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Hi... I'm new to this echo.... Ok, let me start off by saying that I'm against the evil form known as religion, or the bible. For one thing, the bible says that homosexuality is wrong. I don't want to live my life believing in something which has no proof that homosexuality is wrong, or that implies it is wrong. The 1990's are a decade of change and I want to live my world in it. I'm not homosexual, but

Re: Our Daily Bread
the a time He Lies, all lies...

Re:The Only God
Because I'm not obsessed with the afterlife, I live in the 90's, a changing time, thus I tend to enjoy life around instead of thumping the bible. I have better things to worry about, rather than wasting time on religion.

Re: Life in the fast lane.
The same Jesus that condemms Jewish people? "The Jew is the child of the Devil, and he belongs to the synagogue of Satan" (jn.8:44,rv.2:9,3:9).

Re: Friends
How do you know he walks with you? Have you ever felt his presence? Has he appeared and said "Hello Brad, I'm Jesus! How do you do? Oh, and by the way, if you are gay, jewish, black or doing anything to express your own free will and expression, you are one cruel bastard! So how about some coffee and donuts?" (Well, if Jesus existed, thats what he'd say anyway)

Re: Jesus Christ is God
Funny, this could be interpreted as not worshipping christ maybe because god condemms him. After all, god let jesus die on a flimsy cross. I didn't read anything about god coming down to stop the suffering of his son.

Re: Love of God
Funny, did he appear once again out of nowhere and talk to you personally?

Whats everyones view on that stain on the office building in Florida that resembles the "virgin" mary?

Re: Mr. Staal, RE:Blue Genes.
Perfect in your view, Stevie Wonder, imperfect in the view of many. Please tell me what women you consider to have "perfect" bodies are.

Sun Worship?
Hi! Heres an interesting idea. If you want to worship something, worship the SUN. Unlike other beings of worship (which remain nameless), you can actually see the sun, it provides you with warmth, makes plants grow for food, and is beautiful to look at during sunrise and sunset. There. And evidence of who you worship could be found as easily as looking into the sky during the daytime. The sun does not perform "miracles", therefore, no arguments can be made

Re: Look, boys and girls!
people near are. a I thought it was interesting that you had to resort to your natural instincts of picking out women with "perfect bodies", and since nobody in this world is perfect, whoes thinking third-grade level now? Humor me, please tell me which women you think have perfect bodies. I could use a good laugh... Nick.

Re: Look, boys and girls!
Including Roseanne Arnold? Nick.

Re: Look, boys and girls!
No, but she would say yes.

Re: ?
To change the channel. Quickly! Nick.

Satanic Parents [1/3]
Hi... Found this posting the other day from my collection of "weird" stuff. Enjoy and send me your comments. A warped "family time" of Christianity? A Parent's Guide to Satanic Cult Ritual Abuse Your child comes home late every night. It has developed a curious habit lately of listening to heavy metal rock music. It no longer pays you any attention. It seems preoccupied. It spends more and more of its time away from home. You suspect that your child

Satanic Parents [2/3]
Ritual #3: Sacrificing the Dog As you and your children should already know, any dog that is truly loyal is a dog that must be sacrificed. Begin by petting your furry trusting friend and giving him some treats. Then have the youngest family member nail the dog's feet to the floor. Do not bind the snout of the dog. The dog must be allowed to sing about its pain. Each person then takes part in removing the dog's skin, taking

Satanic Parents [3/3]
Ritual #7: Having Friends Over to Play At this point, your children may complain that they are never allowed to have friends over. This is a good time to tell them that they can have a female friend over to join in tonight's ritual. Have your children tell the friend to arrive after dark. Prior to the girl's arrival, a small isolation pit should be dug in the back yard, out of the sight of neighbors. When the friend arrives,

Re: Satanic Parents [1/3]
Actually I have, but running across was good for laughs. Nick.

Re: Satanic Parents [1/3]
time" t and th Hell Ou Hahaha, yup, my favourite is the "Inviting a guest over to play" part. Can you imagine a family like that at a PTA meeting? Nick.

Re: Satanic Parents [1/3]
Yup. Its called "humor", my friend. Nick.