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The judgement of the court was, basically, that yes, Roberts is a liar a crook and a deceiver, but he did it in the line of religion, and not as a business, so Plimer's accusation of intent to defraud was not proved, since it was brought under business practice regulations.. That still leaves creationist loony Roberts a servant and handmaiden (intern?) of the Prince of Liars. And don't call him `Dr.' Roberts. He never attended a Universtiy, but awarded himself

Velikovsky Assessed.
Not true It has never been hotly or even coolly debated by scholars. Anyone who, not being brain damaged or psychotic, finished high school (if that is what a scolar is) rejects Velikovsky's rubbish out of hand as being too silly to entertain as a possibility. Not one of his loony ideas has been proved. Not ONE sensible person in the world accepts any of his nonsense. I suggest Reader's Digest is not much different from National Emquirer as a

Immanual Velikovsky
Just in case anyone is not familiar with the ravings of Immanuel Velikovsky, which Laurie has been promoting this is his proposition in `Worlds in Collision' One day in about 1500BC, a comet burst out of Jupiter and flew very close to earth, causing plagues etc described in Exodus. Iron oxide fell from the tail and turned the river Nile to blood. Flies and scarabs dropped from itand its heat caused the rapid multiplication of frogs. It triggered earthquakes which

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
`Long pig' and it's supposed origin was common before Paul Theroux's father was born! _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Your Rescued Baptist.
me No one who messes around with unicorns will remain a virgin for long. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Stability NOT Evolution.
What a shame creationism doesn't avail itself of this freedom! _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Quote editing...
asterisks; `Sic' is short for `sic statis', meaning `so it stands', i.e., `correctly quoted'. It doesn't imply there is error in it, but merely confirms that that is what the originator said or wrote. I agree with you that it is often misused and even more often overused. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

More Church/State Separat
the and Check your date. I don't believe there was any European presence in the South Pacific in 1711. I heard an interesting story from a an old guy who was in a prison of war camp in Germany duriing WWII. The currency in the camp was cigarettes and everything was traded using them. People gotsick of carrying around pockets full of cigarettes to buy fruit, soap etc, so they left them locked up with the camp prisoner's quartermaster. The

Sexual Acts
Here's one from New Zealand who /doesn't/ dismiss it. I've seen the statistics for Skin cancer here. Despite intensive public brainwashing about covering up and using high index sunscreen, there are still thousands of people who think it's cool to bake in the sun all summer to become the colour many of them condemn others for being born with. I know that's not right. L. Ron Hubbard is Laurie Appleseed. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

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is No. By third grade he had still not actually worked out how to get it off. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Sexual Acts
And so must Laurie. Surely it's not possible he's serious about all that young earth stuff, and the Grand Canyon was built in 1954-'56 or whenever he reckons. It's gotta be a joke! It's meant in the same style as Dave (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!) Barry. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

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it be Actually, I don't really mind Roberts. He's found a way to make money, the same as Velikovsky, Heyerdale and von Daniken did. It's the damn fools that believe him and repeat it that irritate me. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

More Church/State Separat
the of Point taken. by is on I am in the very sad position of seeing a young couple in the early stages of losing all their accumulated assets by being sucked into the Amway trap. Trying to get them to see reason is exactly like trying to get Scientologists or creationists to think rationally. I tried drawing a family tree of their projected multi level heirarchy (which is getting close to the whole population of this country), that they

Narrator of Transcriber.
Que? 4000 taglines in 4k is one byte (character) each. Some of them must be /very/ cryptically brief! _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

The Jen You Wine Index
Can you identify his disease? Getting a blowjob and failing to ejaculate would be a dysfunction. Ejaculating on a blower's dress is NOT a dysfunction! It *proves* functionality!!! I There are only two zipper problems a man can suffer-- (1) Not being able to unzip. and (2) Getting his parts caught in it. I haven't heard of Clinton being afflicted by either of these. the Dammit--the evidence is that he is quite sexually *functional*. If he were sexually dysfunctional, he

The Jen You Wine Index
a Do you mean he never reached puberty? Then how could he have stained her dress? _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

By exhibiting good taste, tolerance and a reasonable attitude. Are you /really/ one of the Manson Family? _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Evolution NOT Proven.
Aha, an anthropologist! As an anthroplogist, he was probably a disciple of the liar Margaret Mead. Whether or not that's so, anthropologists have no more expertise in biology than panelbeaters or pizza cooks have. How about yo stop quoting thre giuuerpress qand give some indication of thinking for yourself. Quotes like the above have no value at all. I don't think anyone has problems understanding the stuff you quote. The problem is that you only seem to quote bigots and

Evolution NOT Shown.
Oh, now I see! That PROVES you have been right all along! Some people might think that quotation is merely a bit of a joke--but you and now I know it is the basis of all knowledge. Thank you, Laurie, for opening our eyes! _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Flat Faced (b)
of a If there really is some evidence, how come you have never posted any, but just posted rambling sermons from preachers pretending to hold science degrees? _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*