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Another Separation Press Release
From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: Hodel press release Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 1:46 PM Sender: Precedence: bulk Reply-To: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joseph Conn February 9, 1999 Rob Boston STATEMENT OF BARRY W. LYNN ON RESIGNATION OF DONALD HODEL AS PRESIDENT OF THE CHRISTIAN COALITION Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn issued the following statement today concerning the resignation of Donald Hodel as president of the Christian Coalition: "When Pat Robertson announced the appointment

Final disposition of rape/murder charge and trial
Remember several weeks ago when I related the case of a young girl who was raped and murdered, her body then dumped along a remote roadside in Cowlitz County, Washington? The main thrust of the posts was the fact that Cowlitz County was convinced it would cost $1M to try him, and the county simply doesn't have that kind of money to spend on one criminal case. Cowlitz is a sparsely populated county with a large land area, and has

Latest Fundy trip to Heaven
Absolutely true. The guy died instantly. It happened right here in Portland at an ungated railroad crossing, in an industrial district, right on the edge of town.

Another Small Victory for Americans United
From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU press release re Ten Commandments display in Lumpkin County, Ga. Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 10:58 AM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joseph Conn March 2, 1999 Rob Boston TEN COMMANDMENTS DISPLAY TO BE REMOVED FROM COURTHOUSE IN LUMPKIN COUNTY, GEORGIA COUNTY HEEDS LEGAL WARNINGS, AVOIDS CHURCH-STATE LAWSUIT The Lumpkin County, Ga., County Commissioner has decided to remove a Ten Commandments display from the local courthouse after a threatened lawsuit by civil liberties

Final disposition of rape/murder charge and trial
My understanding is that the confession was part of a plea bargain.

Prayer and Healing
Apparently, some of these same arguments have been leveld against studies that purport to show that people who exercize are healthier, on the grounds that people who are sick often have to give up their exercize regimen because of that illness. Arthritis doesn't lend itself to aerobics, nor do most lung diseases, just as two examples. From: Josh Reese <> To: or4think-members <> Subject: [or4think-members] Fwd: Summary of recent Lancet study entitled "Religion, spirituality, and medici Date: Tuesday, March 02,

Americans United on Justice Blackmun's Death
From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU press statement about Justice Blackmun Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 3:27 PM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joseph Conn March 4, 1999 Rob Boston BARRY W. LYNN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF AMERICANS UNITED FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, STATEMENT ON THE DEATH OF JUSTICE HARRY A. BLACKMUN Nation will miss 'great advocate of church-state separation and freedom of conscience,' says AU leader The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for

Jim Staal LIVES!
I have a hard time understanding people who come into an echo, then immediately try to mold it into what they think it ought to be, instead of accepting (or rejecting) it for exactly what it is.

Jim Staal LIVES! [2]
I deleted the part of the quote about the Jefferson Bible. Sorry. I heard during the impeachment trial that the Jefferson Bible was given to every new member of Congress. I wonder if that is really true. If it is, it's a cinch that those who need it the worst are the last ones to read it. They probably look at the title and assume they've 'already read it.'

Final disposition of rape/murder charge and trial
No, the death sentence was no longer on the table at the time of the confession. What happens is that the person's attorney and the DA strike a deal that if the guy 'saves the taxpayers the cost of a trial' by confessing to the crime, the sentence will be lowered as a quid pro quo. In this case, the DA's part of the bargain would be the lowered sentence, which in capital cases, is taking the death penalty off

Final disposition of rape/murder charge and trial
Plea bargains work only if both sides have something the other side wants. In this case, the two implicit statements would be: Accused: I have the ability to assure the county it will have money for other trials this fiscal year. DA: I have the ability to assure that you will not get a death sentence. Those are essentially the bargaining chips that are on the table during the negotiations. At that point, there are two possible scenarios: Accused's lawyer

Read it a weep, fundies
From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU press release re Christian Coalition Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 1:26 PM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 11, 1999 Contact: Joseph Conn Steve Benen 202.466.3234 (phone) 202.466.2587 (fax) CHRISTIAN COALITION'S 'GET OUT THE VOTE' PROJECT IS DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO REGAIN MOMENTUM, SAYS AMERICANS UNITED Washington, D.C. Awash in legal and public relations woes, TV preacher Pat Robertson and his Christian Coalition today attempted to turn the tide against them by

A charming little story.
An interesting aside on this case is the fact that part of Lyons' defense was that it was a BLACK organization, and that the problems were bookkeeping errors and not intentional. And, as we all know, the blacks are only a few generations away from the jungle, and can't be expected to understand the finer points of something as American as sophisticated bookkeeping techniques! Needless to say, this brought the likes of William Raspberry out of the woodwork and into

Farewell Rosa Klebb
Judity DOES know how to hang onto a grudge, doesn't she? If she hung onto money as well as she does a grudge, she'd make Bill Gates look like a pauper! (I wonder if she realizes what she's doing to her nervous system by staying angry over minutia for as long as she does.)

Check 'em up ...
"our" hubris has always amazed me. We define 'intelligence' a certain way, then declare ourselves to be the most intelligent creature in the universe. We have also decided what constitutes a flaw, then declared ourselves to be flawed. We aren't flawed at all; we're perfect. Perfectly HUMAN!

another brain-gut link
or I've often commented about the similarity between human autistic behavior and the behavior of my cats. They also see me as an object rather than as a human being, refuse to relate to me, etc. <grin>

Jim Staal LIES!
to I often wonder if fundies have ever heard of denial. A person can live in denial virtually forever, if (s)he truly wants to.

Religion after 2000
Years ago, in another echo, we had a discussion about 'educating' kids while you feed them school-cafeteria food. One woman said that she saw absolutely nothing wrong with feeding the kids kosher, say, once a month in order to 'introduce' them to that portion of the Jewish tradition. She got quite an earful about using dishes that had served dairy to feed the kids meat, etc. She had no idea the dietary rules were that complex. I guess most Gentiles

to the Bush is a scoundrel, and I refuse to vote for him. I've decided to vote in the presidential race next time with the priorities or 1. integrity 2. my political agenda If the candidates don't meet both criteria, I'll vote for the Libertarian Party candidate in protest. See file below: George W. Bush, Jr. The Dark Side Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet Click on the allegation of your choice: His "young and irresposible" behavior: sex, drugs and

2 of ?
But 4 years even 4 good ones is a pretty short resume for the leader of the free world. No one doubts Bill Clinton's ability to handle punishment and come back for more. But Bush Junior's stamina and attention span are very real concerns. Specifics: Like Al Gore, Bush Jr. attended Eastern elitist schools, in this case Andover Prep, and Yale. According to a Newsweek profile, he "went to Yale but seems to have majored in drinking at