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Taboo drinks
Actually, even though it's off topic, at 1000 yards black powder guns have mad e higher target scores than rifles with no sights and modern smokeless powders To make this topical, take a shot at a fundy sometime....

There are two outcomes of this logic... 1. People believe that the moon landing never happened. Does that mean that it didn't happen? 2. Your original statement was aimed at a belief in god. We weren't talking about good and bad. We were talking about belief. Your claim seemed to be th at if enough people believe in it, it must be so. Not good, not bad, it must make it right ie. belief in a god. But enough people

Aids Kills
With a disclaimer, I do. that discalimer is that while absolute monogamy with in a marriage would lessen the epidemic, the thrust is that any monogamyu woul d do the same thing. You seem to wnat to stick a moral label ont hose that ha ve sex outside of marriage. I cannot do that. No matter what your sexual ori entation is, both viewpoints achive the same thing. but if you wnat to say th at my viewpoint is based

Hey...if you're real nice to me, I won't put you in the pic next to Leipzig.

The End Is Near
Tomorrow is the ninth of December. If anyone experiences earthquakes, floods, fires, or other natural disasters, the reason is simple. By the time you have read this, Godmarty and myself will have had lunch togeth er at some cheap joint in Houston. I know that it will be cheap as he has off ered to pick up the check. Having never met him, this should be a strange exp erience. Will let you know if he actually drinks bourbon

Aids Kills
Small groups would be long as no one entered with some kind of disease If the group gets to large, it gets unmanagable. I'll never forget this wo mean that showed up in our service once with a HUGE syphilitic sore on her ton gue. She belonged to some kind of group sex club that was mostly into oral se x. All it took was one clown to bring int he bug and everyone was infected. People that

Satanic "Sacrifice"
It's a moot point. I think that you are right in thta not many sane people sa crifice anything to some god or other any longer. If a sacrifice is required, a bowl of fuit might just do just as well.

Another moot point. The Big Bad Wolff seems to be suffering from some kind of hard drive ailment or somesuch. Too bad...such an easy target. Oh yeah, did you get to tell him that differing blood types are proof of evolu tiona nd not disproof of it?

Yes, we have another one...
I'll not pray to myself. I'm not THAT arrogant. Was in Amsterdam once. Went to take a tour of the Heinikin factory and they d idn't even geve us a free beer. I started drinking Lowenbrau.

Don't be a moron, Al
I don't. he he he he he......

The Gospel!
Well here it is again for all to read and study. "We cannot earn our way into heaven". This sounds damned close to your saying "Good deeds are not importa nt". Furthermore "Really the only way is to surrender our lives to God and ac cept the free gift of slavation from Jesus." This sounds damned lcose to sayi ng that believing is everything. So, even though IO left out part of the quote, I don't think that anyone with

Burning Bush
Most desert shrubs are high in burnables, but what you are thinking of is the Creosote Bush from which comes creosotes which is a long burning substance.

Happy Thanksgiving...
Worse than that. I was wearing my "Chicken" costume. You should have seen hi s eyes light up.

Christmas Article
MEbbe.....what will you be wearing? Tell you what, I'm gonna call your system. Upload some gifs for you. Weill l eave you the old work address there.

I just loved this here shit... Original To Andrew Cummins, 1:124/4115.221 Original From: Larry Sites, 1:202/212 Original Date: Dec 30 08:31 Submitted for reader judgement from another conference: Area 62 EVOLUTION 12-27-93 17:45 Message 5910 From DAVID BLOOMBERG To ALL Subj Review of Gish Dinosaur The following article appeared in the Winter 1994 issue of _The Skeptical Inquirer_ (Vol. 18, #2), pp. 187-191, and is copyrighted by them, with all

Not a whole bunch. Is he dead again?

Virgin Bubble-head
I try to be the same as I speak...which is why I am accused of being an asshol e most fo the time. I genereally speak my nind. I know that this is not wht you were talking about exactly, but it is about as close to any religion as I' ll get. She seemed nice enough ont he phone the other night when your house was being invaded by the press. You sure we're talking the same kid here?

Re: Hey
I got you beat. I saw the original tonight. She's much better looking than y ou.

That enthalpy.
Well, I've had most of the stuff that I do int he lab labeled "demonic" at one time or another. Send him on. does he charge $666 an hour? Jesse KNOWS how to clear up that kid's acne, he jsut hasn't come out of the cl oset yet.

That enthalpy.
Or Demonic? With a Devil-may-care attitude like this, I'm satan in my boots w aiting for it.