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Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
Ask Ken Young about that. He's of the opinion that the wine created at the feast was non-alcoholic. --P. G. Simpson

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
I'm curious. In what way were these errors of spelling? --P. G. Simpson

Sexual Acts
Fermi? I thought it was a Canadian named Louis <something or other> who got fried in that mishap. --P. G. Simpson

Odd signals.
<numbers deleted> Yes. According to _Big Secrets_ (William Poundstone, Quill, 1981, ISBN 0-688-04830-7), it's similar to other broadcasts that are received from time to time on shortwave radios. The format is the same: a voice (male or female, sometimes robotic-sounding) reads groups of numbers in some language (most frequently Spanish, but also English, German, Korean, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, French, and Portugese, among others). Nobody really knows what it's all about or where the broadcasts are coming from, but there have been

Recent absence.
Real life has intruded again. If for some strange reason any of you absolutely *must* converse with me, you can e-mail me at: --P. G. Simpson

Questions - LAST reply!
Out of curiosity, what does an objective examination of this issue entail? Therein lies the rub: "...there IS SOME TRUTH in SOME of them!" A few questions: 1. How do you know that there's any truth to any of them? 2. Once it's been established that some of these reports have some twinkling of truth about them, how do you determine which ones possess truth and which ones do not? 3. How should one determine the value of a semi-true

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
is Why is this judgment upon us? --P. G. Simpson

Quote editing...
Far be it from me to claim the mantle of moderator, but it is a common (and acceptable) practice in academia to use [sic] when quoting someone else. While I disagree with David's usage on the grounds of personal taste (people who use [sic] frequently often look like pompous buffoons who are more interested in the mistakes made by the original text than what it actually says), there is nothing wrong with its usage as far as I know. [sic]

Another Press Release from Americans United
In what way would it be deceptive? This is not especially "pagan" or "shamanic"; the early church fathers seemed to subscribe to such ideas themselves. While his wording may sound suspiciously New-Agist to some Christians, the bits you've quoted are not necessarily at odds with some Christian views of miracles. by This is an interpretation of Robertson's quote; can you provide more to show that Robertson is teaching "naturalism" as opposed to Christianity? This sounds suspicious; though the ideas presented

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
Untrue. Spartacus and those other slaves who survived their last encounter with the Roman legions were also crucified. Certainly. I recall reading somewhere that the practice originated with the Phoenicians. --P. G. Simpson

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
It wasn't. If you and I are thinking of the same thing, then I read about that case when I was looking into the Shroud of Turin business about eight years or so ago. The bones were mixed up with a lot of other ones in an ossuary; when the skeletons were assembled, they came up with (as I recall) mostly children (including one who'd died of an arrow to the head) and women. There was only one man, and

Questions - LAST reply!
I'm sure she'll be thrilled at your thoughtfulness. So I had surmised. This is depressingly familiar. Hmmm. Well. One may hope, no? --P. G. Simpson

What if?
Perhaps--provided that fairly solid evidence for the possibility of immortality, resurrection, and supposed happiness also exist. --P. G. Simpson

Higher Criticism.
I know these are only figures of speech, but it does prompt one to ask what planet you're from. --P. G. Simpson

Well. I'll set aside any comments I might have about your nom de plume and proceed to the heart of the matter: Though the echo guidelines are posted here infrequently and may suggest otherwise, the only offense for which anyone participating here has ever been banned is quote editing. Specifically, participants are not permitted to alter quoted text from another participant. --P. G. Simpson