31288 From: JOHN JEANNEAULT Refer#: NONE To: ALL CHRISTIANS Recvd: NO Subj: HOLYSMOKE Conf: (29) HOLYSMOKE_ by no a post are rude, your Since you never answer messages posted in your alias name Leonard Bernier but are allowed to keep posting reglious junk messages, how fair do you want it I've yet to see you debate anyone in either name. __View of Christian Love__ The work

is See spamming via Leonard Bernier....... One and the same, one's a node and the other is a point off that node. Dipshit made a few mistakes with the flag on his posting a few times. A bit of a give away. Wonder if his God loves his /her/its lieing, WHAT! am I'm Saying, shit the bible says it's all right to lie and cheat. <smacking head against a bible> [more layers of lies then a brick wall]

2 corinthians 9:13
Sure .....poor baby..... about as 'Defenseless' as a polar bear with a fundy shoved up it ass.

Not that lad. Just a few miles away from me, a half hundred miles or so. Yup. We caught it the 1'st time. Is that a 1 inch mesh or a 6 inch mesh

oh hell
BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 12-20-96 (21:56) Number: 31603 From: MIMI MILSTEIN Refer#: NONE To: RONALD VASS Recvd: YES Subj: oh hell Conf: (29) HOLYSMOKE_ said wars on a Ok. So, I'm the one thinking of the radio program. Of all the SF books i have readed. Thats one author, I've never read. I had Orson Welles, tied into that war of the world. I guess one of these days i should read the orginal book by the

BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 12-21-96 (19:17) Number: 31898 From: LYNDA BUSTILLOZ Refer#: NONE To: JOHN JEANNEAULT Recvd: NO Subj: [2/2 HOLYSMOKE Conf: (29) HOLYSMOKE_ TO LET TO that Both partys are the same person. point and node 95.9% sure

Bacteria and Evolution.
Death <snip>.... So as a Christian, you also support the rape of kids. In the long run, it's how God wants it, and Al supports what his God wants But save that chunk of iron, it's more importaint then a childs mental health. Cute Al. Nice God you worship. Great fine tuning there, warp a kid for life or better still, kill it for Christ. [part of that 3 in 1 god]

do on So your Christ was the mule very interesting.

2 Corinthians 9:13
so I do It helps. 4 foor 9" R U N T <D&R>

Christian Adultery
Perhaps I should of said, it seems like It's more my problem then the so called 'God Believer', if a god profess to be true to that god or even themselfs. Why can't they just come out with I don't understand....I don't know why.... perhaps it means if that statement has been showen to be unproven or a direct lie. They [to me] are lieing to themselfs. A person who continues to do that,

Which god

D O N T do that, Al will believe your sucking up to him. Just a shake of the head, if i hadn't seen it, I would never believe it could happen. Funny but sad, at the same time. He's been caught out too often, it's loseing its humor. Time to check the why it continues. Not you, him. The chap that was the hub for a bit did it with the news groups placeing them in

Don't feel special, I can piss off anyone, sooner or later. It's a habit of mine. of just a You have a good day too.

of in Actually I'm hopeing for a plane load of fundy's to drop out of the sky and kill me. That way i can stand back in my spirt form as i watch Satan and hir little helpers, chain up all those good christians and feed them to that christian lake of fire. <bg> Make my fucking day, fast death and a humor show all in one. Took me a week to thank him, thats how pissed off i was

Assisted Suicide
and This is true,if to no one else, then myself. Someone, somewhere will always know better then I, as to how i should live my life. What ever the problem in life, i'm going through. Someone, somewhere, will ,with joy, tell me how I'm wrong and perhaps tell me a why. Again, I would say, likely true. Somewhat like a female who will abort a possible child. Most times it's not a simple decision at all, there usually is a

Al debunks Apple Sauce
Now Al. Look to what your saying here. The fact the god thumpers drag a god out of some bible and wave it all over the place is no different then Sir Apple Sauce Actually, Sir Apple Sauce is closer to telling the truth. At least his characters, in his fantasy have lived and others can check their pass lives and any writeing done by said character. The thumpers of god or gods, can't even pull that much

th Blood will do that. <D&R>