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Alien SpaceCraft's Are Re
[...snip...] You liked Barbarella also? <G> And a Viagra prescription? Glad to provide the lift.

UFO's in general
You most certainly did. [See "...unnatural flight behaviour..." above.] "Unnatural" means "not of nature". Natural laws are those laws of nature, of the Universe. To claim something is unnatural is to claim it's exemption from, or violation of, natural law. That doesn't mean the patterns are unnatural. They may be unprecedented or unexplainable, but they are not in any way required to be "unnatural". Moot point. The point is your misuse of the term unnatural.

Alien SpaceCraft's
[...snip..] And your explanation of the background radiation and the red shift is? And you disprove that theory and observations with what? Distance *is* time. Oh? What do you call light from a galaxy 1 million light years away... other than a photo of that galaxy 1 million years ago? In innumerable ways, unless you've regressed to the hunter-gatherer mode. Even then, I doubt you've managed to reverse the immunizations your mother mistakenly arranged for you. No, you're a slave

Angel of mercy . . .
Ivy Iverson wrote in a message to All Common courtesy, or the lack thereof, is religious morality, or the lack thereof? How droll. There are no ethics or mores without religion? Cites, please? But artificial life simulations do show cooperation to be a survival trait and game theory validates such as a strategy. And which science has proven this? Peer-reviewed cites only. Those spiritual men such as Tomas de Torquemada?

I was abducted!
And the abduction included the usual lobotomy, right? In the words of the Eagles: "You're a victim of this. You're a victim of that. Your momma's too thin and your daddy's too fat. GET OVER IT!" There are consequences to being no smarter than the machine. Enjoying that neo-Luddism, are you, Shane? I'd love to see you spend a month as a hunter-gatherer. ::snicker:: They're here and they're still unidentified.

Extreme Measures?
Well, this is the first time I've seen this excuse used. begin story MAN PLEADS GUILTY IN WIFE KILLING Wednesday, September 2, 1998; 5:17 p.m. EDT ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) A man who said he fatally stabbed his ex-wife to protect her from aliens pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Brett Steingraber believed extraterrestrials were about to take over the planet, and killed his ex-wife, Suraia Sadi, to save her from the pain of the alien takeover, prosecutors said. He

Oh jeez....
Actually, we may have to take a much closer look at acupuncture. There may be more to it than the previously noted generalized analgesic effect of endorphin release. The September DISCOVER has an article describing some interesting and far more specific findings. Using a fMRI scanner [real time MRI scan], brain scans were obtained during stimulation of the acupuncture visual points. Interestingly, stimulation of the acupuncture visual points gives a fMRI scan nearly identical to that obtained during the visual

Flight 111 already
Cheer up, Fredric, the Pope has agreed with you. He instructed the faithful to avoid psychics, astrologers and fortune-tellers. Perhaps you can qualify for one of those Red Caps? <G>

More unanswered questions
Not independently verifiable unless one either contacts an UFO or accepts witness testimony from yet another person. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. Exactly yet another "friend-of-a-friend". If you "dunno", then why should *we* grant it any credibility? Hallucinations don't constitute evidence. Your expertise in elecronics leads you to this conclusion? So would any sociopath or schizophrenic. Not independently verifiable. Hallucination, fabrication, confabulation, etc. Exactly it's not independently verifiable one must return to the source or a branch

Ignorance & Superstition
You'd better government-paid education is often accompanied by government decisions as to what you'll be educated in. Education isn't a Constitutional responsibility of the Federal government national defense is. The age is 18... and it's not free. There's this financial obligation called "taxes". Only socialist-liberals support the minimum wage and its role in barring minority teens from the workplace. Sure it does... it's called a "part-time job" or "job-sharing". Critical analysis such as your ignorance of constitutional requirements?

GP's -- Lab coat wearing
"hatred"? "instinctive distrust"? All the earmarks of unreasoning opposition. "They"? Now that's a well-defined, precise accusation NOT! Yes, there's been accusations and some substantiation of Chinese executions specifically for organ donation? But for rich Americans? Just how often do you think a tissue match is obtained between oriental and caucasoid races? Why don't you post those odds? And now we reach the urban legend. Names, dates and places, please. Organ harvesting is satanic and bizzare? Just what I've always

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[...SNIP...] Uh-huh... see following. Unproven assertion. The eye is not a rangefinder. Estimation of distance is possible only if the size of the object is known unlikely with a UFO. Otherwise, one can only determine a maximum or minimum distance if the object occults or is occulted by a known object. Wrong. It subtended a 180 angle faster than a LEO satellite subtends the same angle. Whether it *is* faster depends upon it's altitude which remains undetermined. Secondly,

[2/2] Questions
A kite which passed behind a cloud and, by the time it emerged, was too distant to be observable. Fallacy. See previous objections regarding estimation of distance. Again, gratuitous assertion. Fallacy must know either size or distance to estimate speed. Gratuitous assertion as noted previously, the speed of the object is indeterminate. You must have had a sterling childhood, Ivy. You should try flying a kite at night with sparklers or Roman candles attached to the tail or

Questions - LAST reply!
Spoilsport! <G>

UFOs r real B
[...snip...] Oh, really? Every problem you've ever encountered has always been accompanied by sufficient data to make an accurate conclusion? You've never had to do further tests, seek further evidence or consult appropriate references? Give me a break. It must be nice to have such godlike omniscience, but the rest of us are human and have to use trial and error to advance the frontiers of science. More than one scientist has said, at some point in his inquiries, that

Devil's Advocate A
[...snip...] ::snicker:: Well, if it passed from horizon to horizon, it probably wasn't a LEO satellite unless the Earth's shadow cone suddenly disappeared or we've started launching satellites with "headlights". <G> [...snip...] You mean I can't sue my architect for not using spherical coordinates to draw the blueprint for my house?

Alien SpaceCraft's
Those who claim science to be sterile and dull obviously haven't reviewed any recent astronomical photos such as the various Hubble collections. Anyone who isn't awed by the magnificence of scenes such as the dust pillars and the hourglass nebula might as well lie down and have the headstone delivered. Thanks for the reference. I can't claim "'s elephants all the way down..."? <G>

Flight 111 already
Perhaps, but one does have to give him credit for advances in other areas such as church position on Hebrews and on evolution.

Oh jeez....
Perhaps... but isn't that what science is about? Repetition of studies by other investigators/facilities to determine if results are reproducible? That's the only recommendation made at this point. Worthless for disease, yes. But as an adjunct in chronic pain syndromes and the pain of terminal disease processes?

Did Rabies Cause Vampire
[...snip...] Interesting. But Christopher Stasheff used it in one of his "wizard" fantasy novels "Her Majesty's Wizard" It's interesting speculation. Many other such fabulous creatures also have some basis in fact: mermaid, cyclops, giants, dwarves, etc,