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So? There's something wrong with neutrality? Is there no subject that you're neutral about? Do you REALLY hold an opinion about every topic in the whole wide world? After you've been in this echo for a while, you'll definitely see neutrality toward religion as a plus, given all the hostility that is rampant here.

That passage above doesn't say they have to return to the place of birth; it simply says "stick around the house that day so that when the head-counters call, they can talk to you."

my I That could even be construed to mean that Staal thinks the guy was smart to divorce Gwen. But, regardless of his exact meaning, I think that Staal needs a brain transplant; the one he got at birth vascillates between defective and nonoperational.

Metafundy redux
Are you talking about Leslie Caron? Or Hermoine Gingold?

Christian Miller's Christianity
I don't think that's where he's coming from. I think he's trying to tell us that we can't "try" his god by asking his god to clue him in to the chemical makeup of those pills, because his god won't participate in such games. The interesting thing about that is that his god also tells his followers that he'll answer any prayer made in faith. So, what's wrong with saying in faith "god, I want to know the chemical formula

The resurrection story says nothing about Jesus stinking. You're thinking of the story of Lazarus, who purportedly had been dead long enough to stink when Jesus brough him back to life.

I sort of warmed up to the fund who came cruising through here telling us that Noah made use of all that effluent to grow food in the hull of the vessel so all the animals could eat without ingesting each other. Whatever happened to that fundy, anyway? He reminded me that there are a handful of fundies out there that still have a synapse that'll snap now and then, even if it's a misfire.

Christian Jobs
That was my point: it's illegal for the employer to ask such a question, so there is no legal way (s)he'd even know. That, too was my point: unless the applicant said or did something that "gave away" the information, there is no legal way for the employer to find out. I know.

Rheum to Grow in
If you run accross any advertisements that have postage-paid envelopes connected to 'em, those are even more efficient. Regardless of what you fill them with, the postage is paid on the other end, and there is no way to trace their point of origin.

I don't hold much truck with the notion that women living together gradually fall into the same menstral cycle. If it were true, prisons would have to hire a U-Haul once a month to take care of the discarded sanitary napkins, and it just doens't seem to happen that way. I think that what does happen is that no two women have exactly the same cycle they vary from 25 days to probably 35, and then there are those

Thumb-sucking Evolungelic
I'm in the midst of an interesting book at the moment titled _Does God Exist_. It's basically a transcript of a debate between a believer (Moreland) and a nonbeliever (Nielson). The debate if followed by critiques by two believers and two nonbelievers. I am now reading a critique by Keith Parsons, who is a nonbeliever. This is what he has to say on the above topic: At this point, Moreland would be expected to make the following sort of objection:

Mr. Miller...problem?
He also tried to talk her into bringing her 10-year-old daughter along for the next "date." I would think that THAT was the biggest sin of all.

We have a Hung Far Low here in Portland. Sort of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

There's a place up the street that actually has one of those silly fish on the sandwich board it places on the sidewalk during business hours. I refuse to give my money to any business that uses such a cheap trick to get customers. My feeling is that if they could compete on a level playingfield, they would, but since they can't they use the cheap trick to bilk the gullible who place religious belief/dogma above good-quality service.

I see you conveniently deleted the part where god said (in the first person, yet) that he created evil. Erasing the confession won't change the fact that your god created EVERYTHING, including evil. He said so himself. Denial will do you no goodk, nor will it change one dot or one tittle of the scripture I quoted to you. He created evil, then admitted to so doing. Live with it, pink boy.

no help at all
When I had Louie, there was a room with four patients in it. I walked by it on the way to the nursery to see Louie, and noticed in passing that it was absolutely crammed with people, most of whom were smoking, and one old geezer had a huge stogie stuck in his ugly craw. I wanted to go in there and jerk the damned thing out of his mouth and cram it up his ass. Don't mothers teach manners

Don't you mean "diocese?"

[2/2] importance
He can't recommend them, nor can he administer them. That's the difference.

Reminds me of when Madalyn Murray O'Hair was on the Donohue Show, back in its beginnings. During the question and answer period, one of the "ladies" in the audience asked her how atheists die. She was sort of taken aback, and finally said, "why, they die the same as anybody else in their beds, hit by cars, slowly and painfully of cancer just the same as anybody else. Why do you ask?" And the lady, of course, replied,

Lynda, You and I both know that the above has nothing to do with context. The meaning of the words is crystal clear. There is no ambiguity, and no room for much in the way of interpretation. Jehovah, in the mind of the narrator, beat his chest and bragged at some length that he had made all the little nasties we as humans are forced to put up with. If it pleases Jose to lie to himself and others, making