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Re: Song
Better give it up now, Sean. Nathan has no evidence that he's cared to provide, despite countless demands to do so.

Re: Howdy.
Thanks for the support, Sean. I might point out here that I will believe what I see unless I know or suspect that I am under the influence of something mind-altering (it's happened to me before...and by prescription, no less.). I will also believe something that someone I trust and know has no reason for lying to me says that he/she experienced.

Re: Latent Jim
Thank you, thank you. I figured that if he was so excited about celibacy for homosexuals, he might be excited about celibacy for heterosexuals. His wife might not like it, but hey, them's the breaks.

Re: ** Prophecy **
A good idea. We were gonna stage this thing in our local Religious Debate, but support for the idea kind of fizzled. Why Dave, have I earned myself a place in the HolySmoke Quotes Library?

Re: Creationist Debating
<snicker> This kind of thing is priceless. You couldn't buy better entertain- ment anywhere. Wow...does this mean that Schwinn has a direct line to God Almighty? That's kinda neat. "Nine out of ten Christians use Schwinn!" No kidding. You can "prove" anything with numbers. Probably got lost in snail mail. Or "I got several bad mail packets and didn't get any of your messages."

We haven't any evidence that God has anything to do with anything. This is one of the reasons why Christianity spread like wildfire amongst the serfs and other oppressed types. It didn't really become a missionary religion until Paul stuck his nose into it.

Re: Behold the god that kills!
Yup. I first heard this quote while wading through _The Name of the Rose._ Trent Hall tried to explain it away as "you gotta punish the innocent to punish the guilty" or some such tripe. I've yet to get a straight answer (or an answer of any sort, actually) out of any fundy that I've asked this of.

Re: Creationist Debating
Yep. 39. From what I've read, the Masons are really into the number 3 (considering it to be holy), and really like the number 13 (for reasons that escape me at the moment.) They are thus justifiably excited when you multiply the two together and get 39.'re spoiling my example! <g> I know it isn't.

Re: Questions
<furrowed brow> Hmmm. Guess I'd better check my notes again. But thanks for th e correction.

Re: Trouble!
Yeah. God's really faithful about denying people free will and killing innocen t kids. How does it feel to worship a murderer? This coming from you is laughable. Please provide any non-Biblical evidence you have that proves that God exists, that there is a literal heaven and hell, et cetera.

Re: Pagan Scum!
Sheets...say it ain't so! Ah, Steve example of Christian martyr-lust. Odd how he seems to rank being censored in FIDO as more horrible than being flayed and then drawn and quartered. (It isn't a pretty picture. I've studied some of the various ways that man has been cruel to other men.) This would be amusing, if he wasn't serious and if other people didn't believe him? Nice to see that Stevie's been smoking the wacky weed again. I believe

Re: Odds and evens
Ken, you forgot to say that Hoyle and Wickramasinghe believe that life originated on another planet and was accidentally dropped here, where it just happened to thrive under our conditions.

Of course he cheats, he's the father of lies. But he's too good to be caught and the IRS is in his pay anyway.

is <shrug> I depend on my natural intelligence (don't snicker) to figure out what I should and shouldn't do. Oh, I refer to the manual when dealing with things that I cannot intuitively grasp on sight (installing hard drives, for example), but not when putting together a set of bookshelves. <shrug> I've gotten past it. If I can't beat 'em with fists, I'll use words.

More fodder for the home fires? Actors are actors. Some of 'em are good, but I see no reason to throw money away to see them in person unless I'm *really* fond of them--and none of my cinema idols shows up at such places.

It would just be cold there. I could learn to ice skate, though.

Nah. I have enough trouble managing such witticisms as "Where the hell is your evidence?" Perfectly understandable. up The steamboat and other marvels of the Industrial Revolution were at their fingertips. I wonder if much of Greece being mountains had anything to do with their failure to exploit this. No, not at all. My computer is *not* a toy. It is an instrument, a tool, a weapon of war, and a really neat thing to play games on. <g>

I doubt it. People have a reprehensible tendency towards repeating stupid acts. Yes, it is, but I think it's a better solution. Most people don't seem to have the patience needed for the job. You know what'll happen. Somebody will exhume this, it'll spread, and before we know it, everyone will be caught in its wake. it

That about sums it up. <g> Stay away from pasty-faced green-haired guys with manic grins. Possibly. This doesn't seem to be too far-fetched, actually. Frightful. There are some Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know. <tm> Nah. Analyzing dead people, while a fascinating hobby, doesn't strike me as particularly lucrative or profitable in most cases. <g>

Holiday Greetings...
in Not a very good creation. Why did one of God's most ardent followers turn from him?