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Jim Staal LIVES!
I saw a program on teevee the other day that featured a woman whose daughter had been murdered. She had spent the last 13 years since the murder hating the murderer. While I can understand this, she found out about a program that allowed her to confront the guy, and she jumped the necessary hoops to participate in that little activity, and that I can't understand. One of the things that she said to him was "you have taken my

Jim Staal LIVES!
Prostitutes, Sue, prostitutes. They have sex with total strangers all the time. It's what they do for a living. This guy is so ignorant, he couldn't get out of a third-grade sex-ed class if he tried.

Jack S.
Please remember I wasn't the one who corrupted his delicate psyche with this website. <grin>

Femme Festaal
I just read in _Born to Rebel_ by Sulloway that about a third of all twin conceptions only bear one child at term; the other one is absorbed into the mother's system without her feeling a thing. Were it not for ultrasound, we'd never know this fact, because we wouldn't know there had ever been twins to begin with. When spontaneous abortions occur, it is always in the first trimester; otherwise, it is called a 'miscarriage.'

Femme Festaal
a Basically, I see him as an anarchist who thinks that we'd all be better off if we squelched our own rights via fundyism, but kept the government out of the process, of course. Anarchists, generally, think that there ought to be redress by civil action if you step on my toes, but that the government ought to stay out of things, so long as I don't sue for the wrong you've done. In other words, no laws against harm

Soviet Election.
I thought about that yesterday when reading my latest book. The author is ranting about the fact that traditionally, the endest child is favored by the parents to such an extent that in some cultures, later siblings are reared to be servants of the eldest child, and goes on to talk about the percentage of children that never saw adulthood because of illnesses that are now treatable. It occurred to me that we are now watering down this Darwinian advantage

Children? Kill 'em all!
It's the kids that I pity. They spend the rest of their lives paying for Mom and Dad's incompetence as parents.

Jim Staal LIVES!
i learned as old wheeze as a teenager: Women are ready all the time; men have to GET ready. Thanks. I'm not a hundred percent, but I'm much closer than I was during the month of December, I can assure you. I see my specialist today, to figure out why this little bugger comes back every time I quit taking antibiotics. MB

Well, since she has a homosexual son, it stands to reason she's had at least one sexact at sometime or another perpetrated on her. It still remains an open question whether she could be called guilty of having actually participated herself in that act, however. Speaking of Foulwell, did you see the other day where he declared one of the tellie tubbies to be 'furthering the gay agenda?' I think the man needs to get a life.

I suppose it might just be me and old age, but I can go for days at a time without ever having a sexual thought cross my mind that isn't blatantly intended by the context. If somebody shouts "FUCK YOU!" I'm smart enough to realize that they aren't wishing me a happy and fulfilled sexlife, and, sex might cross my mind when I see an ad that has an attractive example of the opposite sex in it (like in an

The Choice!
Yeah. They are downgrading it is a satellite or some such. I wonder what this does to astrology. I'm sure they'll figure out something that fools the masses and makes the rest of us laugh.

Mad dogs and Englishmen. [1]
If you weren't such a lush, it would've lasted longer. <grin>

Political Correctness gone berserk
The mayor offered him a job elsewhere in City Hall. I don't recall reading whether he accepted the offer or not. Educated people were pretty damned pissed about the whole episode, and there were editorials written at the nationally syndicated level that had a blast with the whole thing. One mentioned how offensive 'nip it in the bud' was to those of such low mental horsepower, for example.

I must be missing something here. If a mulatto breeds with a mulatto, the offspring will be (drum roll, please) mulatto! No matter how many times they breed, all their kids will be (another drum roll, please) mulatto, and all the kids' kids will be mulatto, also, since following the, ah, history as written, all the kids will be breeding with other kids from the same mulatto parents! I have to wonder at the thousands (perhaps millions) of fundies

lust busters!
This line of reasoning has always bugged me. If the thought is as 'bad' as the deed, why would somebody not follow through once the thought has snuck into their feeble little brain? Who wouldn't rather be burned in Hell for a piece of ass, rather than fried for eternity for thinking about one for a fleeting moment? Crazy scripture, that one. Next time you get mad enough at somebody to 'see red,' remember this scripture and just go ahead

I saw an item on the tube about this the other day Dateline, maybe where they interviewed a woman with two toddlers regarding the matter. She was outraged, and made it plain that the show would never air in HER home, and that's for sure! The interviewer asked her what she had seen on it that was so objectionable, and she said that they said things like, "are you going to come again?" The interviewer then asked her

More Separation of church and State Spam
From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU press release Preacher Says Bible Requires Stoning Of Rebellious Teenagers Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:58 AM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joseph Conn February 18, 1999 Rob Boston BIBLE REQUIRES DEATH BY STONING FOR 'REBELLIOUS' TEENAGERS, SAYS PA. PREACHER Mercersburg Activist Insists Bible Mandates Execution The Bible mandates death by stoning for rebellious teenagers, according to a Pennsylvania preacher and Religious Right activist. The Rev. William O. Einwechter's article, "Stoning Disobedient

Be awfully careful what
No, the reason is as he says. The kids must be able to attend all the classes without being exposed to religious instruction because the religious instruction cannot be paid for with tax monies. He is going one step further in explaining the reason for the necessity of the rule. He is NOT a shitwit, as you so delicately put it. He is a constitutional lawyer with a bachelor's degree in theology. He is a lawyer and a minister. I

2 What's happening in your state
SPLIT: 26 Feb 99 16:52:58 @105/40 0 02/02 Charter school legislation (HB 2063, HB 2621, SB 100, SB 429) has been introduced in the respective Education Committees could present church/state concerns. SB 100 passed the Senate, 16-14, on February 4 and will be heard in the House Education Committee on February 26. Legislation relating to instruction of ethics and morality in the public schools (HB 2437) has been introduced in the House Education Committee. Confidential communication

What's happening in your state
SPLIT: 26 Feb 99 16:52:58 @105/40 0 01/02 From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: State Legislative Update-- February 25, 1999 Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 9:38 AM STATE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FROM: Reese Aaron Isbell, State Legislative Coordinator DATE: February 25, 1999 The following is a summary of church/state legislation in state legislatures: (Check the Americans United website,, for further information every week.) ALABAMA Session begins March 2. Voucher legislation is expected to be introduced. ALASKA