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is the be 9 Argument ad Nauseum: This is based on the (false) assumption that saying something enough times will make it true. If that is true, let's see how many times you have to repeat "I am a millionaire" before you become one.

As if an 11-year-old doesn't have enough to deal with with the pregnancy, she also has to deal with being thrown out in the street by her own mother and wondering when he aunt is going to get sick and tired of her presence, too. Now, there's a rosey childhood. In my day, it was assumed that a childhood was a fairly carefree time when one could focus on simply learning a few life skills; certainly not a time when

If I understand your premise, I should only have to ask him if the Malaysian Muslims were as strict about the dietary laws as they are in Damascus, where he is now. Correct?

Possibly. Weren't U-boats from WWI? With well-written material, in the same language that we all speak today (with only very slight variations that one would expect over an 80-year timespan, it should be fairly easy to glean the wheat from the chaff of his life. Yet, we sit here day after day, arguing about whether we can possibly know the intent of people who wrote in a different language some 2000 years ago. Is it just me, or is that

It only hurts when I Spong.
It's also problematic whether Jews are currently practicing Judaism or not. How many in this country now keep kosher? That's just one example. The Jews in this country, for the most part, have pretty thoroughly assimilated. And those that haven't are generally thought of as lunatic fringe. Living in the "melting pot" we call "American" tends to do that to cultures. There are probably more traditional, kosher-keeping Jews in Israel than in anyplace else in the world, and even there,

That was an average. If I remember correctly, they werr drafting up to the age of 40.

]he Case for Jesus
You just hit on a pet peeve of mine. You deliberately changed the word "faith" to "religion." You just can't accept the fact that a person can truly have faith and then give it up. Well, get used to it, because it happens every day. I find that little change in wording of your to be gratuitous and insulting.

I don't think it'll last. I suspec that by next November, the voters will be damned sick and tired of their little games and be more than ready to get back to a balance of powers that actually gets something done.

If they are even willing to admit he was born at all. Perhaps they'll claim he just materialized. Sort of a composite of left-handed thetans or something. Makes sense to me.

This is the part that has never made sense to me. Everything good that we do every altruistic impulse is supposed to be attributed to this god fellow. And every bad thing that we do every negative, destructive impulse is supposed to be attributed to this Satan fellow. What nonsense! We are complex creatures, capable of both good and evil. No surprise there, so far as I can see. If somebody wants to remove my good

of My guess is he'l get a post back that sez something like: Sure smart-ass, you make a living off your fairy tales. So does Barbra Streisand, and she makes one helluva lot more! Who sez what you do wouldn't work just as well if you admitted the truth about god and his part in the process? Have you ever TRIED it that way, or are you just too brain-washed to give it an honest go?

Complement. One is the complement of the other. But that is only because the alleged god made the universe that way. Since he could have made the laws of nature any way he wanted, he didn't have to make them the way he did. He could have made a universe where evil was not even on the screen or reality, just like human beings flying without an apparatus isn't on the screen of reality. Does anybody say we are denied

They would probably use O- blood if you or your grandfather needed a transfusion. O- people can give blood to anyone. If you need help, look me up. <grin>

That's the part I don't understand. She must've been having periods, or she couldn't have gotten pregnant. Wouldn't a mother notice when she took out the bathroom trash that there were no dirty napkins in it, except when she was having her period? I suppose the 10-year-old could have used tampons, but even then, she had to get the money to purchase them, and they aren't cheap these days. Unless she was swift enough to ask her mother to pick

The Christian bible
What they did has nothing to do with the contradictions. Those existed from the beginning. They were more interested in inserting little phrases here and there, deleting phrases here and there, and the like in order to give the text their own personal theological twist. The reason for the contradictions is that the book was originally NOT a book, but a whole series of writings by many different people, many of whom did not know what the others had written.

Yup. Another form of indifference. He could have made the world so it wasn't necessary to suffer in order to learn. It was HIS algorithm that suffering would be necessary. Definitely indifference. Or worse. If there's a creator, that was his idea of the way to do it, despite the suffering it would cause. Again, only because it was his idea. Nice god you worship. He doesn't give a shit if we suffer. Remember: it is HIS algorithm that we

Been offline
Go find your own Lou. This one is taken. <grin>

With the ISBN number, it can be located in any copy of "Books in Print." But I'll make it easy for you. The publisher is Prometheus Books, and it are not an atheist publishing house; it are owned by the Secular Humanists. The publication date is 1991. Anything else you little heart desires, just ask, and I'll get Barney to sing it to you.


I saw a tagline that explained this one perfectly. I don't remember it exactly, but I can paraphrase it for you: "No nude Texans." George Bush, explaining a misunderstanding.