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Re: Christian hate groups on march again
The "secret" you speak of leads to subordination (if not out and out servility to an invisible entity who is prone to fits of temper and is fond of sending people to hell for anything that he doesn't like; he also gets a kick out of creating Catch-22 situations for infinite stakes. Face it, God acts like a little five year old kid with an ant farm. Oh, and you haven't presented much, if any, evidence that any of

Re: An apology.
Something like that...<g> I've already had preliminaries and will be getting into the real meat of the courses this coming semester. <g>

Re: Crust was perfect.
<sigh> Oh well, on to better and other things.

Re: Freedummy.
How about "Thou shalt not suffer a witch (actually, the word meant "poisoner") to live?" Or God's commandments to the Israelites to conquer the Promised Land more or less by fire and sword, slaying the innocent along with the soi-disant guilty? Cute. First you say that you care, then you say that you don't. Which is it, Dougie?

Re: Because of idiots
Amplification: Christians come with what they think is a message of salvation, and are often of the opinion that their way is the only way and occasionally demand or at least insist that everyone live by their code. This is why they are rejected.

Re: Science illiteracy test
the an d with <shrug> Smallpox isn't totally extinct...samples do exist in Atlanta and in Moscow. There was a brief scare when a sample got loose, but things were quickly sealed up and the threat is over.

Re: "Love?" Hardly!
<grin> Well, what of us mixed-race type people? You know, us half-breeds and quarter-breeds who are always such an embarrassment? And yes, you're probably being too cynical. But if he thinks that one billion people make up a third of the earth's population, he's been living in the past

Re: Creationist Debating this mean that Christ is the antiChrist? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Re: Christian hate groups on march again
But God loves everybody, doesn't he? And he wants us all to have a close personal relationship with him, doesn't he? Sounds to me like the ol' guy is a bisexual at the very least. Oh, and you're invited to provide evidence to back up your claims. I know that you've already said you don't have any that you can present, but I thought I'd ask, just for old times' sake. And you don't need to get upset when someone

Re: Such Intelligence
<shrug> People continue to mystify me. I suppose they always will.

Re: homosexuality
Guilty conscience talking to him, perhaps? Been a while since I've done a lot of research into the witch hunts, but I do remember that, after a bit, the hunters were paid a set fee for each witch that they captured, so it was in their best interests that they find as many "witches" as possible.

Re: Christian's answer
No problem. I still have a couple of places to get my daily mail "fix." <chuckle>

Re: Atheists Crap
Cute. Such bipolarized thinking is almost sad in its childishness. What about those of us who are simply neutral and persist in doing what they want to do without the intervention of an invisible entity? BS. Christianity isn't about freeing anyone. A devout Christian is one of the most enslaved people possible.

Re: Wild??
of In other words, you can't do it and neither can God, if he exists.

Re: words
His coercion comes at the end, when he looks at what you've done and sentences you to hell or to heaven for it. And there are, according to various of your other brethren, plenty of innocents who are going to be going to hell.

Re: Song
Ah. The truth comes out. You fear your invisible entity. You fear this great THING that you believe is watching you all the time with completely undivided attention. How does it feel to be under such close scrutiny? How does it feel to have absolutely no privacy? How does it feel to know that each and every thing you do will be played back before all of humanity someday? If I believed as you did, I'd be a nervous wreck

Re: Christian hate groups on march again
I think some of us historical scholar types are going to have to disagree with what Brewer's said. The Puritans fled England due to persecution from the Church of England, otherwise known as the Anglicans. The Anglicans, being an offshoot of Catholic ism (which is indeed Christianity, by the by. Next time you see a Catholic, thank him for preserving your religion for you), did not follow the Pope. They were Catholic in ceremony, but not necessarily in fact.

Re: No porblem with salesmen!
I'll be the first to admit that Freud was a half-baked crackpot, but I think that his model of the conscious and unconscious mind was pretty good and, IMO, still valid. A case of a lunatic having a moment of genius. was If someone is continually exposed to incredible amounts of stress, they will snap, sooner or later. The now-accepted name for this sort of reaction is "post-traumatic stress disorder." I prefer to think of it as "shell shock," myself.

Re: nah...
<shrug> Merely a statement of possibility, Jim.

Re: I don't _think_ so...
Greetings, Jim. I hold very few absolutes in my life. What Maslow was driving at was the need to reach homeostasis before we could move on to higher issues. Hard to concentrate on vast philosophical problems when your stomach is rumbling. And yes, I agree that while no one ever died of sex and masturbation can temporarily placate the sex drive (I thought most Christians were against masturbation. I recently had one of my fellow skeptics provide scripture that seemed