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Hi David, David Duvall to Steve Quarrella, 01 Sep 00 19:55. [Napster] if That's the approach the Barenaked Ladies took with Maroon (kind of they released their own 'mix' track onto Napster). As a result, they got at least one sale they wouldn't have done otherwise, and several other people who're now interested in them. Paul

I'm curious as to why you see flag-burning as something that should be banned. So they want to set fire to a piece of fabric I really don't see what the problem is. Paul

Fair enough, that must have been someone else. I think I got kind of mixed up going through the thread there. Paul

You burn all symbols? Or just some of them? Which ones? Paul

<raises hand> Is there a translator in the house? Paul

Bible myths
Indeed. Best-selling work of fiction ever. Paul