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A Reversal Of Gravity
No doubt some would have said that about Wilbur and Orville, if it had be possible to show them on TV at the time of their tinkering I'm not saying that says anything useful about the potential for perpetual motion machines, but clearly whether they are wearing white coats and have an immaculate lab is a very small part of whats important.

It would actually be quite interesting to see a rigorous measurement of that stuff in other countrys which think they do it a lot better. Might get a hell of a shock And you would have to ask, is that specific knowledge really that useful to the general public anyway Ditto for the older stuff like the sequence of British kings etc. Clearly you want people to understand the fundamentals of science etc, but how the hell you

I dont think its got anything to do with alpha patterns, just that the mental effectiveness of most people is rather less than uniform thru the waking hours. Some people are just more effective in the morning, others are quite fuddled early, do much better late at night. You dont need exotic explanations like alpha patterns.

It isnt actually. There were considerable problems with it in Queensland when Joh was the premier and the fundys were in a position of power on stuff like the school curriculum. And even in other states there is a hell of a problem with science students believing in creationism at the start of their tertiary education too. Presumably its a combination of their religious background and the fundamentals of evolution being quite hard to believe thats a problem for many.

Thats arguable actually. Until you know the full sequence, it isnt possible to say that absolutely. The coexistence of both forms today doesnt prove a damned thing. There is a real sense in which the higher apes and humans are all scattered closely together in the evolutionary tree. It is clear that say cats and dogs really do just share a common ancestor, but thats less clear in the ape/human area.

Depends on the state. Ditto. Depends on the beach. Arguable. Pity you got most of them wrong

Yeah, I had forgotten about that one. Just as well she wasnt billeted with religious fundys Then there is root beer. Sorry, I have to rush off and register that name, bye

Skeptical of skeptics
Its coat trailing Stew, deliberately provocative remarks, designed to provoke a reaction in the reader. I bet you read just 'a bit', I believe you, I do, really I do Thats a bit like jumping into a science or skeptical echo and asserting that the earth really is flat and that we are all fooling ourselves when we believe that its round. The reaction is likely to be quite predictable on the fundamentals. The only real question is how

Yeah, I've actually been watching one religious fundy I know quite well, an SDA minister or whatever his official title is, do some 'research' on that question for his Masters degree. Absolutely classic example of believing something very strongly and setting out to 'prove' it with his 'research'. I'm not convinced you can ever really separate cause and effect in that situation. You cant distinguish between peoples behaviour changing because of their TV or movie exposure from society changing and

Skeptical of skeptics
I dont let trivial details like that worry me Its just an assertion Stew, like all of your stuff. Fields like science and skepticism are about hard evidence and logical arguments, not 'I know far more than you, so there'. Or just insisting I know nothing about skepticism, without you having any real way of knowing what I know about it. Doesnt matter if you admit it or not, the similarity to what you did there and what you

ritual mutilation
Damn, could have sworn I used my eyes and fingers quite a bit. Just knew I was doing it wrong. Some of the humans even mutilate themselves. Even in first world countrys.

Skeptical of skeptics
Who said anything about them not being able to fend for themselves. I am quite sure most of them can actually. There are other possibilitys. Thats what reserve ammunition means. Personally I think the evidence shows thats about the least likely explanation. As the detail of the people being tossed out of I_UFO shows so utterly clearly. Not my idea of how people with an open mind operate. Havent seen a better example of closed minds in quite some time.

Skeptical of skeptics
Totally wrong in fact. We dont really know that. Then you might as well just say something happens because of 'things'. Doesnt get you very far tho. And the difference is that when you understand how smallpox works you can eliminate it completely. You cant with demons. Worthwhile improvement IMO. Sure seems a heap more productive to be able to conclude there aint much point in human sacrifice for a good crop and what you need is the right variety

Skeptical of skeptics
Bullshit Stew, you are just playing with yourself again. If you apply a method which is known to work well for separating dud proposals or claims from proven ones, whether thats the scientific method, or skepticism, you actually have an approach which gets at the truth. Pretty simple really. Its only rigid in the sense that it demands evidence and proof instead of operating from the basics of 'well I am a smarty pants and thats why when I say

The ultimate skeptic defi
Nope, that just goes to show the danger of taking a commentary on scientists and search and replacing that word to skeptics. Doesnt work too well at all Nope, does nothing of the sort. Well, since you got the first two wrong, you have a real problem with the 'is therefore' then dont you Thats crap too. Some of the most dramatic discoverys have come by accident. Playing with words Stew. How unusual. Nice theory Stew, now explain

Well, thats arguable. Thats life, try not to worry about it too much Well, you studiously deleted what you did say, I have put it back. Sure, I was using exaggerated language, but you were actually decrying just the sort of thing that happens in a living language, a gradual change in usage over time. In this case in a way which you perceive of as worse, losing a 'useful distinction' thru 'sheer sloppiness'. That can accurately be described

Why dont you just ask Stew to put you in touch with some, he spends quite a bit of time off with the fairys by the looks of it

I think they mostly got it from movies, westerns. Corse not all kids had to have seen the movies, as long as some did.

True, but IMO that only makes things worse with people like that. They have enough problem with the larger animals like dogs and cats, move into stuff like the microbiotic level and they are lost completely. I know one fellow who is by far the most mechanically oriented person I have come across personally. Can make you a pistol out of blocks of steel anytime. Utterly hopeless at anything which cant be actually physically seen tho, like electronics. Quite interesting

I was saying that its clear that evolution happens, that the simpler forms were around first, the more complex forms arrived later, building on the simpler forms, evolving from them. Single celled animals being around along before say apes. I wasnt making any specific comment on intelligent input in the sense of a designer interfering in the process. Its obvious what happened, its less obvious what was involved in that process. There is no evidence for any guiding hand. It