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Orphan Children need God
Heh. Sorry about the header it was just a minor troll to catch everyone's attention. You all can stop salivating now Believe it or not, this is Norbert. Sykes. That's right, whatsisname that you haven't heard from for a bit. Let me tell you why you knew me under another name and where I've been. The only BBS in the area that carried Holy Smoke a couple of years ago was one with

My Book
Man, I hate missing stuff! What happened? George gone? Outstanding. I just wish I wasn't hearing it after the fact I I'm not sure how Styx could be held responsible for the actions of someone else, though I admit I don't know all the facts about this case. and to Jenny and the Wimp, another boot to the head

Return Of Propterty
Al, is there any way to get a copy of these archives, either from you or from Fredric? (This is Norbert Sykes, btw, in case you haven't seen my other post concerning my real name I missed the whole debacle when Net 1:203 was down here locally for two weeks, and want to at least be aware of what went on. Please let me know. I will leave my internet address as a tagline in case

Our Daily Alien
I think this a neat idea. I've always been struck between the similarities between the UFO people and vampire legends. Same pasty grey/white skin, big dark eyes, etc. Same activities during the night, similar interactions with bodily fluid, etc. Maybe there's an archetype here

Our Daily Alien
What a great idea, ET daycare! I could ship off my little ones during the day and be sure that they'll be safe, out scouring the cosmos or napping on Zeta Reticulis. And any alien stupid enough to agree to babysit my brood deserves what he gets

A fair & just god
Or black powder enthusiasts <G>

Hey Jim, your lord and master is calling for you Ah ha, thought so!

Methinks you are confusing George Mooth (G) with George Rudzinski. The idea of the latter thumping a bible is too funny for words

a just god?
Pretty much the moral equivalent of a six year old with a magnifying glass and an anthill, right?

Our Daily Alien
I agree. There was a guy on alt.pagan a month or two ago that professed to be a practicing Xtian, but needed advice from the Pagans there. Seems he was having these dreams in which he and his wife were engaging in forbidden rituals, most of which revolved around his wife being gang-banged by multiple partners. The guy would wake up with a woody and immediately `nail' his sleeping wife. He was afraid that perhaps Satan or His ilk were

Shoot him Jimmy! - Angel
At least until the Radical Faries and other militant gay groups hear about this

The Apocalypse NOT
Gee, then I must be a real Xtian since I hate evil Xtians but wait uh help, I'm trapped by a paradox Too bad you don't shoot principalities and powers it would make much smaller dry cleaning bills Your brother is a Jew? Firstly, that is actually Dionysus, and secondly, isn't that a tad homoerotic? Really? Jesus was never a Christian,

I find it amazing
Ignorance is bliss, and pretended ignorance is ecstasy, I guess. But then, this isn't really news, is it? I mean, we've ALL seen this sort of thing, right?

What George did
a I've been away a while and missed the whole thing any chance I can get a copy of those archived bits pertaining to George? I'm very interested in what happened, and am pissed off at FIDO for being down for two weeks locally. I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Re: Question
I Gee, she said all that as if it was a _bad_ thing! Have a party. Except she won't, will she? <G>

Look, if its going to go to waste or make you feel bad, why don't you give it to Dan Ceppa or one of the Rice brothers?

What sex are you?
<snip> <snip> You know, I was rocking along with this thing pretty good when I hit the Jamie Lee Curtis bump and all hell broke loose around here Has this been substantiated? Jamie Lee Curtis? C'mon, say it isn't so <G>



article from local paper
I'll go that one better. I hope they get about 260 rads of nice atomic activity and die a lingering slow death. I'm no doctor, but I can imagine what the untreated symptoms of leukemia must be like, what the suffering of that small child must have entailed. I guess that's what puts me ahead of such Xtians the ability to understand the suffering of others. Deluded fools.