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It's tough, but not nearly as tough as you make it out to be. We did it without any help from the Government or charitable agencies. Here's how: You work out of the slave market, which does farm labor and cares not how you are dressed or if you're clean (you'll be dirty after the first 20 minutes if you're doing the job right, anyway). You get paid in cash every night for the first several days or weeks. (Nowadays,

More Bible Errors
Ask and ye shall receive. One of the best examples of untrustworthiness in the bible is from Titus 1:12 (RSV)... One of themselves, a prophet of their own, said,"Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons." This testimony is true. If the Cretan Paul quoted was a truth-teller, then what the Cretan said (i.e. that all members of the class he belonged to are non-truth-tellers), cannot be the truth. If the Cretan was a liar, then, for the thing he

More Bible Errors
continued In Luke 22:41 we have Jesus and the disciples in the garden and Jesus moves away from them to pray. We then get some details about the praying and how he sweated blood in his 'agony' from v42 to v44. In v45 Jesus returns to the disciples and finds that they are all sleeping. My question is; if they were all sleeping how did any of them know what Jesus said while praying and how did any

More Bible Errors
continued Arpachshad's son was Shelah Gen 11:12 Arpachshad's grandson was Shelah Luke 3:35-36 The Hebrews dwelt in Egypt for 430 years Ex 12:40 The Hebrews dwelt in Egypt for 400 years Acts 7:6 God's plague kills 24,000 Num 25:9 God's plague kills 23,000 1 Cor 10:8 God forbids killing Ex 20:13 God commands killing Ex 32:27 Jesse had eight children 1 Sam 16:10-13 Jesse had seven children 1

Is it just me, or isn't what Mikey said a complete non sequitor? He'll find anything and call it an opening to preach, won't he? I wonder if he preaches during sex.

Well, nobody can say Mikey isn't consistent. Too bad he's chosen to be consistently wrong. You are neither a non-Christian nor an heretic. But I do know somebody who is a hypocritical Christian. My lips, however, are sealed regarding his name. But, Lynda. You can't possibly be a Christian. You disagree with Mikey regarding the meaning of the Bible. How DARE you call youself a Christian! And, horror of horrors! You've AGREED WITH ME! Now, if that doesn't put you

Al is making a very common mistake by going from the specific to the general much too quickly. Just because ONE person knows something, it in no way follows that ALL people know the same thing. That is true today, and was even truer before the mass communications systems we now have. And, even those who have heard a particular factoid are not necessarily going to agree with it, even if it later turns out to be a given. Ptolemy

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I have a much more fundamental beef with his position. I says that Spong is in error. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Spong sees things differently than Mikey does, so SPONG is the one who is wrong. It has not now nor in the past occurred to Mikey that HE just may be the one in error. My guess is that his error is in thinking that interpretation has more importance than intent and sincerity. But then, what

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How can I be "dogmatic," when my position is that I think Spong has a point, even though Spong comes from completely the opposite direction insofar as his foundation is concerned? Reminds me of something that happened to me last week. My fundy friend has just started working for a law firm after being self- employed for the past two or three years. I was on vacation last week, so I decided to drop by for lunch. We sat and

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I doubt that the followers of Jesus completely shed their culture the day they decided to follow. If midras was a part of that culture, they took the rhetorical style with them, I'm sure. And, many of these styles were firmly entrenched in everyday life. I suspect that here again, midrash just may have fit into that category. It is at least as valid to assume that it was as it is to assume that it wasn't. We in the

Jon Vandenberg
Yes. It's resisten to all the conventional treatments. I think they treat it with a combination of drugs, but you'd have to check with Marty Glodbreg; he's the expert in that area, not me.

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I don't recall any disagreement. Was there one? How could I POSSIBLY have missed it, as "dogmatic" as I am? Lynda, my take on this thing is really quite simple: Mike thinks a person can't see things Spong's way and be a Christian. Yet, where in the Bible is the instructions regarding how we are to interpret it and process it in our own minds? Where in the Bible does it say that we must accept verse X or book

On (07 Apr 96) Al Schroeder wrote to All... Al, don't bother posting any more of his messages either to me or to all. He is too damned set in his ways to get the point, anyway. He fails to see that whatever conclusion he's come to regarding scripture has absolutely nothing to do with the issue. The issue is that he absolutely can't allow somebody else to see things differently without him concluding they are wrong and treating them

We could all tell horror stories about the corporate psyche. I work in marketing, but in the intelligence/analysis end of the process. We attempt to get all the dope we can on our competitors in order to develop strategy and long-range planning. One of the analysts asked me to get some info on a client from one of the field analysts. I called the right one, and he said that the info in question had been given to him on

ISMS [1]
I see the real problem quite differently. We all are good at some things, not-so-good at some things, and horrible at what's left. If we spend a bunch of time consciously telling ourselves how good we are, we are ignoring the things that we aren't so good at. Doing that leaves us at a disadvantage when we have to compete in the marketplace with people who are willing and able to say "I don't do X very well, so I'd

But, in this case, is it the Girls Scouts who decide what Girl Scouts are? I don't think so. If one hundred percent of the Christians in the world have it wrong, they would be shouting to the rooftops that they have it right. You KNOW that is so. We see them crowing about "what scripture REALLY means" every day right here in HS. Consider something else: is scripture REALLY what a religious experience is about? or is that just

I'm not saying that others factors can't also be inflationary, I was just pointing out to Sue how a 100 percent employment rate WOULD be inflationary, and why it also wouldn't necessarily be a good thing for the country in which it existed.

Boy Scots Finally Lose One
Because Congress is a bunch of jerks who will pander to the religious segment of our society in order to garner favor on election day. That is why we have groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union, American Atheists, etc. It keeps their pandering little asses' feet to the fire regarding the Wall of Separation. Stopping the funding would require the Congress' respect for the First Amendment. Fat chance! We use whatever tools are at our

Unemployment [1]
Then, you don't have 100 percent employment, by definition. Then, you don't have 100 percent employment. That's why economists usually regard 2-3 percent unemployment as full employment: it allows for those who voluntarily quit their jobs because they don't want to work, are pissed off at their boss, etc. That basically has nothing to do with whether or not 100 percent employment is inflationary. THAT is all I was attempting to explain to you in laymen's terms.

It's an absurdity to say that anybody chooses of their own free will to be damned! People lots of choices, but it is totally unlikely thta ANYBODY would consciously choose "to be damned." You DO get carried away with your own rhetoric!