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Re: Mr. and Mrs. Ippi
So Sari. We didn't mean to Hanoi you. Well, Oswego again. When all this starts, I simply cannot Taraway. I guess everyone on the sidelines gets a Minnedosa this stuff. No Moa. I'll Czech Maitome and make sure it only goes to Herr Martin. Mesabi? Bichir s. You savvy?

James Conwell, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Stewart Harris Which field, may I ask? Such as? I've been involved in science (specifically geology, paleontology and paleozoology, to name but a few) for 20 years and have yet to see any, much less "...much evidence which strongly suggests..." evolutionary theory [Question: Which theory of evolution?] is incorrect. Rather unscientific viewpoint, IMNSHO.

Happy Thanksgiving...
See previous answer.

souls and superstition
Some animals communicate in forms that are incredibly complex. The lowly bat uses echolocation to communicate between itself, its comrades and its prey. Certain South American fish distinguish prey and potential mates by the slightest perturbations of its internally generated electrical field. What of bees (genus _Apis_) and their dances? How about cetaceans and their underwater ultrasonics? Yep. Animals do communicate in exquisitely complex forms. If a scientist went on about a "soul", he was speaking personal opinion and was

Modern history and modern historians
"Feces" is probably a more apt description.

Purina Russian Chow (makes it's own gravy)
Fish that not only taste good but have good taste as well! After which, you'll wash it down with a tall, frosty glass of 2,2,4,6 Diethylmethylselenomercaptan? No out-of-context comments here. Yeah. But why the expiration date on the side of the carton? Without animal protein, with distress. [deleted for hilarity's sake] Uzbekistan has no nukes. They do have this strange dietary proclivity of relishing great, grilled slabs of snow-white animal fat. Pass the Russkaya... You're right. Nothing will. Keep this

Swing low, sweet herniated disks...
Hector Plasmic, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Marty Leipzig Or was it that those hands, now freed from the tyranny of locomotion, we available for utilizing tools?

The positive square root of negative 1.
i know! i know!

Turkey lurkings.
Alas, no moa... Like swatting a mosquito with a cruise missile. He was making enough of a fool out of himself without anyone's help. He'd be justified. I do it out of a spirit of genuine altruism. These characters need help, and I'm in such a position to help them. I don't do it for cosmic brownie points with some illusory deity. I do it because I want to and I can. Years ago, I came perilously close to the

Birgin Virth
Strawman. It does not, therefore there is no evidence to support this claim. Just like claims of paranormal and supernatural beings. I worked at NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory and I can assure you that the moon is a mass of only somewhat differentiated silicate rocks dominated by ferrugineous mafic and basic to ultrabasic rocks. You still want references? Nope. It's scientific fact. Why believe when all science asks you to do is think? It's non-evidentary, therefore unreal. Ad hominem... Semantics.

Flaming atheists
Jesse C. Jones, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Marty Leipzig The point is an inside joke between Comrade Martin, Doktor Goldberg and myelef remembering those bright, heady days of Flame and a certain fundamentlist and his "A+" Master's Thesis. Do you still have the key? They fit the later model Coke machines very nicely.

Howling along with the great unwashed.
Someone kicked over a large moss covered rock, and the following spewed forth from Lady Timberwolf to Marty Leipzig: Who explained that simple fact to you? Wonderful. I can hardly wait. Let me get my "Gibberish-English" dictionary out so I can translate your blatherings. If Ronzo couldn't understand the message the first two times, what makes you think (if that is indeed possible) that anything short of electroshock therapy would help? You were never even considered for the

James Conwell, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Fredric Rice: Becasuse that's what it is. Then you need to read the literature. Yep. The fossil record. Proves immutably that life has progressed from the simple to the complex over the span of geologic time. Fact. Next.

Amy Anderson-Coffin, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Marty Le ipzig: A man of rare and refined tastes, obviously. OH, NO! Do you mean they mutated into FUNDIES? The horror... The horror...

Nebraska Man?
LO! I am a wrathful and vengeful God! I do not suffer fools lightly. Like Ronzo, once they're on the spit, I just keep 'em revolving and revolving. "It is a pestilence upon this land that mindless idiots can have access to computers and infect message bases with their deity-filled delusions". if As long as he persists on being an "Idiot for Christ" and continue to deny reality; why should I let the little guppy off the hook? <snirk>

Givin' Ron just enough rope...
Ron Stringfellow, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Marty Leipz ig: Hey, Meathead. Yeah, you. Why are you still waiting when everything and everyone here pass you by? Strange how art imitates what for you passes for a life. You lack the capacity to understand. All you ever offer is lies, misinformation and paranoic ravings. I don't have to tell anyone hereabouts what you are, your pathetic posts do that enough for themselves. Your paranoia is full

Marty Leipzig's generous but doomed attempt to inform you
Ron Stringfellow, who thought arthritic bones were gnarly, said to Marty Leipz ig: Hey, drooling asswipe. Yeah, you there, cowering in the corner. Hardly. But your experience and affection for that substance certainly qualifies you as an expert in its shoveling. And I shall continue to address you as the drooling moron that you are. Except those I use for cut-bait. Right, Chum? Wrong yet again. You are the only one waiting. Everyone else saw the post both times

The square roots of negative 1.
Logically positive. Yes it is. I ordered one from Sharper Image not a fortnight ago. Ah. It's been fixed... Not if you look at the flip-side of the equation.

We got us a new one!
Read the above closely. Did I say that happened? Or did I issue a warning saying that event COULD happen? Details...details... Impossible. The wheels of scientific inquiry and discovery are greased by caffeine. Practice safe hex? No. Just trying.

Atheists do good
Oh, yes. <ahem> That too. I'm sure that there were a number of sentiments along the line of "Isn't is a miracle that more weren't killed? God is so wonderful..." People like this give me a bad case of the vapors.