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The President's son-in-law
It just dawned on me that you might end up being the President's son-in-law. I wonder how much he'll pay you to keep your mouth shut about your religious beliefs, and your extracurricular activities. (grin)

The President's son-in-law
I don't know why every fundy I've run into lately is ethically challenged. Maybe I've just hit one of those clusters that are found in any random set. A friend of mine turned in her cable box in order to save a few more sheckles of her retirement check. A friend of hers that takes her to church twice a week came to her apartment to hook her VCR back up. He was muttering and tinkering behind her teevee set

From "This is True" [1]
Nail clippers, huh? That's as silly as the kid who got suspended for giving a classmate a Midol, on the grounds that it was passing drugs. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned, common sense? MB

Einstein Wrong?
I beg your pardon! My maiden name is Manchester, and I've been tested with a number high enough to qualify as above the 99th percentile!