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my "Natural" generally means not chemically processed, or as found in the natural state. Heroin (Morphine, Codeine), Cocaine, LSD and Amphetamines are chemicallly processed or synthesized from precursor chemicals found in nature. (Opium, Coca, Ergot and Ephedrine.) They are much more potent than their precursors. And usually much more addictive, as well. Mescaline is extracted from the Peyote cactus. (Or, it can be synthesized.) Contrary to popular belief, (I've been dying to say that for years! <RFG>) it was almost

SOMEBODY has to clean out the litter box! |8{) Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 08:12:03

I believe that you were trying for sarcasm here, am I correct? As dietary habits vary on a cultural basis, this could be a valid choice in much of the world. Although they are usually called "grubs" rather than "maggots". In parts of South America, I seem to recall from watching "Travellers" on The Discovery Channel, fried grubs are a popular snack food, much as popcorn is in the US. Nice simile, though. |8{) Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 06:47:38

Kenny's dream date!
does Well I was born left-handed, and at age 7 or 8 I chose to be left-handed. I got tired of trying to become right-handed for my schoolteachers (plural) convenience. And, at a slightly later age I similarly decided to become semi-ambidextrous. As I learned new things, I taught myself to do them with one or the other hand, with either hand, or both hands. (But then, on the Gripping Hand <G> Is that close enough, or

Bill Kochman
PMFJI, but doesn't "self-evident" no evidence? BTW, JOOC, how much suffering are _you_ preventing? Or isn't it possible, in your case? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 08:06:16

The Woodpecker.
IIRC, there was an older gentleman living on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens, who had lived there for years, and refused to be evacuated. He died, presumably, in the eruption. His name _was_ Harry Truman, but, he was not the ex-president. Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 11:33:34

Unified field theory?
That was Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Depak Chopra is a present day New Age Guru of some kind or other. I saw him on "Politically Incorrect" recently. Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 11:40:08

Ask the LDS. Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 11:49:16

life goes on
Hmmm have they repealed the Miracle of Transubstantiation, then? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/24/97 at 12:08:35

Kenny's dream date!
I chose to function in a manner *identical* to my innate characteristics in spite of pressure from misguided people. Reread the post. I was born *left*handed and chose to be *left*handed. Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/27/97 at 04:58:25

Bill Kochman
Hmm my American Heritage says "self-evident" means "requiring no proof or explanation." How does that differ from "no evidence"? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/27/97 at 05:11:52

The Woodpecker.
Or perhaps his sense of Humor? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/27/97 at 05:13:26

Bill Kochman
Perhaps you would care to elucidate further, as it is not self-evident to me. (I'm new here, please be gentle. <g>) Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/31/97 at 02:26:49

Bill Kochman
It seems I'll have to consider the evidence for me being an idiot, as it is not self-evident to me. Would you be so kind as to point out this "abundant evidence"? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/31/97 at 02:40:26

Exemplifying examples
Unless you were paying >$25/hit, instead of the $2 I was paying, it was most likely PCP+LSD+impurities, same as I was getting. Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/31/97 at 02:32:50

Bill Kochman
Hmmm and here I thought I was asking for evidence BTW, who is "Jelly"? Tag-X Pro v1.60: 10/31/97 at 02:35:50

Kenny's dream date!
Well all that aside that isn't what he said. And still all that aside our society demands that of a large number of people, *RIGHT*ly so, in many cases. Rod Tag-X Pro v1.60: 11/07/97 at 04:23:29

Xtianity and Fuck
Then muff-divers must have warm noses? Rod Tag-X Pro v1.60: 11/11/97 at 05:52:54

Kenny's dream date!
to you Ordered? Under what chain of Command? Rod Tag-X Pro v1.60: 11/11/97 at 06:07:06

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NAME: Rodney Foremski LOCATION: Detroit, MI USA ALIGNMENT: Tue, Thu, Sat Born again, Fundamentalist, Charismatic, Pentacostal, Full Gospel, Tongue-speaking, Prophesying, Non-Denominational Christian. Mon, Wed, Fri Full Bore, Wide Open Throttle Solipsist. Sun Sleep experimentation w/altered Mental States. TIME IN ECHO: A couple of months lurking. I read "Personal+ALL", and post but rarely. COMMENT: Y'all take this WAY too seriously. Rod Tag-X Pro v1.60: 12/03/97 at 01:39:17