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Ignorance & Superstition
You're evading the question. The fact is that Shirley McLaine disproves your stereotype. No, that's not what I mean nor what I said. I don't speak in semi-literate pseudo-revolutionary cant nor do I subscribe to your stereotypical prejudices. Is there some point to this recitation of refuted stereotypes? Yeah, right. So which are we then to believe: the USSR was capitalist or Sputnik was built by peasants on a rural commune? Build your straw man elsewhere. Public libraries aren't restricted

Depends upon the size and velocity of the asteroid. However, given equal size and velocity, a sea strike is FAR worse than a land strike? Why?

UFOs r real B
[...snip...] ::snicker:: Better go to the library and look in any copy of JANE'S. There are quite of number of fixed-wing VTOL and rotary-winged aircraft that meet those specs. Firstly, given that we CAN, why shouldn't they be able to? Secondly, the burden of proof is upon the positive. Have at it.

UFOs r real A
That's not the way it works, John. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. IOW, if you tell me the moon is made of green cheese, you're going to have to produce a green dairy product along with a legal chain of custody documenting it's provenance from its collection on the lunar surface until it's arrival at my doorstep. Secondly, the burden of proof is upon the positive. It's not up to us to prove the non-existence of your green cheese

UFOs r real B
No, because both instances represent are from the same area of technology. Both light and radar are segments of the electromagnetic spectrum they don't represent widely divergent technologies. The claim that a space-traveling species familiar with one portion of the EM spectrum would not have explored the remainder of the spectrum stretches credulity beyond the limits. *Visible* light wouldn't be necessary. Any technological species seeking to remain concealed would use those parts of the EM spectrum not used by

Secret Tunnel in Pyramids
[...snip...] ROTFL! Ivy? Just where do you think those stars were 10,000 years ago? Better look up "precession" [as in "of equinoxes"] in your astronomy text.

Secret Tunnel in Pyramids
This is true. However, many of these claims of prehistorical astronomical expertise rest on the fact that the "observatory" is aimed at a prominent star which often supposedly figures in folklore. Precession tends to refute such links. If they want to claim accurate prehistorical "solar" obervatory sites, that's quite a different story.

UFO's in general
Unidentified flying objects? Yes. Unnatural? "not of nature; not conforming to the laws of nature"? No. No. Assumes positive answer to question 3. No. Assumes positive answer to question 3. Fallacious logic on your part.

Gee, I guess George lied
That and the same effect dowsers and the ouija board take advantage of. Shame on you limiting the options to known science. <G>

UFO Detectors
Ivy Iverson wrote in a message to Robert Craft Warranted, indeed. <G> That rings no bells. Please explain Hector's Law. This would be the trepanning done during the reported abductions or the self-inflicted ones which generate the visions?

UFOs b real A
Ivy Iverson wrote in a message to Robert Craft I noticed that. That's the easy way to win: change the rules in the middle of the game. [...snip...] Why do they think gratuitous assertions and anecdotes constitute evidence, let alone proof? Ain't it amazin' how often these ET's are spotted, given their advanced science?

Reduced to Scientology?
She's taking care of her new baby. The father is unnamed and unknown. Perhaps you were abducted and a specimen obtained? <G>

UFOs r real B
Yes. Read some of the current literature on memory and "waking dreams". As usual, you've got the cart before the horse. The burden of proof is not upon us.

Angel of mercy . . .
[...snip...] Given the usual network content, there's a difference? <G>

Ignorance & Superstition
Actually, he's not. He's a 10th Amendment advocate who has invoked it previously for matters not related to religion. The press, however, didn't find those occasions as newsworthy as the school prayer controversy and Ten Commandments controversy. Hardly north Alabama is one of the three major centers of the space program and he and his administration were responsible for obtaining the new Boeing rocket plant for north Alabama... less than 15 miles from my house. How many other governors

[2/2] UFOs r real B
Sure I can: there is insufficient evidence to indict, much less convict at trial. That decision is made daily by prosecutors all over the country. I doubt you can produce many, if any, recent murder convictions which are based solely on circumstantial evidence and lack forensic evidence. T'ain't the same at all. We *know* murders occur the same isn't true of the claim the UFOs are ET vehicles. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Nope. My opinion is that no

[1/2] UFOs r real B
You did not specify "supersonic" above. "Hundreds" is any speed in excess of 200mph. FWIW, the last time I looked up the helicopter speed record, it was 249mph. Not specified above. Anecdotal reports... and not specified above. Don't change the rules in the middle of the game, Ivy. You said "...that _our_ science _does_not_know_ how to make an aircraft that will hover AND fly at hundreds of miles per hour...". I gave you examples disproving that statement. Revising your requirements

UFO Detectors
[...snip...] Any vehicle with an electrical generator will have an magnetic field. And what induces the "...brass, aluminum and other nonferrous, (non-magnetic), metals..." to abandon their normal properties and do this? Wrong. That disk is attached to a motor with a ferrous core. [...remaining nontraditional physics explanation snipped...]

[1/2] Roswell alien film
Why does a cameraman have to "tell" a story. Doesn't the film speak for itself? Speaking of the film, just where *is* it? One of the "great" overseas daily's right. Again? I missed his first harvest? IOW, he's miking this sucker for all it's got. "supposedly"? They took this clown's word? No DD214 or other proof of service? We see the crash as this film? Like a cesspool. Well, gee, those are some real bona fides, aren't they. The

[2/2] Roswell alien film
A C54 a refitted DC4 would have taken 10-14 hrs from Wright-Patterson to Roswell.. Sure they were. Give me a break. IOW, you want us to believe that 1) this vehicle crashed, 2) the local commander notified Washington, 3) this clown's orders were issued, 4) he flew (prop not jet) to Wright-Pat, 5) switched to another prop, 6) flew to White Sands and when he arrived 18-24 hrs later casualties were still alive and untreated at the