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You cannot fight an unseen enemy.

The fourfold divion of the Old Testament is pretty well nail down, so far as I'm concerned. There are just too many stories in the OT that are told more than once, and that the details of the retelling vary too much for me to think that it happened any other way. And, furthermore, you couldn't horsewhip me into thinking that Moses is anything but a construct to anchor the story to human beings. He is the equivalent of a

There was nothing about it in the biography that was written by his personal physician.

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Ya know, I totally ambivalent on this one. I'm not going to feel good about any verdict that is handed down, regardless of which argument that verdict favors. While I agree that our children are not our possessions, but are actual human beings, I also don't want the government telling us how to rear our children, nor do I want the government tell us that we cannot rear our children to have the same religious perspective we do. Look at

More to the point, having Louie didn't make me angry at god, either. It made me angry, for sure. But it was a much more generalized anger, more akin to frustrtion at knowing Louie would never be able to have the life I had hoped and dreamed of for him, knowing that he, too, would never get the education I was denied, never achieve the things that I was frustrated about because I, too would never achieve them. I had

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He disagrees with the church's position regarding membership for smokers. I thought I made that clear. The church's position has nothing to do with second-hand smoke; it has solely to do with the church having declared smoking to be a 'sin.' As my friend points out, it is not a sin that is spelled out in the Bible, and, if the church's rationale is that it is self-destructive (the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and all that

We are back to epiphany vs. gradualism. Gradualism is fine, so long as it is a retrospective account, and it happens to a name that Mike can drop (C.S. Lewis), but, when it is done in the here and now, as he so succinctly put it, it's pointless. Lynda, I'm going to be completely candid here. I WAS truely investi- gating on my own behalf. I will admit, however, that I have since backed off. It just ain't worth it

Forgiving someone does not necessarily involve denying any punishment. You forgive their very human tendency to not think things through adequately, then you go ahead and administer the punishment in hopes it'll make them stop and think about the negative consequences of their actions in the future. That's why we have prisons. Forgiveness isn't the issue; payment for what one has done is.

It doesn't matter whether you are talking about cattle, pigs, sheep, or chickens. The ratio is about the same: it takes a multiple amount of food passed through another animal then consumed by you to get the same amount of nourishment that is provided by you simply eating the animal's food yourself. For a country in famine, feeding other animals is a waste they simply don't have the luxury of affording. The land won't support crops; that's why the country

I saw that a year after his original post that wasn't written in such clear language. Al, he's supposed to be a journalist. I must say, for a professional writer, he hasn't a clue how to make himself clear in writing. I'm appalled. He writes in cute little soundbites, then, when his back is against the wall, he backs off those soundbites and puts in all sorts of qualifiers. My guess is that the original statements are the REAL

He genuinely cares about me. We have a true-blue love and respect for each other. We laugh at the same jokes (for the most part), cry at the same sad tales. He has demonstrated again and again that he would not for the world say or do anything that was hurtful toward me or anybody else. We are sympatico. He has infinite patience. He told me once that at one time he thought it would be "neat" if I were

No, you understand that some fundy preacher TOLD YOU they made evolution impossible. He lied, and you were dumb enough to believe it.

Baloney! If you can convince a people that what they are going through is nothing compared to what they've been through in the past and prevailed against, a story of ardurous hardship has GREAT cultural advantage. That's exactly what the story of the captivity is. They were great because they finally prevailed against all the forces a more advanced culture could throw at them. What can be greater than that? Anybody can be great when times are good, but if

You're the one who's got it wrong. Survival of the fittest is simply another way of saying "survival of those most suited to survival." And, if a person leaves a loaded gun laying around for their kids to get their hands on, it only stands to reason that person's DNA WON'T survive long enough to create any more copies of that strain of DNA. Therefore, that person's genes are NOT the fittest, by definition. If they had been the fittest,

Logging in as a first and middle initial followed by your last name is hardly a pseudonym. Logging in as M. Hardy is not a pseudonym, either. And as for me wanting him to make an apology, I don't really give a fuck whether he does or not. From my perspective, he's made enough totally false statements that an apology would be highly suspect anyway. My statement regarding his ability to apologize anytime he wanted to was NOT some sort

to My husband is hardly a "pathetic whiner." He's a retired laborer who never accepted a dime from anybody in his life that he did not earn. He helped his mother support 6 brothers and sisters through the Depression. He was born in 1921, long before your PC nonsense was ever heard of. He does, however, remember going to Catholic schools and finally wondering WHY he was Catholic, when the Indians clearly weren't, to begin with. He does, however, remember

I don't give a rat's ass whether he apologizes or not. It is HE who needs to apologize, not me who needs to hear it. And, chances are, I would regard any apology from him as having about the same degree of credibility as most of the other bullshit he's spouted into this echo over the past 2-3 years: very little, if any. I was merely pointing out to you that there was even a degree of dishonesty in this

Then be prepared to have the police departments check out (i.e., thoroughly investigate) over a million false accusations each and every year, because that's how many abortions there are each year.

to My husband has something to say. He doesn't type, so I'm typing, but he's talking. I worked and lived in the White Man's world all my life. I figured you couldn't beat 'em, so I joined them and made sure I did better work than they did. So I was usually in a supervisory position. And I don't whine or cry; I'm too busy living and having fun. So put THAT in you (peace)pipe and smoke it. Marilyn

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Thank you, Martin. Your opinion matters to me. I appreciate you clearing things up. We all say things that, on reflection, we wish we hadn't said. It takes a good man to admit it and eat a bit of crow. May I send you a good recipe, so it'll go down easier? It's called Crow Hardy Fricassee. You'll LOVE it. <grin>