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Maybe that logic makes more sense when you're drunk. Paul

Missionary Position
That was it. Also increases in weight the longer it reacts.. Paul

Dr Quack
Ta. Paul

Case #3
But I don't love everyone. According to what you yourself wrote, that puts people in the class of Supreme Being.. Paul

Kodak Moment
Another flaw? And yet he commands people not to covet their neighbours ass (although knowing my neighbour, that ain't likely to be a problem!), ie commands against jealousy. Paul

Dr Quack
That seems to be the general concensus. Oh dear. Paul

to Jay Hanig, according to my pointlist. (Which also has your name and point address in it, BTW.) You know, I think I preferred the nice mystical ones... Paul

Dr Quack
Yes, but that doesn't mean that they're rubbish. There's innumerable books I haven't seen, but I'm sure they're fine. Paul

And when was that, date-wise? Using the current calendar format you know, aD, B.C., and so on. Or, to put it another way what date did someone start to write the Bible? Paul

He hasn't had any in months. Paul

Dr Quack
Wrong. I know you've probably done this a thousand times, but can you please explain your evidence for each of these...? Where JS is you, the unattributed text is me. Paul by

I'm here :)
Heh. Ever read "Good Omens"? Paul

An Unchanging God
LOL! Could start another quote file with those, actually. Classic. Thanks, Paul

Word Of God
I've noticed that answers are a little scarce, at least from his direction. Paul

While I'm keeping well out of the rest of it, James does indeed live in England. Give me a short while, and I could probably even find the town/city. You've misread the quote attributions someone had faked a message from Relattif (sp?) Tuin, or whatever he calls himself. Tuin's also in the UK if I remember rightly, he's from Northern Ireland. Isn't quoting *fun*? Paul

Dr Quack
Wouldn't have had a chance of getting in anyway. I hope. Paul

Kodak Moment
How can something that's bad in a human be *good* in a god? So he creates people in his image, including the jealous streak, and then tells people not to be jealous. That makes sense.. Wouldn't it have been easier just to either not include it in us, or remove it from himself? Paul

Heathen Randi rant
After the time I took to respond to you, I wouldn't worry about it for a few months yet. Seems to be going down, now. I have that effect on echos. Heh. Paul

From wherever; location is largely irrelevant. Why did the members of that recent cult commit suicide? Paul

I don't have the original any more to check, but that's not what I remember it being quoted as. ICBW, though. Regardless, James does indeed live in the UK. Trust me on this one. Paul