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He also borrowed $180,375 from Harken at very low rates; the company's 1989 and 1990 SEC filings said it "forgave" $341,000 in loans to unspecified executives. So what did Junior do for all this money? It's hard to say exactly, but things happened for Harken after Junior came on board: it got a $25 million stock offering from an unusual bank with CIA ties, it won a surprise exclusive drilling contract with Bahrain, a small Mideast country, and an Arab

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Deal #3: A Big Slice of the Texas Rangers for a Little Money (and a Big Profit) The third unusually easy deal for George Bush Junior was his involvement in the Texas Rangers baseball team. In a nutshell, he was offered a piece of this valuable franchise for only $600,000, by supporters of his dad who also bailed out his failing oil company. He recently sold his stake for $14 million to a Texas millionaire with lots of businesses regulated

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Party Hearty: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N Roll? For almost half his life, Junior was distinguished mainly by his hearty appetite for partying. A Newsweek profile by Evan Thomas, describing his college years, says he "seems to have majored in beer drinking at the Deke House." After he formed his first company (which failed), Thomas writes, "By his own account, Bush spent a lot of time in bars, trying to sort out who he was. He had a kind of

'Day of Prayer' Hijacked by the Religious Right
From: <> To: <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU Press Release on National Day of Prayer Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 7:57 AM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 28, 1999 Contact: Joseph Conn or Rob Boston 202-466-3234 Telephone 202-466-2587 Fax NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER HAS BECOME A PLATFORM FOR RELIGIOUS RIGHT PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN, CHARGES AMERICANS UNITED Americans United Says National Day of Prayer Task Force Promotes Inaccurate 'Christian Nation' Version of History The annual National Day of Prayer has been hijacked by Religious

The Faith Healers
We have a !delightful! group on the Oregon Coast (Tillamook County) that is going one better. They found out that people could access 'porn' websited via the library's computers, and they are telling people to vote against a 5-year tax levy that'll close all the libraries in the county if it doesn't pass, unless the library installs web filters on the two computers that are available in the main library. Better to have everybody in the county a whole lot

Another Speaker Goes
My fundy friend at least has enough contact with reality to claim that I'm an example of the falsity of the belief that once saved, always saved. MB

Who died and appointed you moderator?

Wise choice. Randi did a little investigation of glossalia. He took some recording equipment into a tongues-speaking church, and made some tape. He then took out the preacher's 'interpretation' of the babble, waited a couple of weeks, and played it back to the preacher, requesting an interpretation. Surprise! The preacher interpreted it to mean something totally different from his original 'interpretation.' I forget how the preacher explained the two totally different interpretations, but it might be in Randi's book _Flim

What he doesn't seem to understand is that those words he is omitting are OUR glossalalia. Poor dear!

Grynspan's Site.
Contrary to populat belief, the above does not refer to the value six hundred and sixty-six. It is a six, a six and a six, which has nothing to do with a value at all. Remember: at the time, 'they' did not use the same number system that we do, and the value six hundred and sixty-six would have been written with C's, X's and I's.

The Faith Healers
I don't know why this pops into my head, but if I lived in Tillamook County, I'd be plugging the tax levy with the argument that I knew about beastiality as child. I leaned about it on Sunday in church. Other than that, I never heard the word at all. I wonder why it is okay to discuss subjects like this in church, but gets everybody's tailfeathers all ruffled if the topic of approached anywhere else.

Religion after 2000
That is quite possibly (probably?) the case. I know my Louie will do nearly anything to please others. It is a bit of a problem, and we have to watch who he comes into contact with, so he won't be told to do something illegal, harmful, or otherwise stupid. It is hard to imagine somebody trying to hard to please others, yet having no concept of the feelings of others.

Staal's shell game
That statement is absolute proof that fundies exist only because of intellectual laziness.

Complex to Simple.
This chest-beating, ape-man attitude around sports is a fairly recent phenomenon. In my day (grin) we were competitive, but we also knew how to mind our manners off the court. I was on the all-city championship basketball team, and don't once recall anybody on that team thinking that they were better than anybody else because of their ability to play the game. I also don't recall anybody being jealous of us because we were on the team and they weren't.

I have only nine years of formal education, also. The difference between you and me is obviously that you quit learning when you left school, and I had just begun. Don't use your lack of formal education as an excuse for your ignorance.

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Oh, I don't agree. At the time Willy was carrying on with hundreds of other women (his words to Monica Lewinsky, not mine), Hillary had no way of knowing that this opportunity would arise. Possibly, but she had a daughter to think about. What she has done to Chelsea is unforgivable. If Chelsea ever manages to have a decent relationship with a man, it'll be nothing short of a miracle. Yes. I don't know what can be done about the

Suppression of Facts (c)
I see some posts from George Rudzinski. He was banned for claiming to have destroyed a prized book that was lent to him by another participant. The book was irreplaceable because of all the margin notes and highlighting in it.

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You only have to read the book to find out what she's done. You can't be married to a chronic womanizer and not have screaming fits about it from time to time. In addition, she is in a perpetual foul mood that she takes out on everybody around her. How can your father be a chippy chaser of monumental proportions without it affecting your attitude toward men and life in general? He is am embarrassment to Chelsea, and the poor

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To make myself clearer than I did earlier today, I'll say this: Bill Clinton admitted to Monica Lewinsky that he had had HUNDREDS of women since he married Hillary. That makes him a VERY abusive husband. Hillary graduated from Yale Law School. She also graduated from a highly respected college prior to entering Law School. She is in an economic position where she could have left Clinton anytime she wished and taken care of herself and Chelsea in style. If

I'm really not worried about anything that an ordinary person can run from, but it does worry me that those baggy clothes are an excellent way to smuggle a rifle or several pistols into a school. I'm sure that's true. I'm also sure that teachers ought to be monitoring the kids' behavior from the time they start school, and there ought to be zero tolerance for any form of bullying or hazing. The old 'golden rule is our standard' philosophy.