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Boy Scots Finally Lose One
The "them" in the above is the BSA, which, I admit was unclear. While what you say is true, may I ask this? Do you think the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution also protects atheists? It doesn't mention them in the document; all it says is that we are free to practice religion without government concern or interference. Maybe you think that atheists give up their freedom where religion is concerned. Do you? Or, is the null condition also

Time for a chuckle or two
Search on "" You'll eventually reach a home page for the Skeptic Tank. You'll find "lists" in one of the boxes that you can choose (there are maybe 10 boxes altogether). When you click on "lists," you'll find a bunch of them, including "inerrancy," and "atheism," along with instructions on how to subscribe.

In that case, I don't know why you're turning to Dr. Leipzig for suggestions.

Al, you're talking out your backside again! First you say that our supposition that trust and love are desirable qualities are a built-in bias, then you say they are beyond societal and genetic necessity. Did it ever occur to you that they are a built-in bias BECAUSE they are a societal and genetic necessity? How in the hell can you have anything resembling a "society" without trust? We can drive down a through street without stopping at every minor intersection

Yes, Marilyn does. And with damned good reason. I got sick and tired of his dogmatism. He IS a fundy, Al, whether you can see it or not. There is much more to fundyism than simply believing in a literal six-day creation. Refusing to admit that the other person might have a point when they differ from your take on something is a damned good start toward fundyism. I found it amusing that in a quote from him that I

I should have put a smiley on my message. Herr Leipzig is the original party animal, if we are to believe his posts here. Sorry. It was a joke.

1 god plus 1 god plus
The only way he'd notice is if he had a leg to stand on.

to The tiniest of the tiny kill us off with disgusting regularity. We are far from "the top of the food chain."

Yes. We just might be preserving the DNA that produces another Einstein in the next generation, for all we know. Now you are generalizing (and caricturizing) the homeless. I was homeless at one time, Al. Shame on you! It's both.

Going Away
Cute. I don't know, but they may actually use soy milk, which is often given to lactose-intolerant infants, anyway. Those are laco-ovo-vegetarians, as I stated above: animal products that can be gotten without killing the animal (this usually includes unfertilized hen's eggs). I know a family that has been laco-ovo-vegetarian for generations. It doesn't seem to hurt either they health or their longevity.

In order for a species to survive, it must only protect its own genes ON AVERAGE. The Mafia Don is the outlyer on one end of the picture, and nothing more. It won't work as a standard; paranoia requires each person to spend too much time watching one's backside, and not enough time actually doing the things necessary for survival of oneself and one's family (genetic code). No, it isn't. And,it shows your misunderstanding of the word "enlightened," at the

And you are missing my point. Al said that repentence was no good after death because one could not compensate for the shit he'd pulled before he repented. I am merely pointing out that according to HIS THEOLOGY, a person can't compensate for it, anyway, because we are saved by grace, not by deeds. And, how long before one died would one have to repent in order to compensate for, say, six million Jews? Al sometimes gets so carried away

So? Call is social Darwinism in action. The idiots tend to weed themselves out in a few very short generations. We have too many people, anyway.

Oh, little things like throwing somebody in prison for being unable to pay their debts, hanging them on racks for heresy and blasphemy....little things like that.

Once again, you've made my point for me. He sees it as a question of seeing things his way, or else you're wrong. That IS my definition of a fundy. According to his definition, Lynda is a heretic, as is Spong, whether he uses that word or not. And, rather than see me go half way and accept Spong's view, he'd rather be "right," even though the act of making me "wrong" has forever condemned me to eternal...whatever. Nice, Christian

Repentence is a good work. It is, under Christian theology, the only good work that counts in the eyes of their god. If it isn't a work, just what the hell is it, anyway? You are DOING SOMETHING when you repent, aren't you?

I'm always amazed by those who would disarm the American populace. When it gets down to the logistics of doing it, they never had any answers. Look at it this way: A law is passed making gun ownership illegal for everybody except cops, those in the military, and security personnel. Beginning April 1, 1997, all others must turn in their guns. So, come April 1, 1997, you and I stand in line to turn in our guns (assuming we have

I really enjoyed that one.

Statistics like that are of limited value. We don't know how many times a homeowner pointed a gun at a burglar only to have the burglar turn and run. We only know the times that were recorded where the trigger was pulled. Until there is some way for data bases to accurately record the number of incidents that didn't happen, firearm statistics are pretty much useless. And, if a firearm is stored properly, it is little or not danger to

I'll bet you'd stand there bemused as some fundy stuck his hand in a buzz-saw, complete oblivious to the damage such an instrument does. Do you also pull the wings off flies whilst watching them squirm? Myself, I think it's more fun to warn them, then watch them behave as though I don't know what I'm talking about. That gives me the added advantage of telling them "didn't I tell you so?"