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If I remember correctly, my fundy friend would view this whole issue quite differently. He would say that God did not create each and every one of us. Our parents created us, just as their parents created them, etc. What God created was the FIRST human beings, and the mechanism for them to create more human beings. Viewing it that way removes god from any direct responsibility for things like birth defects, people who are born psychotic and therefore can't

You can't teach people to adequately farm land that is not longer arable. THAT is my point! And, that IS the case in many areas in sub-Saharan Africa. To think otherwise is to completely miss the seriousness of what has happened there.

Yes, I pretty much feel that way regarding the Constitution. I'll admit it. I've spent my life trying to get people to see the importance of preserving our liberties. And, with damned good reason. History will show that once a people lose a liberty, they only way they can regain it is with bloodshed. It is far, far better to hang onto those liberties to begin with. And, that is a perspective that is totally in keeping with my pacifism:

I read Spong (two of them, in fact), then mentioned that I had. That got the ball rolling. Rather than see that as a "well at least she's reading something that isn't openly hostile toward the religious point of view" sort of thing, he immediately started bad-mouthing Spong for having a deviant theology. He's a bone fide prick, Al, whether you can see it or not. No. I have already read enough conservative apologetics to last me a lifetime. It

That wasn't our experience. Of course, we both worked whever we could, so we didn't get below the SRO level. Single-room occupancy is a bummer though, for the same reasons you cite. A room by the night in a fleabag hotel costs way more than a room by the week, which in turn costs more than a room by the month. But, if you can't get enough together at one time to pay for a week's room rent, then you

All I can say is that stupdity knows no bounds. A story like that makes you wonder just how thoughtful and thorough their safety lessons actually were. <sigh>

Like everything else, inflation is usually considered to be good in small quantities. A bit of inflation is a sign of a healthy, growing economy. But an economy couldn't really grow with a hundred percent employment, because it would spend too much of its energy spinning its wheels playing musical jobs. A hundred percent employment suggests that even the unqualified would be working (and not really pulling their weight, which would also be inflationary (i.e., some wouldn't be producing enough

You're right I *AM* a caring person. But I also do not suffer fools gladly, and anybody who would leave an unlocked gun lying around for an untrained child to get ahold of is a fool. That is unfortunate for the child, but I cannot rear everybody else's kids, and it is not society's place to rear them, either. The only real incentive there is for parents to do the job of parenting is to have them pay the consequences

Sorry, but it was not a 1950's economy. I was still in grade school in the 50's. We got married in the mid-60's, and had a child in 1966, which did not help our "trip up the ladder."

Correct. And the fact that Christianity makes these same, hackneyed claims is rather boring. Why should anybody give their claims any more credence than they give to the claims of the shamans in Central America or the NewAgers' claims that are similar or identical? Christianity is nothing but a retread of the same old superstitions that have been around since Man learned how to communicate with words.

That's because he's never turned the full force of his obnoxious personality on you. Likely THAT's because he a) needs an ally in this echo, and b) happens to like you for whatever reasons of his own. He has not extended those same courtesies to Lynda and me, probably because a) our take on the mythical portions of his theology make him acutely uncomfortable, causing him to display a rabid need to defend those mythical portions in both orthodox and

I don't have to "prove" anything. Mack's reasoning is no more circular than the fundamentalists' reasoning. Mack believes there is a now-extinct form of communication called "Q," Mikey and the fundies believe there is a no-extince form of communication called "miracles." Now YOU tell ME which is more likely: a perfectly human construct that is mundane in character, or a perfectly impossible construct that is supernatural in character. Go ahead. I dare you to admit that you are just as

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Michael has a VERY selective memory where his own history is concerned. Don't you KNOW you're supposed to knee-jerk your approval of "his side" of any position in order to avoid embarrassing him by leaving him out there all alone? Don't you KNOW it is more important for you to "take the proper side" than it is for you to express your own mind? Don't you KNOW the whole purpose of this echo is "us" against "them?" There is a

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But, would he have made the above admission, had his back not been thoroughly pinned against the wall? I see no sign he would have. It is only when the conversation has disintegrated to the point where we are discussing HIS TACTICS rather than the issues that we've been able to get this admission at all. WHY do we have to get into personalities in order to get any real candor from him? WHY do we have to veer so

[2/2] [1/2] ALLEGORY
You do notice, of course, that there is not a word about a need to apologize to ME. It has never occurred to him that I have in any way been hurt by this whole debacle, and that is why I've twitted him. He'll leave a certain amount of latitude for diversity among believers, but by damn, NONbeliever had better get it RIGHT! He's a real piece of work, Lynda, and he'll stay in my twit filter. I would not

He had the option of switching gears, yet he didn't. To me, that says it all. I think that he is crawfishing now only because he is being left with no alternative but to crawfish or be forever seen as the brick wall that he truly is. Well, at last I found an area of open disagreement between us. You give Mikey far more slack than I'm willing to give him. He honesty BELIEVE "I'm right and you're wrong, period,"

The same can be said about a whole lot of other stories in the Bible. You either have to accept them as allegory, or you have to admit that the claims of god's justice, mercy, and love are a crock. You can't have it both ways. That's what my "god is an asshole" conversations with Al have been about. I simply can't see his description of god as being valid without it raising far more questions than it answers. Hanging

Losing the Labels [1/2]
I misstated the question by a hair. Let me restate it. Where in the bible does it say that we must accept verse X or book Y the way that Mikey does or be condemned? There is much room for disagreement regarding perspective, where scripture is concerned. Yes. I'd very much like to see those who insist that the Resurrection account are literal fact try to harmonize the various accounts. It can't be done. I just can't be done. There

That's the part that's so infuriating. If somebody comes to another conclusion, it's because they just haven't deovted the sincere thought to the topic that Mikey has. And, Mikey just can't understand why he comes across as putting others down in order to build himself up. <sigh>

I don't know what Al is talking about on this one. Is his wife birthing PUPPIES?????