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Star goat - go figure
OOOOOOooooo baby, flex that field again.

Christian threats
Better stick to the loto, Lynda may get upset if we dumb her down enought, to have it appear that she would be willing to claim that she got knocked up by a spook. Her character was as a women who did have better thinking ability then the men around her.

Re: 2 Corinthians 9:13
the As to being male, it's about in the same boat as to being killed and comeing alive again. We really have no evidence to suggest that either posibilites are true. As far as anyone can say, Jesus could be a women in drag. Though why a women would want to belittle herself that way, is another question. like they the a Well, christians had total world power, and all the money they could steal. We know christian lied in

Christian Adultery
i Could be like Cathy as she work her way back into the world of reality after an abuseing marrage. She was raised in the RC faith and that is the one, she went back to. She stuck it out for 5 years, hard fundy RC and then when she wantted a MAN, it was either Sin infront of god or drop a god. So, she drop the RC's God and pick her own. She's human now and haveing all

To die, that in itself, isn't what i fear. The way and means of dieing does cause a fear, that i won't denie. I've been on the borderline of the body shutting down. It was a V E R Y N I C E feeling. I don't fear that part at all, if anything, i look forward to it again. I do.

coincidence none
I stated it in very bad form but you did give an answer that i was asking about. -Date: 12-16-96 (01:04) -From: ROBERT CURRY To: AL SCHROEDER -Subj: coincidence none -So what? Spin is also a discrete quality, btw. -Mass either may or may not be; we don't know. For your information, -it happens to be a fact that any sufficiently large collection of -discrete entities will *approximate* a continuous range. This is the answer to my

E=MC^2 M=C^2/E no either way all he would have to do then is place it with an excess charge It would be like him describeing the Northern Lights in a math format as to why they happen and the how, of them happening. Then too, I'm likely way out to lunch on that. I'm sure he or someone will correct me. <bg>

Star Goat loves each
The house hold i grew up in, the female balance the money, then too, she help build the addition, mix cement, turn the ground over laid bricks, etc. All that male bullshit stuff. Dad was an accountaint, so he did the tax bit, it was just a minor detail, since he did the company tax detail also. <bg> Going by my grandmother/mother/sister/sister in laws, and their female chrildren. I don't think we had any wimp women, so far. Some of

And more life.
I was kind of looking at it as if legal for one group ie: the old and tried or the fatal sick. Then it would also have to be open for anyone. If it every gets allowed <legal> here, then i can see another battle like the anti-abortion group. However the rules are apply it would be another can or worms. It is what i would support, then like i also indicated. Even I, would find it hard to allow

Can't say I did. What did i miss out on

Christian L O V E
I notice you didn't address, what i meant. So your showing that whatever the group, sooner or later someone of human careing will arise above the norm. I would class myself as an agnostic, prior to reading this area. That part has change. I figure christian faith was a silly belief and harmless, that also has change. It still strikes me as silly but no longer do i think of it as harmless. Now to the hateing part, I will

I think you would also enjoy his writeing. I did wonder where he was going with a toss out of 'mother earth' and a 'creator'. Almost sounds as if he had two god types in there, a minor and a major. <bg>

no sig Not the way he can join words together. A lier maybe, but far from an idiot. I do understand what you meant, though. <BG>

Rant Wars with "Commie Su
BBS: The Devil's Advocate Date: 12-16-96 (22:01) From: SEAN MCCULLOUGH To: DAVE HAMILTON Subj: Rant Wars with "Commie Su insult Can't speak for Dave but in this location, the warning can in last and the rant was ahead of the crowd.

oh hell
then so it wars on an He's thinking of the radio program, I think.

I amaze or is that amuse myself, with the abuse, I can do to the written word. Now the comma king is back, we'll have someone else bitching about the abuse, i do to the written word. <g> Comma king is Hardy I think you confuse that with the Perfect Al, I control the mind of God'. I see Al is so close to the bottom of the barrel, he's now useing well Ron did it<he-2, he-II>.<BG> Shit

Isaiah 7:17 / Matthew 01/
It's doing it again Katherine, no next message at all.

Alignment list
Ronald Vass Brantford/Ont. Can. devil's lurker 2 advocate belated poster 1


God What is THIS! Mr Hard Case Hardy, asking for evidence, about a god even. O'dear, Rapture happen and i missed it again. Shit, talk about no luck at the draw. Hi Mike. Thats the 'question', we were asking you, now, a turn about. Poor Mike, another Not True Christian, getting burned at the stake. Good to see your still alive and kicking. The Trouble with liveing sacrifices is they keep crawing off the altar.