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Stupidity apparently has some sort of bandwagon effect connected to it. I suspect that once somebody gets a bit of media attention from some harebrained report, others just can't stand not taking advantage of the gullibility of the press and the public. It's just too good an opportunity to pass up. And, it likely becomes fashionable to be able to recall one's bizarre experiences at the next cocktail party, making one a minor celebrity, even if you never get on

Nor do you really know that's the case. All you can say for sure is that your belief system has traditionally said that is the case.

Angel Fundy
Oh, ye of little faith. <grin>

I'm reading a book called _A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper_. The author presents a rather interesting new slant on the abortion debate. Suppose there is some environmental influence (ozone hole, water pollution, food additive, whatever) that is causing all pregnancies to involve 30-50 fetii, all of them viable. Given what this would do to the world population in one short generation, NOW how do you feel about abortion? Perspective is everything.

Pat Pukecannon
It seems to me that Buchanan was expressing his contempt toward marriage when he said what he said. He is suggesting that marriage is not about love, kindness, interpersonal relationship, and companionship, but rather is nothing more than a reform school.

Shipping our surplus to Africa, even if it reached the populace, would do little to alleviate their problems. "We" turned a tribal society into a citified population, leaving them nothing of their harmony with nature that had existed for millennia. "We" taught them to be ashamed of their bodies and bodily functions, creating a mindset that made procreation the only excuse for fornication. "We" took what was a harsh but effective social order and turned it into a harsh but

[1/2] Losing the Labels
Lynda, I can only say that I judge people at least as much by their enemies as I do by their friends. I consider the fact that you draw fire from the likes of Staal and Hardy to be pretty decent evidence that you are on the right track.

Science vs. Faith
We've already had a fundy clear this one up for us. He was a farm boy as a kid, and he figured out all by himself that Noah used the shit that was generated by the various animals to grow a nice little crop (of gawd knows what) that would feed the animals until they again had dry land available. Oh, yeah. Gawd turned all the carnivores into vegetarians for the duration. Handy. Huh?

to Not quite. I am talking about renouncing one's religion permanently, as Judas did. I'm not talking about slipping and picking oneself up, or otherwise demonstrating one's humanness.

According to YOUR defintion, he IS unfair. In fact, he is the prototype.

ETERNAL. Remember that word: ETERNAL. Protecting oneself and others from harm at the expense of a rabid dog can hardly be compared to ETERNAL TORMENT, now, can it? I posted something similar, and you passed it off as not mollifying your agony of hell's obvious existence. It really DOES make a difference who the messenger is (and their own personal outlook), doesn't it. So much for "truth is truth, regardless of its source."

You are assuming the stated reason is the reason people do altruistic things. Did it ever occur to you that those who have a genuine altruistic urge are merely rationalizing that urge after the fact? Much of what we do precedes any "explanation" of the "why" of the action, and the "why" is only formulated on a conscious level long after the unconscious urge has been acted upon.

I could have written the article. We have had quite a "discussion" at work about spending company resources on "Take our Daughters to Work Day." I am against it. The "day" was rammed into corporate consciousness by a bunch of ultra-feminists who were long on dogma and damned short on critical thinking. It was an outgrowth of a "study" that was done that, if read closely, came to exactly the opposite conclusion from what the brain-dead fundy-feminists said it came

I strongly disagree on this one. It is clear from reading the mythologies of many different cultures that they accepted as a given that god(s) did all kinds of things that mere mortals were incapable of doing. Given that, it is hardly a stretch to conclude that they strongly accepted the premise that god(s) (ALL of them not just Jehovah) were clearly above the laws of nature that the rest of us were stuck with.

Now you see exactly why I will not untwit Michael. He judges people based on how closely they agree with his conclusions. In other words, whether he recognizes it or not, he places himself as the absolute authority on "right" thinking. Need I say more? There isn't a single intelligent person who ever came to an opinion that differed from Mikey's obviously "right" opinions. <sigh> And he calls himself a Christian. Fat chance! He's a Christian's worst nightmare.

Candidate Pat Buchanan i
On (07 Apr 96) Ann Nunn wrote to All... Ann, A couple of things get lost in the argument regarding a "moment of silence" in the schools. First, when the proponents see that the MOS won't happen until the Constitution is changed, they are admitting that it is NOW unconstitutional (else, why change it to make it happen?). The other thing that gets lost is when they start framing their arguments in terms of "original intent." The framers of the

Are you being deliberately obtuse, or do you really think you do your position justice with this kind of infantile response?

Hardy's Standard Lip-serv
I'm constantly amused by those who think that we must be accountable to somebody besides ourselves in order for us to behave ourselves. Apparently there are those who aren't wound that tight, so they must have a Top Sargeant in the Sky monitoring their behavior, or they'll come apart ethically. Wadda shame.

That's true. A local TV station had a segment on Promise Keepers last night, and that was one of the things that came up during the show. The emcee saw it as a definite violation of scripture; all the PK'ers could do was agree and swear they were trying to change that. Incidentally, they had some people on the show representing the "other side," including a lesbian. She very pointedly asked if she would be welcome at a PK meeting

If you still have that post, I'd appreciate it if you'd forward a copy of it to me. I have him twitted, so all the posts with his name on the FROM: line are sent into cyberspace before I even know they've hit my board. Thanks. Marilyn