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Re: Noodles & Pepper
Umm, well. I kinda found this big pile of 'em. Pulsating and glowing with a weird kind of light. They looked like they were multiplying.

Re: JP Fundy
Second the motion. All in favor of electing Johnny Boy as Echo Jester?

Re: Wiccans
<gazing into fake crystal ball> Sean, I foresee a lot of agreement in corresponding with you. Wow. And, y'know, some people get so defensive when you insist on being logica l and rational. Odd, isn't it? is Rather coincidentally (or not), I had a nice time discussing religion and politics with a couple of pagans that I just recently met. They strike me as nice people who are quite sincere in their beliefs, did not try to convert me, and

Re: Homosexuality
Howdy, Sean. Thanks. I was feeling too lazy that day to go digging in my personal library. Um, "substitute sacrifices"? This sounds suspicious. What is it? Yup. Maybe we can try him _in absentia_ for crimes against humanity. Any takers? I'm all for getting rid of Calvinism, but doing it by bashing another religion is not the way to go about it. Sheesh. Hmmm. Sean, you are bringing quite a few points that I was not previously aware of to

Re: Evolution
I've heard of this somewhere before. Is it bossible that Astarte is related to the (Babylonian? Sumerian? Dunno for sure which) Ishtar? The names seem to be vaguely similar. Thanks for the info!

Re: Jim
Odd. God killed a bunch of innocent kids and caused a lot of other distress by denying Pharaoh free will during the ten plagues. Care to comment on this? (My original point, convoluted as it is, was that some Christians believe that the children who are not yet old enough to be saved will nonetheless go to heaven if they die before they are saved.)

Re: evidence???
That's just too bad, isn't it? After all, a lot of the more important church fathers believed in sex for procreation only, and that it should not be enjoyed in the slightest. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Jim. If you wish that homosexuals would remain celibate, perhaps you could provide an example in you r married life by remaining celibate yourself. After all, according to the early church fathers, you've already done your job

Re: Heathens
Excellent. We have agreed to disagree and now I must say that your God will probably be very disappointed with you, Jesse.

Re: four
It doesn't say a word about killing the innocent, which is precisely what God did in Exodus. Why should the innocent have to pay for the crimes of the guilty, hmmm?

Re: Stick around!
Polarizing attitude. You insist upon having "Christians" and "non-Christians." You tend to associate "good" with the former and "bad" with the latter. This attitude offends a lot of people, and they tend to react badly to it, as is their right.

Re: End Times
So, you're saying that God no longer loves Chris? I thought God loved everbody Which is it?

Re: Song
And Christianity is just another form of slavery. You are free to disprove thi s statement at any time, if you care tot ry.

Re: "Love?" Hardly!
Um, no. At last count, China had something like 1.1 billion inhabitants. The population of the entire planet as of 1992 was 5.3 billion people. The Chinese actually compose a bit more than 20% of the global population.

Re: Charlie Ray
You are, of course, invited to provide any and all real evidence you have to support this claim. You may begin at any time.

Re: Wild??
All the worse. No slave is more pathetic than the willing slave. He's not being ridiculous. Dan's question is perfectly valid. What would you do if God commanded you to kill your entire family? (I would like an answer, instead of some rot about how "God would never tell me to do that!" or some similar stuff.) Would you kill your family for God?

Re: Satan
Look here, you one-shot weenie, you're not getting anything done by your hit-or-miss postings. If you care to actually respond to us and provide any non-Biblical evidence you have to support your ludicrous claims, we'd appreciate it. Until then, go waste time and disk space somewhere else.

Re: Conditioning
In Exodus, the last of the 10 plagues involved the killing of the first-born of Egypt. Granted, a lot of the first-born were probably teenaged or approaching adulthood...but there were also a lot of babies and little tykes as well. There is mention made of God ordering the Israelites (in one particular case, think it was against the Amalekites, but I don't know for sure) to kill all the men, all the women, all the boys, and any non-virgin girl.

Re: Check It Out...
Studies suggest that children raised by homosexuals are no more likely to become homosexual than children raised by heterosexuals.

Re: Heathens
Don't bother, David. Jesse doesn't care what us heathen types think.

Re: Christian Hate Groups
Excellent. Then you have revealed yourself as the closed-minded bigot that you are. How does it feel to be a willing slave to an invisible entity. It's wrong to you, Johnny. Thankfully, you do not dictate the attitude of this or any other country.