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Dr Quack
I know you've probably done this a thousand times, but can you please explain your evidence for each of these...? Paul (

Case #3
I don't love everyone. Am I a Supreme Being as well? Ace. Always wanted to be one of those. Paul (

Dr Quack
WOA? Paul (

An Unchanging God
Why don't you count them as Christians...? Paul (

Heathen Randi rant
Heh. "This book he's writing is going to be bad. Don't read it." BTW is the flow in here *always* this high? Paul (

What relevance has martyrdom to anything? Paul (

Actually, pi is irrational rational means that it can be represented exactly by a fraction. Root of minus one (i) is a complex/imaginary number. Paul

Putnam's Planet
GA... Paul

Kodak Moment
Ah. You mean god commits murders, hates, is spiteful, and various other things? Let's face it, he's certainly cruel. Paul

Dr Quack
You're not seriously telling me this is your answer? It's a joke, yes? Paul

Missionary Position
That's the substance that emits morons as it decays, neh? Paul

Uh... when did the Greeks do their most famous/best work? Paul

Heathen Randi rant
I count roughly 2,300 messages in 6 days as being fairly high flow. Not as high as some areas I've been in, but more than I was expecting. You're not trying to spawn another thread, are you? Paul

Putnam's Planet
Seen it now. Nice work. Paul

Hi All, Found in our local newsgroups recently. Depressing, that people can be so gullible. Because it says that it is. They are not any closer to God than we are. Once we have asked for God's forgiveness, we are all equal before Him, because we have all been made pure by the death of Jesus on the cross. No, becuase the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, ie it is God speaking directly through the writers.

Dr Quack
You have no idea how worrying that is. That there may be people out there who regard that as a serious answer. Paul

Waste of time & money
So stop writing to him, will you?! Paul

I'm here :)
Hi Cf, CF Green to Adam Colley, 12 Mar 98 15:38. Boo. 4004? Very precise, aren't you? She may be following later. If we can twist her arm. Paul

I'll say one thing. If there is a weather god, when I find him he's in for a damn good kicking. True. If people would just accept this, things would get a lot better. Paul

Dr Quack
Ye gods. I think that was the one that prompted me to reply. Can't say for sure, since I've just purged the message base. Erm. Who's George Wallace...? Paul