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Fact vs. Faith
That is hardly a cult belief. It is a fairly significant percentage of the Christian population. There are whole denominations devoted to the belief.

The Gospel!
Since I'm not a science teacher, I'll merely suggest that you read Richard Dawkins' "The Blind Watchmaker" then get back to us.

This is a common misconception among protestants. Catholics do not actually pray to the saints in the sense that you seem to mean it in your remarks. Look at it this way. Each saint was canonized on the basis of some outstanding trait (they were particularly caring, "carried a burden" for animals, were itinerant, etc.). So we have the saint of travelers, St. Christopher, and so forth. Since they are the alleged experts in a particular area, the pray-er is

Fact Vs. Faith
The most definitive statement that you will end up with if you pursue this empty little exercise is "I don't know" or "it's possible." Anything more definitive than that is hardly likely.

Ciya is behind you!
What's yer problem? I had a dog once named Dog. 8-)

You're cute when you act stupid. We've heard of the ICR MANY times. It has given us many a belly laugh, actually. The so-called scientists at the ICR have one thing in common: they spout "science" in areas in which they have no training. The chemists blather on and on about geology. The biologists blather on and on about paleontology. The dentists blather on and on about cosmology. They are a joke. We have some REAL scientists in this conference

Planet Connect must've had indigestion. I'm getting messages that are a month old. Oh, well, I'll respond to this anyway. Yes, "The Five Gospels" is color coded. The Seminar voted on each of 1500 different sayings and events that have been attributed to Jesus. Each person got one vote per citation. They voted a red chit if they felt Jesus definitely said or did the thing in question, a pink chit if it sure sounded like him but there was

Hot Damn!
By Ben Edward Akerley. ISBN 0-910309-19-1 American Atheist Press PO Box 2117 Austin, TX 78768-2117 I couldn't find a price on it, but you can actually order it through your local book dealer.

Are you kidding? I can't even remember who I stole it from! 8-)

Monkey wrenching #1
I was brought to task by David for calling them "our" forests. But, if one thinks about the legal ramifications, it is the fact that they belong to ALL OF US that gives a ray of hope that we can save them. If they were in private ownership, there would be nothing anybody could do to prevent them from being clearcut by their owners. If they belonged to no one, anybody could come along and homestead the land that they

Monkey business -- my aunt is NOT a monkey!
I checked with my SDA friend, and you're right; I was wrong. Sorry.

I would guess that if a Humanist felt in need of absolution, an AHA counselor could provide it, but I have a hard time imagining a Humanist in need of it. <G>) No, Jesse. We recognize that we are acculturated to expect certain ceremonies at certain milestones in our lives. Some of us feel like we've left the table without having eaten any casserole if we don't have these rituals in our lives. We recognize that the rituals are

Wait a minute...
I believe the account is in Rev. 20. It states that the narrator looks into Heaven and sees 12,000 from the tribe of ___ and 12,000 from the tribe of etc., naming each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel as it continues. Since the JW's regard Revelations as a book of prophesy, it "logically" follows that what the narrator was seeing was the future population of Heaven. The trouble with the conclusion is that not everybody agrees that Revelations

Perhaps 30 years is long enough to justify a bit of confidence that "heathen" marriages can be forever.

Close, but no cigar. Jesus taught that God forgives us TO THE EXTENT that we forgive others. He also taught that whatever yardstick we use to measure the actions of others, that same yardstick will be used by him on us. That is one of the primary reasons why there is zero chance that I would ever become a Christian. I've seen too many of them interpret the second injunction as meaning "I don't commit homosexual acts, so I can

I can show you a great deal of written "proof" that Jesus was not crucified. Read Barbara Theiring's "Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls," then get back to me on this. She offers a very well documented account of the events surrounding his life, trial, hanging on the cross, removal from the cross while still alive, and the remainder of his life. Every single word of her account is obtained by writings that were CONTEMPORARY to the life of Jesus,

Playing by the rules....
Maybe you would like to hear my life-changing testimony before deciding whether corroborated testimony is evidence or not. When I was in my early 20's, I was a streetwalker. I met a man in a skid road bar who was a wino. We "hit it off" and ended up getting married. We've been married for 30 years now. He hasn't had a drink in 26 years. I haven't turned a trick since before we got married. And

You could fool me. What about his own personal destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? What about the times he told the Jews to go kill all the men and married women in certain places, take all the virgins captive, and make slaves of them and all the male children? Sounds like violence to infants to me, when you kill their mothers and fathers, rape their older sisters, and make salves of them.

Judas failed miserably
in There are some things about the Xian viewpoint on this one that I have a hard time reconciling with reality. If you just look at their explanation for the seeming contradiction regarding death method, it makes no sense. If I can picture their explanation, it requires Judas to climb out on a limb that overhangs a cliff, tie a rope around the limb, then tie the other end around his neck, then jump. Upon jumping, he discovers the hard

Monkey wrenching
Styx has told us that this topic does not belong on this echo. I am inclined to agree. In the spirit of his request, I'll drop the thread. I have made my point, which was that EVERYTHING in connected. And when we "do good" from the standpoint of our own hobby horses, we also do at least an equal amount of bad to somebody else. I saw (and see) little sign that you have thought through the negative aspects of