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That's why I said "at least." Some sources I've read place the earliest at 70 years after his death. But 30 years is long enough to make the point that the quotes of his word have very little chance of being accurate, and the accounts of events in his life have about the same chance of being accurate as the quotes.

Question for the Better Educated
No, that's not it. It was specifically some theoretical physics thing.

I found a copy of it at Powell's, and I'm reading it now.

Fact vs. Faith
I think it sez $37.50 in Canada on the dust cover of my copy.

Your "proof" stinks. Can I prove that the Easter Bunny lives, or that Santa walked the face of the Earth? No. But I can tell you that in my heart, I do believe it just as much as I believe that Abraham Lincoln lived also. My statement is just as valid as yours. To begin with, Jesus wrote nothing, so far as we can tell. While there was a certain amount written ABOUT him that is more or less contemporary

Question for the Better Educated
Nope. It was a physical law such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics or the like. The guy was a physicist who had held a chair in theoretical physics at either Oxford or Cambridge.

Maybe You Can Tell Me
The fact that the Bible also says "God is Love" barely gets a nod and wave of the hand from these same cretins. Go figure.

help for Jesse?
Just a couple of quick questions. 1. Precisely what do you mean by "crosses the laws of nature?" and 2. How does life fit the definitino of having "cross(ed) the laws of nature?" Please allow me the luxury of a third question: 3. Why do you assume that nonbelievers are speeping [sic] God and His proof under the carpet? Perhaps more intelligent discourse can occur if you answer these three questions.

The Gospel!
no The "I can't see any other explanation" argument is known as argument from ignorance. It is generally thought to show ignorance, not God. When I was 5 years old, I could not think of any other explanation for a cake rising in the oven except "magic," either, but that was ignorance, and not an accurate explanation of how it occurred. Give up the argument from ignorance and get an education about how life is REALLY formed and propagated. There

The Gospel!
Well, Len, you've just talked down to one of the people who knows the answer to your unanswerable questions to which you assign "God" as the answer. He's an immunologist, and understands life at the most elementary (cellular) level very well. I think you are about to get one of those free lessons that I mentioned in the message preceding this one. Hang onto your chair, 'cause he's likely to blow you and your condescension away.

Who does what
Not necessarily true. It was from listening to a lecture that was sponsored by ARC (the Association for Retarded Citizens) that I was able to plan my own estate and write my own will. Although my attorney oversaw my efforts, a will that would have cost thousands of dollars ended up costing me only $400 to draft and sign. Leaving your estate to somebody who is mentally handicapped is a VERY complex thing for the average citizen to do, and

Atheists do good
Let me see if I've got this straight. If you pass out blankets in the wintertime, it will encourage people to move out of their warm apartments and houses and into the streets, just so they can get a free blanket. HoooKAY! And these guys were elected by the majority. Right? That's frightening!

John, I was mistaken about the Canadian price of "The Five Gospels." It's actually $37.95 Canadian, not $37.50. That said, I wouldn't expect Steve Bedard to subscribe to the views expressed in TFG, but according to that book, Jesus never said those words; they were said by a couple of the gospellers and put into the mouth of Jesus by them. I think that the fundamentalists would have a hard time dealing with just how few of the words that

You are making this much more complicated than it need be. A lot of couples repeat vows that they have written, with the person officiating doing little more than standing there and signing papers later. So long as the words that each says show clear intent to spend the rest of your life with the other person, there is no reason in the world why the words have to fit a certain pattern. I mean, it isn't like the priest

My turn. Three nuns were standing in line for confession. The first one went into the little phone booth and said "Father forgive me for I have sinned. I saw what a man has." The priest said "Wash your eyes with holy water and say ten Hail Marys." The second one entered the little booth and said "Father forgive me for I have sinned. I've touched what a man has." The priest said "Wash your hands with holy water and

The meek shall inherit?
No, I wasn't angry at his assumptions. I simply wanted to give him something to think about the next time he chooses to paint all nonbelievers with the same broad brush. There are those of us who aren't too shallow to realize that everything about a person goes into making them what they are, and that when we try to change anything about them, we run the risk of tampering with the chemistry that makes them who they are to

Lightbulbs & X-tians
Purchase a copy of "The X-Rated Bible," and you've got a good start, neatly bound and ready for your perusal.

Jesus makes a mistake
What do you MEAN you've never seen it discussed here? We've been nailing Steve Bedard with it for close to a month now, and he attempts to wriggle out of it by concentrating on some phrase in the passage that deals with the anti-Christ, totally ignoring the part about Christ saying he would return during the lifetime of those who were hearing his words. Hal Lindsey is the guy who wrote several books claiming that life got here from other

Who does what
Now, see! My fundy friend would find that to be hilarious. Jesse will think it's a cheap shot. I gave my fundy friend a floppy disk full of lawyer jokes. He enjoys them. He has a nearly unlimited ability to laugh at himself.

Assault on Waco, Missing #5
I can be found at 1:105/40.3.