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Re: Christ was perfect.
So far so good. You cannot know your god exists you can only believe it so. Are you saying that love is a mere matter of faith? Doesn't the fact that you nurture and support your family demonstrate your love far beyond a mere belief? Do your kids BELIEVE you love them or do they KNOW it? BUZZZZZZT! Sorry but you lose 5 points for constructing a weak analogy. In fact tho I'm sure you do have faith in, and

Re: Christian's non-answer
He didn't, you know, see next quote. So god used to do "magic shows" cause thats all those poor dumb folks could understand, but now we got us education and we are so smart we just know god exists cause we been told it over and over. In fact there is a tiny grain of truth here, those "miracles" were recorded because those seeing something did not understand the natural causes of what they saw. Just as idle speculation (without

Re: agnostic not atheist
Hello Tyler, nice to chat with you. I feel that in the absence of "hard" evidence poeple tend to rely on thier belief systems. Nope, you may be as silly as you wish. Myself, I practice being silly regularl y and I hope you do too. <g> However it won't help you prove that one should be automatically negative in the absence of evidence. I understand and agree with the "burden of proof, but just because you believe in blue

Good repsonse Rudy! Do you suppose we will confuse anyone by having the same initials?????<g> Oh, Tyler, G'DAY! I just finished trashing your response on atheism vs agnostism. This was addressed to your mere by way of flame bait. Bye.

Only antidotal I know, but it did happen 2 with different sets of female roomates I've lived with. Not to be too nit picky, but I'm not certain I would consider prison life living together. Sure COULD be true. People do remember occurences that support their notions of reality. I'd be suprised if if someone hasn't complied some stats over time by now. Now, just to say on topic, let me state that I don't for a second beleive that

Re: Agnostic(ism?)
Brothers, you should know Everywhere there's lots of piggies, living piggy lives. You should see them out to dinner, with their piggy wives. Cluching forks and knives to eat their bacon! Because, "Who knows how long I've Loved You?" But just HOW ARE 9 and 42 related?!!!?? The mote in God's eye.

Re: dates
A very good answer, too bad you didn't understand it. a BINGO! This is exactly the type of statements which lead the gentle readers to conclude that you are a an intellectual light-weight. I would not attempt to "de-mythologize" JC the "mythology" section is right where your bible belongs. You could see this if you didn't have an agenda to spread your mythos around. Also, please tell us (gentle lurkers) how stating that the big 'G' is the creator and

Re: Evidence
Quoting John Brawley It is certainly true that everyone here is ignorant of whatever evidence you may have, since you have not presented it even after repeated requests for you to do so. No one is fooled by this, but many are amused. Better sharpen that tool, boyo. It's gonna rust though anyday now.

just the fax
Is it just me or has MH actually gotten more stupid? Or is it merely meaner?

Re: flood
Johnny-boy, tisk, tisk, tisk. It has been explained to you repeatedly and you still do not get it. The 'random' nature of mutation refers to it being non-purposeful. That is, mutation does not anticipate natural selection. Sorry about the big words.

Re: apostate
he How about that 1) I'm worried that room temperature IQ fundies like you will use our schools as recuiting ground for your delusions. 2) Relgion is the single greatest cause of suffering on the planet. (Both yesterday and today.) 3) Willful ignorence pisses me off. Opinions are like assholes, everybody You continue to make the extraordinary claim that you have found the creator of the universe and that IT is your personal buddy.

to a What else did you have in mind? Spitting, stoning? I know, you could hope your god-thingy would toss her into a lake of fire for all eternity. That'll teach her!

Re: 325
the we bo HI THERE! We hear you loud and clear. Any time would be fine. <g>

Re: Big bird
Were they showing pictures of children at the time? Because if the 'thing' that didn't belong was a red triangle in a line of blue squares then I think thats not nessicarly negative. Both abstract and real groups of things are defined from within and without.

Has anyone pointed out that the use of the word 'superfically' changes the meaning of Dawkins statement? Maybe you should look it up in your Fundy to English dictionary. You are not even smart enough to to correctly quote things out of context, yet you wonder why no one credits you with understanding the work you misquote. LOL! By the way the text goes on to say (even demonstrate) that EVIL-U-TION is not dependant on blind chance. You would know

Re: Eckankar - ???
I recall some students at a communtiy college in Illinois doing something called Eckankar back in the early seventies. I think it was some form of TM or trancendental meditation.) my Nope, this may be a reappearence, but they are not new. Now this might be a new version or something. I don't know if they EVER were big in the frist place and have not heard of them in nearly 20 years. at Not to mention directing their delution

Re: Help debunk Ken
I would like to know if Ken "chose" to be straight. That would imply that he, well in fact everyone, was at some point in our lives attracted to both men and women. Then, we choose. This did not happen to me. It seemed to me a process that occured all by itself--as if naturally. So, as far as I'm concerned, I am behaving naturally in being with other men. If I'm natural, then I must be of GOD.

Re: ACLU News 01-30-97: Chri
For the allegory it is, Ken. Joesph Campbell made the best comment on fundemental views I've ever heard. "Those people are so busy worshiping the metaphor that they have completely missed the point of the story." Nonsense. It is not closed minded to dismiss those things for which there is no evidence. Besides, shouldn't you then admit the possiblity that ALL relgious belief systems MAY be correct? (ie. not just yours) Or it, Science is not a belief system. It

Re: "Special rights" lies
We are doing just that with much less income. It can be done, but requires brains, love and (self) disipline. That sort leaves lettle hope for Kenny ever doing the same. Be cause he is ignorant of the functions of govenment.(?) I know. I know. Anything that doen't help him personally. How christian.

Re: Judge Staal
WELL ACTUALLY, YES!!!!!!!!!!! I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe in your imaginary super daddy. In fact, most people don't don't share your delusion. (Think before you sputter, Staal. Most people are Buddists.) You have no rational reason for thinking that the mythological creation of a tribe of sheep herders 4000 years past is in fact the creator of the universe and your good buddy. Yet you judge me and others by this fiction. Further, though you