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It wasn't chaos prior to the creation anyway. There is a helluva difference between a VOID and chaos, and Genesis 1 says it was a void.

Tracts of shit
Kirby, what denomination is Steve Winter? He sounds rabid AoG. Is that where he learned so well how to hate?

fairy tales #1 of 2
David, a friend of mine with a Ph.D. in Mathematics will be teaching a class on statistical surveys in a few weeks. I told him about the way Gallup was slanting the questions on surveys dealing with the subject of religion in order to show that the U.S. was more Christian than it actually is (and more religious). He would like to use this factoid in his class, but insists on a good, solid, source for the claim (and

what gods?
I'm 55 and sometimes still forget I'm an adult, let alone middle- aged. You $40 for yours? Is it hard-bound? I got mine through the Quality Paperback Book Club for a price that I don't recall, but I think it was a bonus book that ran around $15.00, if you actually bought it. Yes, Campbell says myth has value. I'm inclined to agree. But I think we'd be hard-pressed to incorporate the kinds of myths he's talking about into our

The Bible as we know it today as fixed in content in 367 CE. by the Festal Epistle of St. Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria. Keep in mind that this is nearly four centuries after the birth, and well over three centuries after the death of the so-called Main Character in that work.

I wonder what he'd say if he knew how many of us DIDN'T have a higher education, but had simply refused to sell our intellect out of fear of the unknown.

gods and goddesses
There are two versions of the fig tree story, too. One sez he merely cursed the tree and it LATER died, the other sez it died right there on the spot. Can't these mythologizers agree on ANYTHING?

"Wake up" To whom is this talking about.
I wonder why he gave the poor guy boobs.

consider this
I haven't read the book, but Charles is either mistaken or lying. Carl Sagan is definitely not a believer in a god of any kind.

Your therapy session or mine.
I suspect it rivals her shoe size.

How many gods and goddesses are there?
I have some problems with "there is no God beside me," too. That in no way precludes the possibility of gods being under him.

Jury Rights
A USSC decision specifically FORBIDS the judge to inform you of your right to Jury Nullification, if I'm not mistaken. I'll bet this organization is mainly interested in getting the word out because they are tired of so many people being sent to prison for drug-related crimes. Right?

When I married my husband, he drank a fifth of Thunderbird every weekday, and 3-5 half gallons on weekends (depending on whether he worked that weekend or not). Three and a half years after we married he took the aversion cure. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary, and he has no touched a drop since taking that cure. No gods required. If all it takes to impress you is a "drunken bum" staying sober for a prolonged period of time,

Gays, Lesbians, and Chri
There is little enough genuine love in this world, without so-called Christians condemning what little does exist. Jesus never addressed the topic of homosexuality. He talked about lust and adultery, but they don't have anything to do with a committed relationship between two people of the same gender. The brand of hatefulness that is demonstrated by the believers in this debate only reminds me how little believers know of love. Those who take this position in the name of God

Nope. Glodbreg is our typo king, so we pay homage by putting a couple in his name for him.

Yes, he is. The virgin birth is a direct knockoff of the Osiris tale. The resurrection is a direct knockoff of the Mithras tale, as is the virgin birth (the woods were full of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods who were the product of virgin births). Healings among the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian pantheon were a dime a dozen, also. My thesis is that these kinds of strictly mythological happenings were added to the Jesus tale to make the claim

Many of us have studied the document extensively. Many of us have also studied the roots of religion itself extensively. We make a lie of the stereotype that claims that nonbelievers would be believers, if only they studied religion and god and found out what it was REALLY about. Many of us have done exactly that; that is why we don't believe it. I have a lapel button that I wear to Humanist conventions that says "Do you understand the

C.J., in the second paragraph of autopost #1, you have my name spelled incorrectly. The I and Y are reversed. I'm flattered to be at the top of the HS FAQ FILE, but would appreciate you spelling my name correctly. Thank you. And thank you for maintaining those files. They're neat!

Biblical Transmission: a three speed stuck in low gear
Frederic is misremembering something that Austin Miles wrote in "Don't Call me Brother." The actual quote is more along the line of him saying that at one point during his ministry he got curious about the number of Assemblies of God preachers who were making inappropriate passes at parishioners, so he started keeping notes on the issue. He discovered that the practice was not only rampant, but that something like two-thirds of those who made passes were married. I just

The rewritten scriptures are called the "Old Testament." They did a lot more than simply translate the Hebrew into another language; they also changed words in significant ways, such as translating almah, which clearly means "young woman" to "virgin" instead in Isaiah. This is but one of many examples where they deliberately changed OT scripture to look like it was a precursor to Jesus of Nazareth. Many writings in the NT were put there for no other reason than to